John B and Sarah stay together in ‘Outer Banks Season 3’ But Not Without Breaking Up First

By Adam Lock
Published: February 24, 2023 (Last updated: February 19, 2024)
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John B and Sarah stay together or break up in Outer Banks Season 3
John B Routledge (Chase Stokes) (L) and Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline) (R) in Outer Banks (Image Credit to Netflix)

The primary romance in Outer Banks is undoubtedly the one between John B Routledge (Chase Stokes) and Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline), the show’s two leading stars, and it is still a focal point in Season 3 — and while they do stay together in the third season, there’s a lot of complications. Their perfect relationship goes through much turbulence, though, leading to the strong possibility of our leading couple breaking up.

Do John B and Sarah stay together or break up in Outer Banks Season 3?

John B Routledge (Chase Stokes) (L) and Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline) (R) in Outer Banks (Image Credit to Netflix)

There is a lot of drama in the heated relationship between John B and Sarah in season 3. At certain moments in the show, they break up, and they do, of course, get back together again. In the very end, though, John B and Sarah stay together.

However, they go through a major break-up that threatens to ruin their romance entirely. See, nothing is simple in the world of Outer Banks, and even this perfect couple must face their personal problems along the way to true happiness.

Why did John B and Sarah break up?

In Episode 6, “The Dark Forest,” Big John and John B return to their hometown after finding the idol. Big John asks his son to keep this a secret from his friends. He emphasizes the need to keep Sarah in the dark as well. Big John doesn’t trust Sarah or her family one bit.

John B takes his father’s advice and keeps it a secret from Sarah. He is extremely cold towards her as he tries to hide the truth from his partner. Sarah senses the lies and presses John for answers. In his defense, John brings up Sarah’s father and how he tried to kill her.

Sarah is hurt by this argument and leaves without a place to stay. She tries to find shelter with her friends, but no one can help her. Sarah then turns to the only other person she can trust, her ex-boyfriend Topper, ultimately leading to her and John B breaking up.

Topper shows her a good time and takes her to a carefree party that night. Sarah enjoys the laid-back nature of the party and is treated like an actual princess. She then regrettably cheats on John B with Topper. Eventually, Sarah owns up to John B, telling him the whole truth. In retaliation, John B beats Topper until he is unconscious. Sarah is hurt by the argument and the way John B reacted, nearly killing Topper, but she is the one who cheated in the first place.

Why did John B and Sarah get back together?

After the fight between Topper and John B, Topper asks Sarah to testify as he wants to press charges on John B for the assault. She persuades Topper not to press charges that day, as John B needs time to rescue his dad. Sarah sweetly talks Topper around, and he agrees to drop the charges. She then goes to bail John B out of jail.

The whole event makes Sarah re-evaluate her life. Ultimately, Sarah chooses to be a Pogue and be with John B, and they end up together by the end of Season 3.

Sarah was foolish to cheat on John B and naively retaliated after their argument, but it may have been Topper’s reaction to the fight that swayed her decision. Topper felt weak after the fight and wanted to prove his masculinity. He used his wealth and stature to get John B arrested.

Sarah didn’t want to be a part of that lifestyle anymore. She goes with her heart and chooses John B instead. He, of course, accepts her return with open arms. Eighteen months later, the couple are still very much in love, having opened their own surf shop together.

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