Outer Banks season 2, episode 1 recap – the opening chapter explained

July 30, 2021
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Welcome back, Outer Banks. We’ve missed you!

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Welcome back, Outer Banks. We’ve missed you!

This recap of Netflix’s Outer Banks season 2, episode 1, “The Gold,” contains significant spoilers.

Enjoy season 1 of Outer Banks? The fun coming-of-age drama is back for a second season. What happened after John B and Sarah survived the storm? More importantly, will John B finally get a well-deserved punch to the face? Let’s hope so. Season 1 ended on a banger, so it’s time to see if Season 2 can carry on that momentum.

Wanna Be a Pogue for Life? #P4L

Season 1 starts with Kie, JJ, and Pope carving a heart in memory of John B (and Sarah), who they still believe died in the storm that happened in episode 10 of season 1. Unbeknown to them, John B and Sarah are hiding on a boat that’s on its way to Nassau, Bahamas. He asks Sarah if she wants to marry him, but as he has no prospects, it’s a resounding no. Clever girl. However, she is more interested in becoming a “Pogue for Life”, #P4L.

Also on the ship is captain Terrance. He’s handed John B’s wanted leaflet which details a reward of $50,000. As he has six kinds of contraband on board the ship, Terrance will wait until they reach Nassau before he hands them to the police and gets his reward.

Back in the Outer Banks, Pope and Kie spray “murderer” on Rafe’s house. Proving she’s not always the brightest, Kie screams to Rafe that he’s a murderer. As they were vandalizing the house secretly, it would have been common sense for Kie to keep her mouth shut. Meanwhile, whilst serving customers and overhearing them state that John B deserved to die, JJ has an outburst and shouts to them all that Rafe is the one who killed Sheriff Peterkin. JJ punches one of the customers before using his motorbike to destroy the flower arrangements. It’s one hell of a way to leave after getting yourself fired.

When the ship reaches Nassau, John B and Sarah make a run and flee from the police.

Promise me you won’t do anything stupid

Strolling into a 5* hotel that Sarah’s family attended for years, Sarah pleads with John B to listen to her. Despite the probability that the gold may be at her family’s vacation house, she doesn’t want him going there as it’s too dangerous. But Sarah should know, this is John B she is talking to.

Having stolen a phone (for a minute), JB sends an image of himself and Sarah to the other JJ, Kie, and Pope. They now know they’re alive!

Kill Them

Deputy Victor is heavily reprimanded by Ward, who believes he is letting the Pogues get away with vandalizing his property. Rafe, meanwhile, has a simple solution: “We should kill them all.”

Waking up to find John B missing, she correctly assumes he has gone searching for the gold. She’s quickly captured by the crew. The following morning, Cleo waits for John B and tells him that she will take him to her.

No need to spitball; Phase 1 is complete

The Pogues decide to plant Pope’s phone in the hope of listening in on conversations between Rafe or Ward. The gang calls Gavin and threatens him as part of their plan. It works. Gavin calls Ward in a panic, and the Pogue’s discover that Gavin kept the gun that Rafe used to kill Sheriff Peterkin. With a meeting planned for Gavin and Ward, the Pogues plan on following.

Trouble in Paradise

In the Bahamas, Sarah takes Terrance to her family’s house where she will give them the gold, in return that he doesn’t call the cops on her and John B. With Sarah entering the family vacation home and incorrectly entering a pin, Ward and Rose are alerted that someone is inside the property. Sarah eventually enters the correct pin, but as she proves to Terrance that the gold exists, Island Security runs inside the house. With all of them fleeing, Terrance locks Sarah and John B inside as they’re the bait that will slow security down and pave his own escape.

John B leads the Island Security upstairs whilst Sarah searches for a pair of hidden keys that are hidden around the property. Although, as soon as she finds them, Terrance steals them and flees away on a boat. Cornered, John B is beaten up by Island Security.

In the closing seconds of episode 1, the Island Security video calls Ward.

It’s an entertaining episode that is very typical of what Outer Banks had in season 1. In no way is this the most exciting episode that’s ever existed, but it does just enough that its fan base will be pleased to see its return. The ending is strong and will have more audience members jumping straight into episode 2, wondering whether Ward will discover that John B & Sarah are alive.

What did you think of Outer Banks season 2, episode 1? Comment below. 

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