Outer Banks season 2 review – the YA audience will love it

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 29, 2021 (Last updated: March 3, 2023)
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Netflix series Outer Banks season 2


Full of the illogical drama that season 1 was known for, Outer Banks does much of the same, providing an entertaining but not thought-provoking watch.

This review of the Netflix series Outer Banks season 2 does not contain spoilers. 

After the storm in the season 1 finale of Outer Banks comes new levels of drama. Have John B and Sarah survived? What will the remaining Pogues do if they haven’t? Will Rafe become more dangerous after his actions in the season 1 finale? All of these questions are answered in episode 1, but is there enough to motivate the audience to carry on watching? The answer depends on your age.

If you’re a young adult that enjoyed season 1 of Outer Banks, then it’ll be easy to breeze through season 2. However, anyone who is slightly older may find the silly nature of the storylines a turn-off. Season 1, without a doubt, had a lot of potential. It had been hoped that this would carry on into season 2. And for a while, it does. But with events occurring without much consequence, it makes the daft nature too much to be ignored.

Despite this, for young watchers, Outer Banks will be an enjoyable guilty pleasure. With the storyline of the missing treasure becoming more forefront in season 2, there’s plenty of rewards for those who watched season 1. Even some of the annoying aspects of season 1, such as how annoying John B could be, seem to lessen, and the character of John B is a lot more likable.

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There are high levels of drama in Outer Banks season 2, and there are moments where you’ll genuinely fear for the lead characters. But with 10 episodes, these moments become too many by the finale. As this season of Outer Banks concludes, you can’t help but be aware it’s not the best show you’ve ever watched. But, possibly through the cast’s performances, you can’t help but feel just a slight bit curious about what will occur in the third season.

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