Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 2 Recap – how do Kie and Rafe escape the mansion?

February 23, 2023 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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“The Bells” is painfully predictable, and even with all the action on display, the danger never feels that real. It’s an unfortunate step down from the premiere, although the ending offers hope for more drama.

We recap the Netflix series Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 2, “The Bells,” which contains spoilers.

Poor Kie (Madison Bailey) has been captured and is locked in a room with her rival Rafe (Drew Starkey) inside a Bond-style villains’ mansion. In Season 3 Episode 2, these enemies must work together to find a way to escape their brutal captor. Meanwhile, our gang of treasure-hunting teens tries to negotiate with super-villain Carlos Singh (Andy McQueen) to get Kie back safely. And John B’s father (Charles Halford) attempts to contact his son the only way he knows how.

Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

The second installment opens with the gang searching for a hide-out to call their own. Cleo directs them to an abandoned hotel that will do the job nicely. They hide in the ruins of this building, narrowly avoiding holes in the flooring and the crumbling walls. The team tries to formulate a plan to rescue Kie, but they can’t trust the cops and don’t know what the enemy wants. JJ remembers that he has the pilot Jimmy Portis’ phone and finds Carlos Singh in his contacts. They debate their negotiation tactics, but JJ is impatient and goes ahead and messages Singh anyway.

How does Singh find the Pogues’ location?

After Jimmy’s death and a long night letting that nightmare sink in, Kie decides to cooperate the following day. She talks with Singh, admitting that she knows about the diary. Kie doesn’t own the original, but she can lead them to a copy of it. Singh then receives a text message from JJ. They are pretending to be Jimmy, who happens to be very much dead now. Singh plays along and asks for their location for a meet-up. While the gang contemplates a rendezvous point, Singh quickly tracks their location using the phone’s data and immediately dispatches his army of guards to this specific spot. JJ updates the gang on this troubling news, and they decide to booby-trap their new home with no time to escape.

Meanwhile, John B’s father, Big John, and Carla Limbrey (Lost’s Elizabeth Mitchell) notice Singh’s men patrolling the streets. Worried that the teens are in trouble, Big John decides to implement his plan. They head to the local church and make a rather generous donation. Then the father starts to ring the church bells, practically calling out to his son, trying to gain his attention.

The soldiers arrive at the abandoned hotel and set foot, sporting their firearms. JJ leads the guards into his traps, pretending to be Jimmy from a distance. The first guard spots Sarah and John B tied up and headed over, falling through a hidden hole in the floor. Cleo unarms the second guard, and John B dives onto the third. They tie up the guards and send a photo to Singh. JJ wants a trade-off, and John B tries his best to sound menacing over the phone, but Singh laughs it off, ordering them to kill his guards. The gang isn’t in the habit of killing strangers and decides to flee instead.

Why does Big John ring the church bells?

As our fearless heroes discover they are surrounded, their options suddenly shrink. They must escape via a daunting lift shaft. Cleo is the first to descend the ropes, followed by Sarah, Pope, and JJ. John B hesitates and hears those church bells in the distance.

The bells trigger a memory for John, who remembers his father calling him home in the same manner as a child. John B ponders this memory. Is that his dad calling him once more? There’s little time to mull this over as John B is shot at and falls down the shaft. The gang escaped in time, berated with further gunfire.

Next, they hide out at the horse tracks. JJ suggests further plans, although his last one ended disastrously. He’s worried about Kie’s safety and wants to offer himself up as a hostage instead. John B sees the church in the distance and again hears the church bells.

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How do Kie and Rafe escape the mansion?

Kie and Rafe argue back at the mansion. Kie hates Rafe for killing Sheriff Peterkin and because of all the horrible things he has put Sarah through. Rafe fights back, saying he is as much a victim as anyone else, but Kie finds it hard to empathize. Rafe urges them to work together to escape. With most of the soldiers out hunting for John B’s gang, they seize their opportunity to flee.

The duo pretends to fight and unarm the guard and escape the mansion property. Once outside, they jump into a truck, conveniently leaving the complex. Rafe battles another stranger and hurls them off the moving truck as they escape the grounds entirely.

Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 2 Ending Explained

Rafe guides Kie to his boat down at the marina, and they plan to escape the island for good. However, Rafe doesn’t trust the others and refuses to help rescue them. Kie pretends to accept Rafe’s demands but then pushes him overboard. She escapes, driving the boat to another marina. Kie then contacts JJ’s phone and drops her location. The gang discusses this possible trap, although Cleo wholeheartedly believes Kie is messaging them. They scope out the marina, and JJ runs to the boat with a gun in his back pocket.

Kie exits the boat and embraces JJ; then, the others reunite. It’s a sweet moment as they are all back together, but the high is short-lived. Guards have spotted them and are on their way. Kie explains to JJ that Singh is after Denmark’s diary, which he believes will lead them to an even bigger treasure. John B hears the bells again and proposes his wild theory to Sarah; his father is still alive and is trying to reach out to him via the church bells. Sarah isn’t convinced but lets him go and check it out anyway.

John B runs towards hope as Singh’s guards enter the harbor. JJ raises his gun and prepares to take a stand. Yet Kie mentions that Singh had Jimmy Portis killed; these criminals mean business. The gang considers their options, but Sarah decides to drive the boat out of the marina to safety. The guards shoot back, but our crew escapes. Once again, they are a member of their team down. John B makes it to the church but holds back, unsure whether to enter.

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