Rafe Cameron Has Some Deep Personal Issues To Deal With In Outer Banks Season 3

By Adam Lock
Published: February 25, 2023 (Last updated: February 19, 2024)
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Rafe in Outer Banks Season 3
Outer Banks Season 3 Promotional Image (Credit to Netflix)

One of the more interesting characters in Outer Banks is Rafe Cameron, played by Drew Starkey. A complex character, Rafe goes through many ups and downs in Season 3 as he deals with family drama, his own personal demons, and a desire to prove himself to Ward at any cost.

What happens to Rafe in Outer Banks Season 3?

While Rafe’s father, Ward, is recovering in Guadeloupe, Rafe decides to take over the family business. He wants to prove himself to his dad and show him that he can be a shrewd businessman too. He attempts to sell the Cross of Santo Domingo.

Unfortunately, Rafe is led into a trap and is taken hostage by crime boss Carlos Singh. He escapes with Kiara and plans to return home in his boat. However, Kiara steals the boat, and Rafe is forced to find his way back to Ward without any money to his name.

Ashamed of his failures, Rafe apologizes to Ward for not being able to step up to the challenge. Ward comforts his son, asking him to return to Kildare to sell the family’s businesses and properties instead. Rafe is then asked to donate the cross, which he is very much against.

He plans to steal the cross with Barry and then melts it down for its gold. Behind his father’s back, Rafe and Barry sell these golden nuggets for a hefty profit. Feeling confident about his sales, Rafe calls his father and flaunts his new successes. Ward then heads over to confront Rafe in person.

Meanwhile, Barry gets inside Rafe’s head, persuading him to kill Ward. Barry mentions that Ward has a hold over Rafe and is the only one who stands in his way. Ward has protected Rafe in the past and took the fall for Rafe when he murdered Sheriff Peterkin. Rafe worries this secret will be used against him, and he plots Ward’s death.

What mental illness does Rafe Cameron suffer from?

Rafe has anger issues and a troubled past. He was once addicted to drugs and has evidently murdered someone, too, while being violent and aggressive toward others. All these criminal activities and unforgivable acts of violence will surely have done untold damage to Rafe psychologically.

It is unclear if he has any diagnosed mental illnesses, but Rafe is a troubled soul, desperate for his father’s approval, who is easily angered.

Does Rafe become good in Outer Banks Season 3?

After asking Barry to kill Ward, Rafe has a sudden change of heart. He races over to the criminal to postpone the killing, but Barry has already hired an assassin to finish the job. Rafe saves Ward’s life, disarming and knocking this assassin out. Ward was stabbed in the assault and is bleeding badly, though.

Rafe takes Ward to the airstrip and gets his father onto the Pogues’ flight, away from the police, just in time. It wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine Rafe being arrested and questioned after this little endeavor.

Yes, Rafe does the right thing in the end and saves his father’s life, but it would be a lie to say that he has suddenly become a good person. Even as he steps off the jet, he threatens John B. Rafe may want to change, but he still has a lot of wrongs to right in his life and a long way to go before he is considered ‘good.’

Does Rafe die in Outer Banks?

Rafe does not die in season three of Outer Banks. The last time we see him, he has just said goodbye to his father and is about to be questioned by the police.

Unfortunately, this will be the last time Rafe sees his dad alive, as Ward dies in the jungle, saving Sarah’s life. I imagine Rafe is arrested for his involvement in Ward’s escape, but his future is very unclear at present.

You must wait until season four to see what Rafe has been up to and if he ever changes his ways.

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