Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 6 Recap – what is the Gnomon of Solana?

By Adam Lock
Published: February 23, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 6 Recap
Outer Banks Season 3 (Image Credit to Netflix)


It’s an action-packed installment of Outer Banks, with many exciting developments and plenty of tension. Unfortunately, the show relies too heavily on absurd twists and silly melodrama. At the same time, dodgy morals blur the lines between the heroes and villains.

During the opening narration of Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 6, John B (Chase Stokes) talks about how his father always spoke about epic quests and grand adventures. Still, he never really mentioned the darker side of these treasure-hunting escapades. John B discovered the grim reality first-hand when he saw his father kill two attackers in open waters.

In this installment, John tries to come to terms with this morally grey side of the story, keeping his secrets from those closest to him.

Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

Big John tells his son to keep the idol and their journey a secret from his friends. When they’re reunited, John B says they searched the archives in Charleston but didn’t find anything of any use. Pope is furious, yet Sarah suspects a lie.

John B refuses to tell his lover further details and gets rather nasty, bringing up her father’s past antics instead. Sarah stays away from John B after this little lover’s tiff.

The father and son duo continue their adventures, next seeking out Kelly Kepler, an archaeology professor who may be able to translate the glyphs on the side of their artifact. They soon discover that she has died, though, suffering a suspiciously early heart attack after discovering her last expedition.

Next, they head for Professor Sowell, the head of Kelly’s previous expedition, who may have further information.

What is the Gnomon of Solana?

Big John’s mentor may be able to decipher the glyphs himself. They break into his empty home and are attacked by the person they seek. He’s grown paranoid after Kelly’s death and is constantly on edge, hiding from possible intruders.

Three of the five individuals who went on that specific trip died in mysterious circumstances. Big John and John B unveil the idol called the Gnomon of Solana. This artifact casts a shadow in the clear light of a particular day, revealing further clues to the whereabouts of El Dorado.

Professor Sowell begins to translate the glyphs on the side of the idol, but he’s hit by a flying dart and collapses. Singh’s men attack the gang. The Professor is presumably dead, and the others are captured.

Carlos Singh appears, ordering his goons to kill Big John. Bargaining for his life, Big John states that he is the only person alive who can decipher the idol; Singh needs him. The villain decides to keep Big John but orders John B’s death. John B is taken outback to be poisoned, although he escapes, throwing sand in his enemy’s eyes.

After stealing the cross and melting it for its gold, Rafe is a bit high. He speaks with his father over the phone and decides to seize control of the business. He tells Ward he will not sell the offices but grow the company instead.

Rafe has big plans and knows that Ward can’t do anything; he’s in the Caribbean and is supposed to be dead.

How do the Pogues reintegrate into society?

Meanwhile, the gang tries to reintegrate into normal society and their old lives. Pope returns to school to find he’s been placed in the lower classes. He quits, afraid he has lost his scholarship.

JJ tries to get his old job back, but he is labeled a thief after stealing Rafe’s boat. His old employer refuses to rehire him. Kie is told to ditch JJ after her parents discover he has stolen from them.

And poor Sarah has nowhere to go after arguing with John B. She tries to stay with Kie and JJ, although they are dealing with personal problems.

Sarah turns to the only person she trusts, Topper. He takes her to a beach party and makes his move. He wins her over, and the two make out that night. It hasn’t taken Sarah long to forget about John B now.

How does Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 6 end?

JJ overhears Barry and Rafe discussing the melting down of the cross in the harbor. He tells the rest of the gang this devastating news. Pope is livid and storms off, taking his father’s gun. He contemplates shooting Rafe after all the injustice, yet Cleo talks him around.

The episode ends with John B returning to the Outer Banks. Singh has taken his father prisoner and somehow just avoided his end. Shell-shocked, John B updates JJ on this terrifying development. JJ and the rest knew John B was lying, but he confessed to everything.

John B tells JJ that his father killed two men; Singh kidnapped him and took him to South America to find the gold. JJ comforts John, saying that they’ll figure it all out. In the final shot, Ward returns to American soil, presumably challenging his son, who is trying to take over the family business.

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