Character Ryan in ‘Outer Banks’ Explained

By Adam Lock
Published: February 25, 2023 (Last updated: February 19, 2024)
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Who plays Ryan in Outer Banks?
Outer Banks Season 3 Promotional Image (Credit to Netflix)

The search for the hidden city of gold, El Dorado, means introducing new, exciting characters in Outer Banks Season 3, and one of those characters is Ryan. As the teenage Pogues hunt for clues to this mystical world and its untold riches, another team isn’t far behind them, desperate to beat the treasure hunters to the gold.

This criminal organization, led by the villainous Carlos Singh, includes many insignificant foot soldiers, but one character, Ryan, sticks out from the rest.

Who is Ryan in Outer Banks Season 3?

Lou Ferrigno Jr as Ryan in Outer Banks Season 3 (Image Credit to Netflix)

The character of Ryan is first credited in season 3, episode 1, but he remains a small-scale character for most of the season. He is one of Carlos Singh’s soldiers, tasked with tracking down the Pogues and recovering all the clues that will hopefully lead Singh straight to El Dorado.

In episode 2, “The Bells,” he is seen organizing the troops as Singh’s army searches for the missing teens in Barbados. Ryan is a violent and driven criminal ordered to do all of Singh’s dirty work and bidding.

What does Ryan do in Outer Banks Season 3?

Ryan is in charge of Carlos Singh’s men. This is first spotted in season 3, episode 2, where the soldier leads Singh’s men into an abandoned hotel as they attempt to track down the Pogues. This is a trap, though, and the teens manage to escape without being captured or harmed.

The same cannot be said for Ryan, who is tricked and falls through a hole in the floor. The teens then tie Ryan up. They hope to use the second-in-command as a bargaining tool, but Singh shows little loyalty towards Ryan, telling the teens to kill him. However, this may be a bluff from Singh.

After this chaotic event, Ryan promises Singh that he will capture the teens who have made a fool out of him. Yet they eventually escape once again.

Ryan is next seen by Singh’s side as they hunt for the idol, chasing after Big John and John B. Later, he tracks them down to Professor Sowell’s home, he may even be the one that kills the Professor with a poison dart, but this happens off-screen. Singh then orders Ryan to kill John B, and he is just about to do so, with a poison dart no less, when the teen throws sand in his face and escapes.

Next, the unlucky soldier tracks down the teens to Neville’s houseboat, although he is foiled once again by John B, with JJ’s help this time.

In the season finale, Ryan is there to aid Singh in his quest to El Dorado, joining him on the Venezuelan section of the journey. After Singh is blown up in the caves and Ward’s attempts to steal the gold fail, Ryan makes a last-minute appearance. He holds the gang at gunpoint and threatens to kill Sarah as revenge for one of his dead colleagues.

Ward sacrifices his life and pushes Ryan off a cliff. They both fall to their deaths.

Who plays Ryan in Outer Banks?

Lou Ferrigno Jr. plays the character of Ryan in Outer Banks. If that name sounds familiar, it may interest you to hear that he is the son of actor Lou Ferrigno, the original Hulk in CBS’s The Incredible Hulk series.

Where else has Lou Ferrigno Jr. appeared?

The nepo baby, Lou Ferrigno Jr., has made a career in Hollywood recently, starring in How I Met Your Mother, Teen Wolf, and a more significant role in S.W.A.T. But his role in Outer Banks has brought him the most attention.

Lou Ferrigno Jr. may still be living in his father’s shadow, but he is slowly and steadily making an impressive career in the TV industry. This is one American actor to keep an eye on.

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