Outer Banks Season 2 Episodes 6-9 Recap – Watch Out For The Gold

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 30, 2021 (Last updated: March 7, 2024)
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Outer Banks Season 2 Episodes 6-9 Recap
Outer Banks Season 2 (Credit - Netflix)

Following the closing moments of Outer Banks Season 2 Episode 5, John B (played by Chase Stokes) is now out of prison in Episode 6! After Rafe tried to murder her, Sarah is still with her ex-boyfriend Topper whilst Ward refuses to speak to anyone without a lawyer as his house gets searched. As part of this article, I recap episodes 7-9 too.

Episode 6 – “The Dark Forest”

Now wanted for the murder of Sheriff Peterkin but unaware that he is, Rafe wakes up at Barry’s crib. It’s only when he reads a text from Ward that he learns what has occurred overnight. Although Sarah tells John B that Rafe attempted to drown her, John B is more concerned that Sarah didn’t tell Topper that she is his “wife.” With all the current drama happening, Kie & Pope decide that it’s best to remain friends.

A Family Affair

Desperate to uncover information on the key, Carla has her half-brother Renfield attack Pope’s father. Although Pope’s father doesn’t provide them with any useful information, Carla states that Renfield must get the key. In the belief that she is dying, she tells Reinfield that if he can’t find the key for her, he will not get the estate.

Pope’s father, however, does inform Pope that it may all be linked to a necklace that belonged to Pope’s Great Grandmother.

With their house swamped with officers, Rose helps Ward sneak out of the house. Driving with him hidden in the boot, he is able to sneak away unseen when Rose takes the car for a car wash. Pope visits his Great Grandmother, who he calls MeeMaw, and quizzes her about the necklace. Although she seems reluctant to discuss it, even stating “take it away,” she does tell Pope that Denmark and Cecilia are Pope’s great grandfolks.

Rafe finally gets the answer to a question he’s asked Ward many times. Just who would Ward choose between Rafe and Sarah? Ward tells Rafe that he would always pick Rafe over Sarah. Carla surprises The Pogues, and in exchange for the key, she hands over the recording to them. One little problem. Carla doesn’t yet know that the key she has is a fake.

Killing is Nature

Determined not to be taken alive, Rafe is traveling with Barry as he attempts to flee the Outer Banks. In a little shock move, Barry leads Rafe into a trap, and before long, Rafe gets arrested. As Rose considers whether she and Ward should flee the country, John B hands over the recording to Sheriff Shoupe. It’s enough evidence for the Sheriff to arrest Ward. After hearing that an arrest warrant is out for Ward, Topper warns Sarah that time will be running out for him.

His crimes finally catching up with him, Ward is surrounded by the authorities. Confessing his crimes, Ward praises Sheriff Shoupe for catching him. With that, Ward blows himself and his boat up. Sarah falls to pieces, and with John B too stunned (or overjoyed?) to come to her aid, it’s left to Topper to come to Sarah’s side.

Episode 7 – “The Bonfire”

Outer Banks Season 2 Episodes 6-9 Recap

Outer Banks Season 2 Episode 7 (Credit – Netflix)

Episode 7 of Outer Banks Season 2 begins with a video recording from Ward (played by Charles Esten). In the prerecorded message, Ward confesses to murdering Sheriff Peterkin. This, of course, isn’t the truth, but it still allows Rafe to get released from prison.

With Ward now dead, he has his estate divided equally to all those that he left behind. Sarah is unable to forgive Rafe for trying to kill her. But who can blame her? Rafe has an excuse, though; he was trying to do right by Ward. “I can’t change the past, but I’m gonna be different now,” Rafe adds. Whether he will remains to be seen, but it’s unlikely. I kind of hope not; Rafe is too good as a villain.

Unable to move on from John B’s look of relief when Ward died, Sarah breaks up with him. Adding salt to the wound, she thought that John B would have understood as his father also died, but she learned that some things aren’t meant to be. Ouch.

It’s quite wild how in Outer Banks, John B & Sarah have gone from being on the run together, married, nearly both dead, to now no longer together. No longer in a relationship with John B, Sarah visits Topper and asks if she can stay. Topper, unlike John B, succeeds in making Sarah smile.

Money Troubles

Aware that she has the wrong key, Carla tells her half-brother Renfield that she will give him any resource he needs to retrieve it. Pope is given a diary, Denmark’s diary nonetheless, and it’s from this that he learns that the Cross of Santo Domingo was on the Royal Merchant.

Their lives are in ruins, even more so when Rose & Rafe realize that there is no record of the gold. With one month to come up with $1.7million, Rafe starts to freak out and punches a wall, causing a hole that appears to show something hidden.

Bonfire Time

The Pogues go to the bonfire, with JJ telling John B that it may be best to give Sarah some space. Topper and Sarah also attend the Bonfire party, and it’s not long before feelings of jealously fly around. With emotions heightened, it only takes a dig about John B killing Sheriff Peterkin before a huge fight develops between everyone in attendance.

After the brawl calms down, The Pogues (#P4L) are hanging out when Renfield appears. With bow hunters in the background, he shows them that he means serious business. Through fear, Pope’s forced into reluctantly handing over the real key to Renfield.

After snorting some drugs, Rafe becomes angry when Rose tries to tell him that it won’t solve anything. Rafe takes a knife out, but before he can take it any further, Carla knocks at the door. She wants to see the Island Room. The next morning, Sarah walks through the empty house and finds the room where Rafe punched a hole into the wall. The room is a complete mess with wallpaper ripped from the wall. Sarah finds something in the hole in the wall and chuckles.

Episode 8 – “The Cross”

Outer Banks Season 2 Episode 8 (Credit – Netflix)

Following her discovery in the closing moments of episode 7, Sarah goes to see The Pogues. In classic John B behavior, he behaves like a complete jerk, that is until Sarah reveals to them that she has found the Island Room.

The Pogues learn that the diary states that there is a holy garment within the cross that will heal people from sickness, hence why the gravely ill Carla wants it so badly. It just so turns out that Denmark painted a map in Sarah’s family home, and the night prior, Carla found this out and ripped apart the island room.

Through the map painted on the wall, it leads to the discovery that Denmark buried the treasure at the foot of the angel.

The Treasure

Within time, The Pogues stumble across Carla, who is now working with Rafe, and her men who find a casket buried beneath the angel oak. Believing that it contains the cross, Carla has them open the casket immediately. To her shock, it only contains a corpse. With Carla and her group leaving in defeat, The Pogues go in for a closer look. Pope realizes that the corpse belongs to Cecilia, Denmark’s wife, meaning that the treasure buried at the foot of the angel referred to his dead wife.

JJ notices there is a part of the tree that resembles a section of the painting from the Island Room. With further inspection, the group finds a spyglass. It has the message; “You’ve come this far, do not falter. The cross is on the Freedman’s altar”. This means that the cross is at the church.

The Tide Is High

One problem for the Progues. The tide is starting to come, which causes their truck, Twinkie, to get stuck. With few solutions, Kie decides that they can use her Dad’s truck to help free Twinkie. Going with JJ, Kie and JJ are slowed down when they learn that JJ’s father, Luke, is out of prison.

But having already busted a pharmacy, Luke is already at risk of being sent back to jail. Needing to get off the island, Luke forces JJ in helping him get to a boat.

Kie is still more concerned about Twinkie drowning than helping Luke. Which is more than fair enough, as he proves he is one of the worst by constantly going on at Kie and criticizing her family.

Reaching her breaking point, Kie says he’s nothing but a “wasted local salt who never did s**t but get messed up and hustle people,” before thumping him in the face. Eventually, they manage to get Luke to a boat, and after JJ hands him some cash, Luke sets off to Yucatan.

Alligator & Wasps take on The Pogues

Whilst waiting for JJ and Kie to come back, John B is attacked by an alligator, and his leg ends up being pretty cut up. But once Kie & JJ return, the group head to the Old Church where they believe the cross will be. Upon reaching their destination, there seems to be no sign of a cross.

That is until Pope notices that are crosses within the structure of the church. Despite its crumbling nature, Pope climbs the church and finds the cross built within it. It soon turns to disaster though, when after being stung by wasps, Pope falls to the group. Just as he seems to be ok, the cross, which is solid gold, falls straight towards Pope.

Episode 9 – “Trapped”

Outer Banks Season 2 Episodes 6-9 Recap

Outer Banks Season 2 Episode 9 (Credit – Netflix)

Spotting the gold cross just in time, Pope (played by Jonathan Daviss) swerves and narrowly misses being crushed to death by the cross. His problems don’t stop there, though; he starts having a severe allergic reaction to the wasp stings. With The Pogues rushing him to get aid, they’re unaware that Rafe and Renfield have followed them to the cross.

JJ brings Pope to the same guy whose ambulance he stole a few episodes ago. The Pogues’ reaction to the guy? They mess up his house and become angry at him whilst he tries to save Pope. As expected, Pope recovers.

Making the stupid decision of allowing Pope to drive, he crashes and therefore ruins Kie’s parent’s truck. As they examine the damage, Rafe & Renfield drive past. To the Pogue’s horror, they go back to the church and find that the cross is gone. Rafe & Renfield now have it.

Carla has the Cross

Preparing for some trip, Rose ensures she’s not on the passenger list and gets told she must be ready to leave in 12 hours. Finally, in possession of the cross, Carla prepares herself for the miracle she’s longed for. However, upon opening it up, there’s nothing there.

Renfield begins to mock her and continues to do so even when Carla cuts him off. He doesn’t care about her threats, Renfield has the cross now, which will provide enough money for him. Before he can leave, Carla shoots him. However, Carla is still left behind when Rafe takes her gun and drives off with the cross.

The Pogues are stopped by Sheriff Shoupe. Kie’s parents reported Kie for stealing the truck, and with that, Sheriff Shoupe sends Kie home. Returning home, Kie gets warned by her parents that they will be sending her to a program for troubled teens unless her behavior changes.

Rafe calls Rose and informs her that he has the cross. For some reason, Rose doesn’t seem too bothered; she is more focused on the fact that they must leave Outer Banks.

Sarah goes Home

John B, Sarah, JJ & Pope watch Rafe arrive at his home. They correctly assume he has the cross. Yet, John B believes that it’s the right time to talk to Sarah about their relationship. John B and Sarah are back together! (Yay for them).

Sneaking inside her house, all with a little help from Wheezie, Sarah grabs the keys to the truck. But when she finds Renfield’s body, Rafe grabs her and locks her in the wine cellar. Appearing to calm the situation, Rose drugs Sarah.

As Rafe drives the truck, Pope jumps onto the back of it whilst John B & JJ chase after Rose, who they spotted driving with Wheezie and an unconscious Sarah in the back. Rafe takes a detour and feeds Renfield’s body to the alligators.

It’s a wonder why the alligators weren’t as aggressive with John B when he was in the waters. Both Rafe and Pope end up fighting, and just as Rafe is about to shoot Pope, Pope is able to hide. Believing the alligators will grab Pope, Rafe leaves. With no other choice, Pope calls Kie for help.

Guess Who’s Back

Whilst John B & JJ watch the cross get transported onto the Coastal Venture, Kie & Pope reappear. They tracked John B & JJ using the phone’s location. Attempting to gain entry onto the Coastal Venture, Pope shoots some gas bottles and causes an explosion. They’re able to use it as an opportunity to sneak onto a container. Waking up on board the ship, Sarah learns that Ward is still alive.

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