Who is Blackbeard and what does it mean for Outer Banks Season 4?

February 26, 2023
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Who is Blackbeard and what does it mean for Outer Banks Season 4? We examine the storyline introduced at the end of Outer Banks Season 3 and what it could mean for the next season. This article contains spoilers.

The final scene of Outer Banks Season 3 introduced viewers to a new mystery, opening up a whole new story arc for our treasure-hunting Pogues as they move forward into an officially announced fourth season. In this twist ending, the teens are invited on an entirely new mission by a mysterious elderly businessman. This stranger shows them an ancient manuscript dated back to 1718. They realize that this book is a Captain’s log, more specifically, one belonging to Blackbeard himself. So, who is this Blackbeard character and what does this all mean for Outer Banks Season 4?

Who is Blackbeard in Outer Banks?

Blackbeard is the nickname of the infamous pirate, who is also known as Edward Teach. This real-life pirate lived in the late 17th century and early 18th century. He died in the specific year dated in the manuscript, 1718, as mentioned by Pope in the finale. This English pirate roamed the Caribbean Sea, fighting battles and hoarding gold in his heyday. His fearsome persona and violent antics led to the modern-day pirate stereotype we know and love, as seen in many stories and movies.

Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard, the pirate, has become one of the most famous pirate icons ever, spawning countless tourist attractions and inspiring endless pieces of merchandise. He’s also appeared in multiple novels, films, and TV shows. Lately, Blackbeard has been portrayed in Black Sails by Ray Stevenson, and Our Flag Means Death by Taika Waititi. Now the legendary pirate will be immortalized again in the Outer Banks series.

What does Blackbeard mean for Outer Banks Season 4?

The introduction of Blackbeard into the Outer Banks series means that the hunt for his ship and his treasure will surely be the teens’ next adventure. The mysterious man, who showed the Pogues the manuscript, mentioned the ship’s final known location. It would imply that Blackbeard’s ship went missing in 1718, and with it, all his lovely treasure was lost too. The teens will likely be required to find this ship and return Blackbeard’s gold to the rightful owners or a museum, as is usually the case.

Of course, in the treasure-hunting circuit, there are always multiple teams after the same prize. The teens will face tough competition and possible criminals who want this treasure for themselves. There may even be some modern pirates for them to contend with. Now that Ward is out of the picture, Rafe may step up to take on the Pogues and try to rebuild his father’s empire and reclaim some purpose and stature in Kildare.

Will the Pogues be going after Blackbeard’s treasure?

The creators seem to be setting up a new story arc by introducing Blackbeard’s manuscript in the season finale. I predict the Pogues will be going after Blackbeard’s treasure next.

This may be the sole storyline in season four or just the start of a larger multi-season narrative. The gang is renowned for solving these puzzles and delivering the goods. As the stranger said, they have an impressive resume, with the Royal Merchant and El Dorado under their belt, so why not add Blackbeard’s treasure to their portfolio too?

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