Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 7 Recap – who is Neville Persaud?

By Adam Lock
Published: February 23, 2023 (Last updated: February 21, 2024)
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Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 7 Recap
Outer Banks Season 3 (Image Credit to Netflix)


Outer Banks manages to deliver some trashy goodness in “Happy Anniversary.” Plenty of action and relationship drama in this installment, although a few plot threads are becoming somewhat repetitive now.

Sarah’s (Madelyn Cline) relationship status is currently stuck at ‘it’s complicated’ after arguing with hubby John B (Chase Stokes) and then hooking up with old flame Topper (Austin North) in his absence. In Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 7 the teen heartthrobs go through further rocky patches as Big John’s life hangs in the balance.

The gang tries to track down Big John’s (Charles Halford) location and hunt for more clues to the whereabouts of El Dorado in a much-improved installment.

In episode seven, Sarah narrates the opening scene instead of John B. She regrets her past decisions and then compares Topper and John B, who are complete opposites of one another. She tells Topper she enjoyed her time with him and prefers a more laid-back, carefree lifestyle.

Topper’s Utopian existence seems tempting, but she is still with John B. Their dirty little secret doesn’t stay hidden for long, though, as Kie spots them together. Their attempts to deflect only make them appear more guilty. Sarah confesses to kissing Topper, admitting that she has messed up. Kie says that things are rocky between her and JJ as well.

Who is Neville Persaud?

Meanwhile, John B and JJ return to Professor Sowell’s house for further clues. John B’s dad has been kidnapped and sent to South America, but they have very little else to go off. At Sowell’s house, they find a drawing of Solana.

John B remembers Sowell mentioning a man named Neville, and a news cutting shows the expedition crew, including Neville Persaud, who happened to be their guide. They track down Neville to a boathouse on Doe Creek.

Neville attacks John B and JJ in another repetitive sequence, assuming they were sent to kill him. Neville is the last remaining survivor of the expedition, believing the place they visited to be cursed. They ask for his help, but he refuses to get involved.

They hear another boat approaching; Carlos Singh’s goons are here to kill the final team member. John B and JJ battle these goons and escape in Neville’s boat, protecting the guide.

What is Neville’s advice?

After their escape, Neville opens up more to the teenagers, revealing important facts about the gold. He says you need the Gnomon to pass a test to receive the untold riches. Both the members aboard the San Jose and the Royal Merchant failed at either one of these specifics and perished because of it.

John B pleads with Neville for help, stating that he doesn’t want the gold; he wants to save his father. Neville draws them a map, explaining that they need to head to the port of Tres Rocas.

The last episode ended with Ward arriving on American soil. He heads straight for the old family home and confronts Rafe. His son has melted down the cross and plans to sell the nuggets of gold he has collected for profit. Ward is heartbroken to hear that the cross is gone.

Rafe mentions his time in Barbados and how he was taken, hostage. After this, he decided to take control of his life. He pins Ward against the wall and says he no longer needs his father. Rafe is going it alone. Ward is a wanted man without much leverage, and Rafe appears to hold all the cards.

What does Barry think Rafe should do about Ward?

With Barry’s help, Rafe sells all the gold, and the two celebrate with a party at the Cameron mansion. Rafe feels on top of the world, but Barry keeps him grounded. He mentions how Ward could very easily ruin everything. His father covered for Rafe, taking the fall over the Sheriff’s death, but he could go back on his word.

Barry suggests Rafe kills his father.

Ward may have lost his hold over Rafe, but he hopes to make amends with Sarah. He orchestrates a con, tricking Sarah into meeting with him. Sarah threatens to call the cops but hears her father out first.

Ward admits that he’s made many mistakes in the past and wants to make it up to her. Sarah is homeless, poor, and without a family because of her father. He offers her money and a house in return.

Sarah then heads to Kie’s parents’ fifteenth wedding anniversary. They’ve thrown a party to celebrate, and the whole island is there. She tells Kie that Ward is back. There’s just a chance for an awkward conversation between Sarah and Topper before John B and JJ arrive on the scene.

They want to get the gang back together for their rescue mission, but life seems to get in the way. John B and Sarah are reunited, but Sarah confesses to cheating on John B. He decides to break up with her after hearing this awful news.

How does Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 7 end?

Things aren’t much better for Kie and JJ. He tries to convince her to help them with the Big John rescue mission, but she’s still angry about JJ stealing. Kie’s lack of loyalty anger JJ. She fights back, saying that she loves him and they must talk sternly about everything happening. Time is against them, though; they need to leave now.

Kie refuses, and of course, Sarah isn’t recruited either. John B and JJ leave their relationships in tatters, and the team splits. John B sees Sarah and Topper hugging and loses it. He beats Topper within an inch of his life.

The episode ends with Pope and Cleo hunting through his family’s belongings for clues. Pope is a distant relative of Denmark Tanny, the enslaved person, who was somehow linked to all this treasure. They find a letter from Denmark to his daughter Clarice. Inside are translated symbols that may help the team decipher the Gnomon.

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