On My Block season 4, episode 6 recap – planning for revenge

October 4, 2021 (Last updated: January 12, 2023)
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Looks like the CoreFour (excluding Cesar) is back.

This recap of Netflix’s On My Block season 4, episode 6 contains spoilers. 

On My Block season 4, episode 6 recap

The news of Oscar’s murder spread around Freeridge, everyone is mourning and Cesar needs his friends with him now. Oscar was the one that was always there for Cesar through everything after blaming himself for getting Cesar into the gang life.

In support of Cesar, the trio pay a visit to his house only to be met with an unnecessary attitude by Vero, who is clearly trying to prove something to Monse and is obviously jealous. Instead, they find out that Cesar isn’t at home but is out thinking about revenge, who shot Oscar and why was he shot. Meanwhile, Jamal celebrates that he, too, received a note then realised “oh damn, I got a note”, meaning things will get worse from here.

Surprisingly, the trio reveal to their families about everything, the money laundering, the gnomies, the kidnapping, RollerWorld and Cuchillos. Of course, the parents are disappointed to learn about their endeavours and are officially in on everything. It’s only Cesar without a support system, seeing as Oscar was killed. In a flashback scene, we meet a young Cesar crying about his brother going to jail, leaving him all alone and recalling that his brother is always looking out for him as he cries. Meanwhile, the parents are considering leaving Freeridge, telling the police and sending their children away. 

But, they continuously miss the big picture, according to Abuleita who tells them that “they may just be kids but they are their own best protection.” On the other hand, the trio are trying to get a hold on Cesar, who now has nothing to lose, but keep failing to do so. Desperate for vengeance, Cesar is impatient and is out to kill whoever killed his brother. At the restaurant, he realises that one of the employees was part of the rival gang, lashes out and tries to leave.

In another scene, Jasmine confesses to Jamal that she’s done worrying about Ruby’s feelings — as she should, she always tiptoes around her own true thoughts for the sake of him; she coddles him far too much. She finally realizes the importance of self-care and mentions that now she’s been able to focus on her own happiness, she realized that he can be a bit selfish and is perfectly fine with not hearing from or seeing him again.

Surprisingly, Ruby turns up at Jasmine’s door, under the “auspices of worrying about her safety” and realizes he wasn’t honest with himself. He came to tell her that he misses her, following Oscar’s death, he realizes that he has a new perspective. Instead, Jasmine teases him about her ‘new boyfriend’, just to hear him talk about how desperate he is without her. And of course, they hook up with Jasmine forgetting that Jamal is under the bed. I just hope that Jasmine stays true to herself and goes to Berkeley.

Disgusted by Ruby and Jasmine, Jamal pays Monse a visit and tells her everything. He even tells her that she helped him by mentioning how he thought she made fun of him on the butt dial as the moment shifted his entire perspective on himself. So he apologizes to Monse and says “I don’t want to not be friends anymore”, with Monse telling him “I’ve never stopped being your friend.” This was the friendship I missed! At first, it’s easy to see why Jamal would be upset but with communication, things shifted.

The ending

At the end of the episode, Cesar is detailing how he plans to avenge his brother’s murder. He only thinks about the moment and not the after. Avenging his brother’s death could easily make him face 25 to life in prison but maybe he doesn’t realize it just yet. It was nice to see him reflect on what could possibly happen because this doesn’t seem to be common in these scenarios on TV — it was refreshing.

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