Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 8 Recap

February 23, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Another trashy but tense episode is ruined by more silly, extreme overreactions. The character’s motives are a little muddled, while specific plot points get completely swept aside or effortlessly solved.

We recap the Netflix series Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 8, “Tapping the Rudder,” which contains spoilers.

Poor Big John (Charles Halford) is being held captive by the villainous Carlos Singh (Andy McQueen) on a slow boat to Venezuela. The only ones who can save him are too busy worrying about their complex teen romances. You have Sarah (Madelyn Cline) caught in a love triangle with the Kook doormat Topper (Austin North) and her heroic husband John B (Chase Stokes), the Pogues ringleader. Then JJ (Rudy Pankow) and Kie (Madison Bailey) are tied up in their complicated lover’s tiff. In “Tapping the Rudder,” Sarah must decide once and for all where her allegiances lie while Pope (Jonathan Daviss) and Cleo (Carlacia Grant) try to decipher the meaning of Denmark’s letter.

Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 8 Recap

The episode kicks off with discussions of last night’s fight. Sarah told John B that she had cheated on him with Topper. John B saw them both hugging and lost his cool. He knocked Topper clean out and then beat the unconscious Kook even after passing out. Topper wants to press charges, with the police on the hunt for John B, while Sarah tries to make sense of all this confusion. She heads straight to Topper to see how things stand. Topper’s ego has been bruised, and he wants revenge. He asks Sarah to testify on his behalf, which she agrees to.

Who might be able to help John B and JJ?

On the other side of this fight, we have John B. He debates the brawl with his best friend, JJ. John B believes he was provoked but soon finds out the police are after him anyway. They hide from the Sheriff, who decides to apply a tracker to John B’s van. They must get to South America before John B is arrested, but they have no money, passports, or transportation. JJ may have a plan, though. They head to see Barracuda Mike, a drugs smuggler, who might be able to help them for a price.

Meanwhile, Rafe wakes up with a girl in bed the morning after his mansion party. He’s flying pretty high, although his conversation with Barry still stings.

Barry suggests he kills his father to keep this fantasy lifestyle alive. Rafe hunts out his father and orders him to leave town. However, Ward isn’t going without a fight and has given the business to Rose. He’s selling Tannyhill and wants Rafe to return to Guadeloupe with him. Rafe pulls a gun on Ward and threatens to kill or turn him in to the police. Ward says he’ll tell the police who killed the Sheriff if provoked. An angry Rafe fires his gun in Ward’s direction but purposely misses.

Why do they need Barracuda Mike’s help?

John B and JJ have no other option; they must trust drug smuggler Barracuda Mike. They agree to board a flight to Venezuela as cargo, offering to help unload the drugs for him once they land in South America. Mike changes the plan, though, and orders them to drive a truck full of drugs to a drop-off point instead. This trust exercise goes wrong; JJ waves at a passing police officer, causing another car chase. JJ is off-roads and loses the police. They return to their vehicle but are then caught by the Sheriff, who was tracking them. He arrests John B, explaining how Topper is pressing charges.

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Pope and Cleo found a vital piece of information in the previous episode; they realized that this letter was a translation key that could help them find the city of gold. They race to Kie’s house to rally the troops. This translation key could help them save Big John and gain the riches of El Dorado after all.

Will Sarah testify on Topper’s behalf?

Sarah heads down to the station with Topper. She takes him aside and explains the situation. Big John is in trouble, and he needs John’s help. If Topper waits on pressing charges for one day, then John B will be out of his life forever. Sarah agrees to stay in the Outer Banks with Topper if he helps with John’s release, but she won’t testify today. Topper trusts in Sarah and drives home without pressing charges. Later, Sarah helps John B with his release, and they are reunited that night.

Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 8 Ending Explained

How will the Pogues get to South America?

Sarah gathers the gang together in her plan to save Big John. She has asked Ward if she can borrow his plane; they’ll lay low tonight and leave on Ward’s jet tomorrow morning. Sarah airs her regrets but embraces the whole gang; it looks like they’re all one big happy family again.

Sarah and John B make amends in private, intimate in the bedroom. Topper, spurred on by a conversation with Rafe, drives over and catches the couple together. Enraged by this deception, he decides to burn the house down, with all the gang inside. JJ spots the flames and informs the others, who escape. Topper watches the house consumed by fire before driving off.

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