Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 9 Recap – what is Kitty Hawk?

February 23, 2023 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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“Welcome to Kitty Hawk” is full of outlandish and unbelievable plotting, which feels lazily forced together, although there is still plenty of fun to be had, with Kie’s subplot especially, which will no doubt appeal to the teen market.

We recap the Netflix series Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 9, “Welcome to Kitty Hawk,” which contains spoilers.

There’s some terrible parenting on display in Outer Banks; you have grown adults encouraging dangerous treasure hunts, committing murder, and many other frowned-upon crimes. But it’s the simple neglect that gets me. The parents aren’t happy about their kids swanning off here and there or flying to South America, but they don’t take much convincing either or try to stop them.

In “Welcome to Kitty Hawk,” we see both sides of the spectrum. Parents are either too laid-back or far too controlling.

Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 9 Recap

The penultimate episode opens with the gang sitting and watching the ruins of John’s house go up in flames. Topper burns his enemy’s house down, and the teens can’t do anything to stop it but watch. They planned to lay low until the morning, not drawing attention to themselves, while waiting for their plane ride. With that flight beckoning, they decide to tell their parents their plans. Pope thinks his parents will be tricky to convince, so Cleo tags along, while Kie also steps up to the challenge.

What is Kitty Hawk?

Pope’s parents initially say no, although the teens somehow manage to change the parents’ minds with talk of the family legacy. Kie doesn’t get a chance to persuade hers, though; they’ve signed her up for Kitty Hawk instead, which is adventure therapy disguised as a wilderness camp.

Kie is dragged into a car by two employees in another unbelievable sequence. JJ has no parents to return to but says his goodbyes to his shack anyway. On arrival, JJ is chased by Mike, who wants his money back. JJ promised to deliver drugs for him and had to ditch the vehicle to avoid arrest. This ignored plot point finally gets addressed, but JJ runs away from his opponent.

The gang slowly gathers at the airstrip. JJ soon joins John B and Sarah, then Cleo and Pope. They’re just waiting on Kie now. JJ decides to head over and convince Kie’s parents himself in person. He speeds over in the Twinkie to find her parents sitting on their doorstep in tears. JJ wastes no time and heads straight for Kitty Hawk. The facility is framed like a prison, with security guards jotted about the place and discussing medication to cure Kie’s ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder). It’s all a little far-fetched, but I’m guessing these places probably exist.

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How does JJ break into Kitty Hawk?

On his way to Kitty Hawk, JJ is stopped by Barracuda Mike and a gun-wielding goon. They shoot out one of his tires and order him to accompany them. JJ talks about the El Dorado gold and offers them in on this fortune. Surprisingly, the criminals are interested and let him go. JJ continues his journey to Kitty Hawk, where he effortlessly breaks in. JJ infiltrates the prison compound with lies and manipulation, spying on Kie as she is moved from one location to another.

That night he breaks her out. It’s an adorable moment as he apologizes to her, then they declare their love for one another. They kiss, and the other inmates all cheer. The loved-up couple is then picked up by Mike, who has his private plane waiting for them.

Rafe has second thoughts about his plans to kill Ward, his father. He’s paid Barry to commit the act, but Barry’s hired someone else to pull the trigger. Although he’s too late, Rafe confronts Barry, hoping to call off the killing. Rafe races over to Ward’s hideout. Again, he’s too late. The assassin is already strangling Ward after stabbing him in the leg. Rafe saves his father’s life, beating the killer into submission. A canoer spots this altercation, pointing out Ward in the process. Rafe then drives Ward to the airstrip.

Topper is informed of Sarah and John B’s whereabouts. He heads to the airstrip to confront Sarah, who lied to him. Topper is hurt to hear it from Sarah herself. She admits she is back with John. In retaliation, Topper calls the District Attorney and files the charges again.

The Sheriff is contacted about the whole debacle. He has to arrest John B once again. They are all to be found at the airstrip. There’s even news that Ward is back from the grave and headed to the airstrip. The writers continue to force all these plot threads together, with little room for believability or logic.

Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 9 Ending Explained 

Rafe and Ward arrive at the airstrip. Rafe and Sarah drag Ward’s bloodied body onto the plane while the others look on in shock. John B and the gang have no choice; this is Ward’s plane, after all. Rafe begs them to care for his dad and steps off the plane as police sirens fill the air. The plane flies off just as the police convoy reaches the strip. Sheriff Shoupe tells Rafe that he must have a story to tell them.

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