Outer Banks Season 2 Episodes 1-5 Recap – Trouble in Paradise

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 30, 2021 (Last updated: March 7, 2024)
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Outer Banks Season 2 Episodes 1-5 Recap
Outer Banks Season 2 (Credit - Netflix)

The fun coming-of-age drama continues in Season 2. What happened after John B and Sarah survived the storm? More importantly, will John B finally get a well-deserved punch to the face? Season 1 ended on a banger, and there’s plenty in store for the story ahead. In this article I recap Outer Banks Season 2 Episodes 1-5. Spoilers ahead.

Episode 1 – “The Gold”

Wanna Be a Pogue for Life? #P4L

Season 2 starts with Kie, JJ, and Pope carving a heart in memory of John B (and Sarah), who they still believe died in the storm that happened in episode 10 of season 1. Unbeknown to them, John B and Sarah are hiding on a boat that’s on its way to Nassau, Bahamas. He asks Sarah if she wants to marry him, but as he has no prospects, it’s a resounding no. Clever girl. However, she is more interested in becoming a “Pogue for Life”, #P4L.

Also on the ship is captain Terrance. He’s handed John B’s wanted leaflet which details a reward of $50,000. As he has six kinds of contraband on board the ship, Terrance will wait until they reach Nassau before he hands them to the police and gets his reward.

Back in the Outer Banks, Pope and Kie spray “murderer” on Rafe’s house. Proving she’s not always the brightest, Kie screams to Rafe that he’s a murderer. As they were vandalizing the house secretly, it would have been common sense for Kie to keep her mouth shut. Meanwhile, whilst serving customers and overhearing them state that John B deserved to die, JJ has an outburst and shouts to them all that Rafe is the one who killed Sheriff Peterkin. JJ punches one of the customers before using his motorbike to destroy the flower arrangements. It’s one hell of a way to leave after getting yourself fired.

When the ship reaches Nassau, John B and Sarah make a run and flee from the police.

Promise me you won’t do anything stupid

Strolling into a 5* hotel that Sarah’s family attended for years, Sarah pleads with John B to listen to her. Despite the probability that the gold may be at her family’s vacation house, she doesn’t want him going there as it’s too dangerous. But Sarah should know, this is John B she is talking to.

Having stolen a phone (for a minute), JB sends an image of himself and Sarah to the other JJ, Kie, and Pope. They now know they’re alive!

Kill Them

Deputy Victor is heavily reprimanded by Ward, who believes he is letting the Pogues get away with vandalizing his property. Rafe, meanwhile, has a simple solution: “We should kill them all.”

Waking up to find John B missing, she correctly assumes he has gone searching for the gold. She’s quickly captured by the crew. The following morning, Cleo waits for John B and tells him that she will take him to her.

No need to spitball; Phase 1 is complete

The Pogues decide to plant Pope’s phone in the hope of listening in on conversations between Rafe or Ward. The gang calls Gavin and threatens him as part of their plan. It works. Gavin calls Ward in a panic, and the Pogue’s discover that Gavin kept the gun that Rafe used to kill Sheriff Peterkin. With a meeting planned for Gavin and Ward, the Pogues plan on following.

Trouble in Paradise

In the Bahamas, Sarah takes Terrance to her family’s house where she will give them the gold, in return that he doesn’t call the cops on her and John B. With Sarah entering the family vacation home and incorrectly entering a pin, Ward and Rose are alerted that someone is inside the property. Sarah eventually enters the correct pin, but as she proves to Terrance that the gold exists, Island Security runs inside the house. With all of them fleeing, Terrance locks Sarah and John B inside as they’re the bait that will slow security down and pave his own escape.

John B leads the Island Security upstairs whilst Sarah searches for a pair of hidden keys that are hidden around the property. Although, as soon as she finds them, Terrance steals them and flees away on a boat. Cornered, John B is beaten up by Island Security.

In the closing seconds of episode 1, the Island Security video calls Ward.

Episode 2 – “The Heist”

Outer Banks Season 2 Episodes 1-5 Recap

Outer Banks Season 2 Episode 2 (Credit to Netflix)

In Episode 2, “The Heist,” Sarah sets off the water sprinklers. This allows her to interfere with the phone signal and nicely block her father from discovering that she and John B are alive. Paving the way for their escape, Sarah and John B are safe. For now.

From afar, Kie, Pope, and JJ record Gavin and Ward’s meeting. With the meeting quickly turning heated, Ward shoots Gavin in a bid to save his son from imprisonment. Whilst all this occurs, the gun falls down a drain, and Kie screams out to Ward that he’s a murderer. (Hardly the brightest thing to do in the situation).

Forced to flee from Ward, the recorder gets broken. The trio argues who is to blame, but had Kie not shouted murderer, they wouldn’t have been forced to rush off.

Deal or no Deal

It’s time for Sarah to make a deal. She offers Terrance and Cleo 10 million apiece to help her and John B escape from the island. With nobody in sight, the cops are unsurprisingly finding it hard to believe claims that Ward has killed Gavin. With the recording of no use, it seems that all hope may be lost. That is until Pope conveniently states that they could get the gun from the drain.

As helping one get away with murder seems to be their version of family bonding time, Ward gets Rafe to help get rid of Gavin’s body. Not wanting stupid actions to be left solely to Kie, Sarah rings her sister. (A foolish thing to do if you’re on the run). Bad news for Sarah, stepmother Rose is listening.

Now armed with knowledge in how the gold will be transported; Sarah talks through the plan. This is where we learn how Cleo became involved with Terrance. Her father left, her granny died, and it inadvertently led to her meeting Terrance. Her advice to Sarah? Stay two steps ahead of Terrance and never trust him.

How Do You Solve A Problem like Kie in a Drain?

In Outer Banks, JJ, Pope and Kie search for the gun in the north drain. Unluckily for them, the gun hasn’t washed out with the trash. Even more unlucky is Kie, who is left to crawl the drain and retrieve it. But they’re not the only ones searching for the gun! Rafe has reunited with his old buddy/enemy Barry.

Hearing Kie’s screams from inside the drain, Rafe instructs Barry to flush her out. Knowing doing such a thing would kill her, Barry refuses. Rafe doesn’t mind, though, and he flushes the water.

With the water flushing through, Pope and JJ rush to a manhole and save Kie from certain death. Climbing out, Kie has ahold of the gun! (Redeeming herself from her earlier stupidity). Taking the gun to the Sherriff, they are quickly thrown out of his office. Despite this, the Sherriff searches the tracking number and learns that the gun belongs to Ward. Maybe a seed has been planted.

When in The Bahamas, Involve Yourself in the Dramas

In the Bahamas, Ward’s joined by Rafe. He shows his son all the gold he has, stating that there’s half a billion which saved the family from near ruin following the storm in season 1. Stubby watches as both Ward and Rafe leave with the gold.

Unknowing to them, they drive straight into a trap as young children trap their vehicles and slash tires. Spotting a way out, Ward and Rafe continue with their journey; this time, however, they have no escort. Exactly what Terrance had hoped for.

Terrance and Cleo hold Ward and Rafe at gunpoint. But it all hits the fan when Ward catches Sarah running to the truck. Whilst he is overwhelmed with happiness, Rafe is not so much. He goes to shoot John B, misses, and John B drives off with Sarah.

With Ward’s escort soon chasing after John B and Sarah, they soon lose them. Just as it seems that these two are the luckiest characters alive, Sarah reveals that she has been shot.

Episode 3 – “Prayers”

Is Sarah’s Injury Serious?

After Rafe shot Sarah in episode 1, John B calls Terrance for help. He directs them towards “his guy,” who, as he says, will sort Sarah out. None the wiser to all that is occurring, Pope is visited by the Vanderhorst Foundation. (In Season 1, Pope had the opportunity to gain a college scholarship.

However, he messed up his chances by storming out of his interview). They tell Pope that the Scholarship Committee may still be interested and hand him an envelope. John B brings Sarah to the “Doctor.” But with a life-saving operation costing 4k, John B is forced to hand the “Doctor” some gold.

Outer Banks Season 2 Episode 3 (Credit to Netflix)

It All Gets A Bit Silly

Pope, JJ, and Kie read the letter he got from the Scholarship Committee. The letter states that they have evidence that will prove that John B is innocent. To discuss it further, the people who wrote the letter want a meeting with Pope later that night in Charleston.

During Sarah’s operation, she briefly regains consciousness before she flatlines and seemingly dies. John B is unable to accept it and continues to do CPR to no avail. It’s a tragic and shocking scene until after just a few moments, by some miracle, Sarah begins to respond. It appears she’s alive after all.

At the station, Rafe tells Ward that he shot Sarah whilst attempting to shoot John B. Rafe also adds that he doesn’t care that he did as Sarah is bringing too much trouble for the family. Also having a little family trouble is Kie. She is having an argument with her parents over heading to Charleston.

It is reasonable for the parents to be acting in such a manner, and considering how JJ and Pope behave around Kie’s parents, it comes as no surprise that her parents want Kie to go to boarding school.

Cheese on Bread

Considering she was dead just a few moments ago, Sarah is doing quite well. However, it’s just as well. As Ward gave an image of her and John B to the police, it’s not long before they are found. With the odds in their favor, the “doctor” gives the pair his car so they can escape.

Following an unseen shootout, Terrance and Cleo are gone with the gold in police custody. John B and Sarah are forced to race through the streets, only stopping when John B accidentally runs someone over. By chance, it just turns out that it’s Cleo they have run over. Cleo explains that when the police came shooting, she jumped into the water to escape. Although, she’s unaware of what happened to Terrance.

I Already Am Who I Am

John B, Sarah, and Cleo reach a boat, but unluckily for them, so does a police officer. Cleo attacks the officer, allowing John B and Sarah to start a journey up North. The pair continue sailing as Cleo smiles away as she swims in the water. The following morning, just as John B and Sarah reach Charleston, it’s a funny coincidence that Pope, Kie, and JJ arrive in Charleston at the same time.

Episode 4 – “Homecoming”

Who Lives in a House Like This?

Whilst Pope, JJ, and Kie arrive at the destination, it is only Pope who is allowed inside. Inside he meets Carla Limbrey. She tells Pope that she too was double-crossed by Ward. But not only that, she has a recording that proves Rafe killed Sheriff Peterkin. Although, Carla won’t give Pope the recording unless he gets her the Denmark Key.

With no idea what she is referring to, Carla explains to Pope it began with Denmark Tanny. He was a former slave who wanted to buy the freedom of his wife and children. When this didn’t occur, his wife died trying to escape, and Denmark was later hung. By Carla’s ancestors nonetheless. The reason Carla wants the key? It leads to the Cross of Santo Domingue. According to Carla, anyways.

Pope isn’t interested in helping her, and it all goes a bit bonkers. As Carla’s thug is about to taser Pope, Kie and JJ prevent him and the trio run through the streets of Charleston. During the same time, John B and Sarah are fleeing from a resident whose money they stole.

Outer Banks Season 2 Episodes 1-5 Recap

Outer Banks Season 2 Episode 4 (Credit to Netflix)

Back Together

Eventually, the gang reunites and successfully escapes from those chasing them. All five have a short catch-up. Meantime, Ward tells Rose that not only is Sarah alive but that Rafe accidentally shot her. Rose’s concern is more towards the trouble she’ll face if Sarah can prove Rose lied about Rafe being at home when Sherriff Peterkin got murdered.

Now that the gang is all back in Outer Banks, they score some beers and have a mini party. Kie and Pope are about to kiss until Pope questions whether it will ruin their friendship. Rafe and Barry search the area for John B & Sarah, unaware that they’re hiding in the trees with JJ.

Sarah’s Threat

Back in Charleston, Carla is sure that Pope has the Denmark Key. It appears her quest for the key may last for much of the season. Against advice, Sarah goes to visit Ward, her father. She tells him that she will be testifying against him, Rafe, and Rose. And unless he tells the truth, he will never see her again. With that, Sarah walks off. Ward decides to call the Sheriff’s department.

With the group on the beach, the Sherriff’s department surrounds them. Although they run at first, and JJ even arms himself with a gun, John B persuades them to surrender. But with the department still believing John B murdered Sheriff Peterkin, one of the officers beat John B up.

Episode 5 – “The Darkest Hour”

John B is in Jail

Having finally received a punch that he deserved way back in season 1, a beaten up and orange-suited John B gets placed into a cell. It’s not long before he is charged with murder in the first degree, with a maximum sentence of the death penalty.

Outside, Kie screams to Ward that he is a murderer before she gets held back (I wonder how many more times Kie will scream that in Season 2).

Still not settled with John B imprisoned, Rose and Ward worry that Sarah’s testimony against them will cause them to lose everything. Ward reassures her that he has one person he can rely on for help.

Later that night, he pays off Terry (Plumb) and acts as though he is trying to ensure justice for Sheriff Peterkin. Falling for his lies, Plumb agrees to help Ward. Later on, she makes a deal with an unseen inmate in exchange for evidence getting “lost.”

Outer Banks Season 2 Episode 5 (Credit to Netflix)


After being reprimanded by his father over recent events, Pope shows his father a picture of the Denmark Key. It turns out that it resembles a necklace that his Grandmother used to wear around her neck. This, of course, puts Pope on a mission.

Even though her relationship with her parents is more than strained, Kie asks her Mum for money to help John B. As expected, it develops into an argument when Kie says to her Mum, “It’s not all about you.” Clearly having enough of Kie and her behavior, her Mum chucks Kie’s clothes on the lawn and tells Kie to go live like a Pogue. #P4L

JJ visits John B in prison. Declaring “Operation Liberation,” JJ tells John B to act as though his appendix will burst so that he will be taken to hospital and JJ can help him escape. (It’s going to be interesting as to whether this little scheme can actually be pulled off by the pair).

Escorted out by Plumb, JJ is purposely led in a direction that forces him to see his imprisoned father, yet be unable to speak to him. Very cruel, Plumb, very cruel.

Family Troubles

At the family home, Rafe is unable to stop himself from asking Ward who he would choose between him and Sarah. It soon turns violent between the pair, with Ward firmly reminding Rafe that he was the one who ruined the family. Stealing his younger sister’s phone, Rafe pretends to be Wheezie as he tricks Sarah into meeting him.

Searching for information related to the Denmark Key, Pope just so happens to fall at the right place at the right time; as he breaks a section of the ceiling, which directs him to the Denmark Key. How very lucky! Showing his finding to Kie, they inspect the secret message in the key; “Path to the tomb begins in the island room.”

Exciting Ending

Sarah goes to meet who she believes will be her younger sister Wheezie. Of course, it’s Rafe, and after a heated discussion, he tries to drown Sarah to death. Topper comes to the rescue and warns Rafe from ever harming Sarah again. JJ’s plan to help John B escape goes to ruin and faces possible arrest; until Kie and Pope park in front of the ambulance. Allowing JJ to jump out and run away.

After Plumb hands the inmate a key, John B begins his plan of faking a burst appendix. But before he can, he’s attacked by the inmate, who attempts to strangle him to death. Able to overpower the inmate, John B tells Sheriff Shoupe that someone tried to kill him. All in all, the Pogues are once again very lucky and come away mostly unscathed.

Closing Moments

The closing moments of episode 5 show that Sheriff Shoupe believes the Pogues story. He has had the gun checked over and found Rafe’s fingerprints all over the shells. As morning breaks, Ward wakes to armed officers running towards his house.

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