Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 1 Recap – what does Carlos Singh want from Kie?

By Adam Lock
Published: February 23, 2023 (Last updated: February 21, 2024)
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Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 1 Recap
Outer Banks Season 3 Promotional Image (Credit to Netflix)


“Poguelandia” quickly re-introduces viewers to the fast-paced and fun world of Outer Banks. This premiere speeds by with plenty of action and a simplistic ‘heroes versus villains’ narrative. It’s easy to follow and highly entertaining – a promising start.

The idea of living on a desert island is probably pretty high up on most peoples’ bucket lists, but the harsh realities of this dream endeavor aren’t even worth thinking about. In Episode 1 of Outer Banks Season 3, our gang of scantily clad heroes finds themselves in this dream scenario.

However, they may want to return to civilization a lot sooner than expected, no matter what the cost. “Poguelandia” picks up after the dramatic finale of last season, with John B (Chase Stokes) and the gang surviving on a desert island, while Rafe (Drew Starkey) is looking to sell the golden cross in Guadeloupe.

A quick recap opens proceedings to refresh your memory Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 1. This action-adventure series is about the rich folks (Kooks) of Kildare County versus the poor population (Pogues). John B (Chase Stokes) recounts how he saw the hunt for treasure as a way for the poorer people to escape their misery and even the scales. But the treasure might have been more of a trap than a means of escape.

How do they survive on a desert island?

The gang is re-introduced, living it up on paradise, which they’ve named Poguelandia. They have adequate food and shelter. JJ (Rudy Pankow) and Kie (Madison Bailey) are bored of eating nothing but coconuts all day and try their hand at fishing.

While Sarah (Madelyn Cline) is paranoid her evil father has sent someone after them and worries she’s seen a boat on the horizon, although it may just be a mirage. The gang plays a game of truth or dare that night, gushing about how much they love their new lives. This first day in paradise is concluded with JJ taking a dare and jumping off a cliff; how fun!

Who comes to save them from paradise?

The next morning, the gang is awoken by the sound of a plane overhead. Pope (Jonathan Daviss) is the first up, and he rushes to light a signal fire to gain the pilot’s attention. The others, except for JJ, shout and wave in the plane’s direction. It seems they want to get off this island after all.

The plane notices the Pogues and lands to rescue them from paradise. Sarah doesn’t trust the pilot, though, a hippy called Jimmy, who offers them rum and first aid. They board this plane, suspicious of their savior, but with no other option.

Meanwhile, in Guadeloupe, Sarah’s father, Ward (Charles Esten), is recovering in a luxurious mansion. His son Rafe (Drew Starkey) is running things in his absence, and he tells his father, who appears to be in a coma, that he has everything under control. He is working on new passports and bank accounts.

The gold is in the vault, and he has a potential buyer for the golden cross. Rafe organizes a meeting with an antiquities dealer that day, and they seem extremely impressed with the cross. They have a client in Barbados who may be interested.

Can they trust the pilot?

The Pogues mistrust their pilot from the off and put a plan into action. John B distracts Jimmy with idle chit-chat while JJ searches for clues. He finds a photograph of the Coastal Venture in a book. It appears Jimmy has been hunting for them for some time now. The plane pulls into Barbados, and the gang considers their options.

JJ wants Pope to land the plane, but they’d rather take a safer option. It doesn’t matter anyway; Jimmy sees JJ rifling in his bag and inadvertently loses control of the plane. They crash land near the shore.

The plane starts to flood, and the team exits post haste. Kie notices that the pilot is passed out in the cockpit, so she returns to save him. Kie drags Jimmy to the shore, yet the others have swum away and are hiding under a bridge. They watch as Kie is quickly captured by guards, and Jimmy urges her to do what they say.

They act like the police, but these guards are not to be trusted. The gang watches as Kie is whisked away.

While the gang contemplates their next move, JJ flashes Jimmy’s wallet, which he nabbed earlier. They head straight to Jimmy’s home address. It isn’t long before Jimmy comes home, and the gang pins him to the ground, demanding answers. Pope finds an envelope containing Jimmy’s payout.

The envelope is stamped with the name Vaux Hall. Jimmy warns them to stay away, but the gang wants to find their friend. They take Jimmy’s money and some fresh clothes before leaving. The ruckus arouses suspicions among the neighbors. Looks like Jimmy may be in danger of his own.

The gang searches for Vaux Hall and asks for directions from a tractor driver. He states that most of this land is Vaux Hall, which belongs to Carlos Singh. They head for his fortified home.

What does Carlos Singh want from Kie?

Kie is driven to this heavily-guarded complex and is locked away in a room. The guard orders her to put on a fancy dress for dinner. She is then sent to meet with Carlos, but first, she is reunited with Rafe. The two argue, and Carlos then makes his presence known. He apologizes for the rough tactics with Kie and for bringing Rafe here under pretenses. Rafe thought he was here to sell the golden cross. Carlos wants their help locating the mythical gold city, El Dorado. He believes a diary they own may help him with his quest.

The gang naively climbs the walls and enters this fortress. They quickly realize they are out of their depths and trigger an alarm. Guards chase after them in vehicles and on quad bikes, followed by vicious dogs. They manage to escape, clambering up the wall before the dogs attack. The gang will have to regroup and formulate a new plan now.

The premiere ends with Carlos making his demands. He knows that either Rafe or Kie has the diary he wants. Carlos gives them a day to give up the diary. To show he’s serious, Carlos locks them in a room and makes them watch as he kills Jimmy, the poor pilot from earlier. Rafe asks Kie if she has the diary, and Kie says she does not.

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