On My Block season 4, episode 8 recap – journeys change course

By Bashirat Oladele
Published: October 4, 2021 (Last updated: January 12, 2023)
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Netflix series On My Block season 4, episode 8


The power of friendship.

This recap of Netflix’s On My Block season 4, episode 8 contains spoilers.

On My Block season 4, episode 8 recap

Monse is holding back her vomit after realising they woke up in the same bed, except nothing actually happened. He calls Ruby for advice, only for him to learn that Ruby knows about Abuleita’s cancer. Jamal was so drunk that he didn’t realise he told him about Abuleita’s cancer. He tries to recall the moments prior to being drunk (and high off weed) as they go on a journey to meet Lil Ricky. He’s too intoxicated to remember everything and Ruby hangs up on him to call his Abuleita. 

After finding out about her cancer, he’s upset that she didn’t tell him. Even more so, it was obvious as to why she didn’t tell him because she didn’t want to hurt him. Instead, Ruby rants about people not being honest with him, remembering that Jamal and Jasmine couldn’t admit that they were hanging out. On the phone, he says “I am sick and tired of everyone treating me like I’m fragile. I’m not a damn kid anymore,” it’s not a shock as to why everyone treats him differently. 

At school, Jasmine tells Monse about Cesar dumping Vero and confessing that he loves her and now they are back together. Monse is so pragmatic and wants to make things right so she sees Vero at school and apologizes, not knowing Vero wants to beat her up. As she talks, Vero is ready to fight and she’s still oblivious but Jasmine prepares Monse by removing her jewelry for the fight that is about to ensue. Vero swings at Monse and of course, Monse has to back herself and fights back, with Jasmine being the number hype girl. It’s annoying to see girls fight over a boy though and of course, Cesar tries to break it off, only to get kneed by Vero. After leaving school, Monse realises it wasn’t a good idea to have a conversation with Vero and explains her side to Cesar. Instead, Cesar tells her that she ended up texting Vero from his phone but didn’t remember as they were all too drunk. She apologizes and tells him she was trying to “clean up the mess”, only to be met with a very rude response, with Cesar calling her the mess as he walks away from her. So, maybe they won’t get back together then?

In another scene, Ruby meets Latrell at juvie. Now, this was unexpected! He decided to live in his truth and tells Latrell that everyone in his life walks on his eggshells because of the shooting. He says they think he lives in fear after being shot. But he tells Latrell he doesn’t have that power over him anymore but Latrell responds saying “do you think I asked for that power?” and constantly says he never asked for any of “this s***”. Now, I’m not supporting Latrell for shooting Ruby but it was intriguing to hear “his” version of events and how growing up in gangs has affected him. They end up talking about their childhood experiences, Latrell’s birthday party and it’s sad to see how journeys change. You grow up with someone and they make one decision that can ruin their life forever. Once Latrell turns 18, he is due to be transferred to another prison and Ruby asks if there’s anything he can do for him and he asks ‘can you keep me from turning 18?”. With that, he walks away and back into juvie. Meeting with Latrell was necessary for Ruby’s confidence and growth and the scene was well crafted seeing the journeys life can take us through.

The ending

In the end, they meet Lil Ricky and explain everything from how they found the money, lost the money, Cuchillos dying and much more. Upon reflection, Lil Ricky regretted losing his friends along the way and reminds the Core Four that their friendship is powerful, saying that it’s the real treasure. “No one’s ever gonna mean more to you than your day ones. Those friends that you knew when you were still figuring your s*** out.” 

Oh and of course, Ruby accidentally reveals Jamal’s new crush on Monse to everyone else and Monse and Cesar decide to be friends instead — I wonder how long this will last. And finally, they all laugh and walk away until a car pulls up with a gun… nothing new in their world though. 

Overall, this episode deserves 5 stars for the development of Ruby visiting Latrell, learning that people’s journeys change, and of course, the important message of friendship throughout the episode.

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