Who died in Netflix’s In From the Cold season 1?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: January 28, 2022 (Last updated: December 16, 2023)
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Who died in Netflix In From The Cold season 1

This article, “Who died in In From the Cold season 1” contains spoilers regarding the Netflix series.

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In a sci-fi show that tells the story of a former Russian agent, there are plenty of times that the characters face dangerous situations. Below is a breakdown of all the major characters that failed to live another day.

Who died in Netflix’s In From the Cold season 1?


The tragic figure of In From the Cold. After falling a victim to mind control, on the day that should have been her wedding day, Lidia murdered her bridesmaids. Despite Jenny’s best effort to rescue Lidia, Lidia is captured and brutally shot dead by Felipe. 


Felipe’s favourite nephew! Despite that fact, Felipe shoots him dead. Although Ramon isn’t in the show much, he provides much character development for Felipe and Diego.


Possibly the nastiest of Felipe’s guard. Yet, not invincible. After he witnesses Jenny, who had gone by the alias of Sara, with Damian, Tomas dies after Jenny traps his jacket in a train door and allows him to get squashed to death.


Revealed to have been a person from Jenny’s past, Jenny gets forced to shoot Damian after he tries to kill her. A victim of mind control, it’s likely he never would have purposely caused Jenny any harm. As he dies in her arms, Jenny’s pain is clear to see.


A member of The Jackals. Although he doesn’t do much except cause trouble, his days are numbered when Jenny learns he has wormed his way towards Becca. After Carmo nearly kills Chauncey, Jenny chases him to the top of a rooftop, where he uses the phrase “ptichka” before he leaps to his death. 

Dr. Orlov/Faina

In a flashback sequence to how Jenny/Anya gained her powers, we learn Jenny/Anya’s first mission was to kill Dr. Orlov. Although she manages to do so successfully, her girlfriend (and the daughter of Dr. Orlov) walks in on the scene, and, as a result, Jenny/Anya has to kill Faina. 


In one of the most brutal killings of In From the Cold, Jenny shoots Andres in both of his knees. When he is unable to provide any information about the whereabouts of her daughter, Jenny allows one of the bulls to rip Andres to shreds. 


Felipe was one of the most threatening characters throughout the first season of In From the Cold. But when the safety of Becca gets threatened, Jenny kills all of Felipe’s guards and taunts him with Andres’ decapitated head. Then in a final act of revenge for Lidia, and, after he provides Jenny with information about Svetlana, Jenny drops him from his balcony and to his death.


Finally, the last death is the biggest. In a twist, Svetlana gets revealed to be Jenny’s mother. Shortly afterward, however, and after learning that Svetlana plans to start World War 3, Jenny shoots Svetlana in the head. 

Whilst there were plenty more deaths in In From the Cold, these are the major ones!

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