Never Have I Ever Season 3 Episode 2 Recap – “…had my own troll”

By Marc Miller
Published: August 12, 2022 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Never Have I Ever Season 3 Episode 2 Recap
Never Have I Ever Season 3 Image (Credit to Netflix)


John McEnroe remains one of the funniest performers in Never Have I Ever.

We live in a land of trolls in the age of social media, the theme of Never Have I Ever Season 3 Episode 2. They suck, is what Paxton is telling Devi. He tells her this after Devi finds out that the woman was warning her about Paxton. The team gets together and texts this troll-pointed question in hopes of outing her, which she does. The troll texts that they have been best friends since grade school. This narrows the class considerably.

Never Have I Ever Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

So, they use Lady Whistle Boy to go through the database and narrow the list down to four suspects. One is head cheerleader Jenny Smith, and why wouldn’t Paxton be into that? You also have TikTok influencer Taylor Yu, which would be a power couple of social media. The hottest person in the orchestra is Haley Garcia, but they do not seem like the typical match for high school popularity figureheads. The last, which my money is on, is Zoey Maytag. John McEnroe says no introduction is needed, which is good enough for me.

While Devi ponders who this could be, Nirmala will throw a mixer of all the eligible men from her temple clique in hopes of finding her a future husband. Meanwhile, the next day, the troll is still texting Devi, and she has had enough. Just as Eleanor tells her we can cross Zoey off the list (thanks a lot McEnroe), the troll texts her back that she is just looking out for her because of losing her father during Debussy. She has had enough heartache for one lifetime. Wait a minute, says Devi. She brought up her father. How did she know when he died? This was during the spring musical. That is right, sports fans. If you had all your money on Haley Garcia, you just made a bundle. The troll is the hottest girl in the band, and Devi confronts her.

They meet under the bleachers. Devi is confrontational at first, but Haley comes out with it. They were best friends, and one day while playing video games last summer, they kissed and had sex. The latter was incredible. As you know, she says to Devi (our hero then stammers, “yup, yup, yup, get on to the bad stuff”). Haley does and tells her that the next day Paxton iced him out. (We call this Paxton’s Franco side).

Never Have I Ever Season 3 Episode 2 Ending

To wrap up some other storylines that happened in this episode. Aneesa notices Ben will drop everything to place himself in the middle of Devi’s life issues. When he makes it up to Aneesa to be at her soccer game, she scores the winning goal, and he issued it because she was texting Devi. Paxton apologizes to many women, I mean a lot, for wronging them. You must have a teachable moment in high school before they become big-time stars and get their show called Freaks and Geeks. Unfortunately, Paxton and Haley are closer than ever to Devi’s jealousy. Lastly, Nalini makes a new friend, Rhyah and Nirmala throws a makeshift Bachelorette meet and greet so she can find a husband. Manish finally grows a pair and shows up to take his shot.

Oh, and Aneesa and Fabiola kiss in the girl’s bathroom.

Wait, what?

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