Do JJ and Kiara get together in Outer Banks Season 3? Explained

February 24, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Do JJ and Kiara get together in Outer Banks season 3? This article examines the relationship between Outer Banks’ lead characters, JJ and Kiara. It will contain spoilers.

The third season of Outer Banks has finally dropped, and plenty of romance is in the air once again on the Netflix original. The hit teen adventure series, which focuses heavily on the hunt for buried treasure, also finds time to focus on its main casts’ love lives in its long-awaited third outing. One of the new will they/won’t they relationships explored further in season three centers on JJ (Rudy Pankow) and Kiara (or Kie for short), played by Madison Bailey. These two teens from opposite sides of the island have been through a lot together over the years, but do they get together in season 3?

Do JJ and Kiara get together in Outer Banks season 3?

Good news for those that have been rooting for JJ and Kiara all along, yes, they do get together in Outer Banks season 3. It isn’t smooth sailing, though, and there are many highs and lows along the way.

JJ, who is from the working-class side of the island and a Pogue through and through, feels he isn’t good enough for Kiara. Kie is from the wealthier side of Kildare Island, known by the locals as Kooks. She was raised in a mansion by the water, while JJ lived in a shack with his abusive dad.

You could say that these two are star-crossed lovers from different backgrounds and opposing classes, but there is more to their romance than this simple imbalance. However, it does feel like most of their problems boil down to money alone.

Who is Kiara in love with in Outer Banks?

There was a time in the second season when Pope and Kiara were possibly going to be an item, but they ended things as just friends. As season three progresses, it becomes clear that Kiara is madly in love with JJ. They nearly share a kiss on their return journey from the Caribbean, but Pope interrupts, killing the mood. When they finally return to their hometown, the couple meets to discuss this near kiss. Again, they nearly kiss, but JJ pulls away, worried that he isn’t good enough for her, and his pride gets in the way.

The couple decides to stick to being friends, making a truce. As the series continues, they share many ups and downs. JJ steals from Kiara’s parents, and Kiara refuses to help JJ when he is about to embark on a rescue mission to South America. They eventually reconnect, but it is a rocky road to this fantasy ending.

Will JJ and Kiara break up or stay together?

After the hunt for El Dorado, the show fast-forwards 18 months, and we find the gang has all moved on with their lives. Kiara and JJ are seen sitting and standing together at an event, but there is no clear indication that they are still together as a couple. They don’t kiss or hold each other’s hands. However, there is no evidence that they have broken up either.

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Before this leap forward, JJ and Kiara were happily together after Kitty Hawk, but it is unclear whether that has lasted. John B states that Kie is off saving turtles, and JJ has bought a charter boat. However, they don’t say if Kiara is saving turtles in JJ’s boat. There’s very little evidence either way. I suppose you will have to wait until the next season to see if they are still together as a happy couple.

Do JJ and Kiara share their first kiss in Season 3?

JJ and Kiara nearly kissed on their way home from their Caribbean adventures. It takes a bit longer before they finally share that first kiss. During Episode 9, “Welcome to Kitty Hawk,” JJ and Kiara kiss.

Kiara’s parents send her away to a wilderness camp called Kitty Hawk, which is practically a prison for teens. JJ breaks in and frees Kiara, apologizing for his past mistakes. They then declare their love for one another and kiss in front of the other inmates. All the girls in the camp cheer as they kiss. It’s a real feel-good moment for the two after a rocky start. Hopefully, these two can stay together long-term and find a way to make their relationship work moving forwards.

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