On My Block season 4, episode 7 recap – a dilemma

By Bashirat Oladele
Published: October 4, 2021 (Last updated: January 12, 2023)
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Netflix series On My Block season 4, episode 7


Having friends will take you a long way.

This recap of Netflix’s On My Block season 4, episode 7 contains spoilers. 

On My Block season 4, episode 7 recap

We know that Cesar is out for revenge, he thinks about the moment but never the after if he chooses to kill in the name of his brother. In the beginning of the episode, Cesar is back at the house and is given Oscar’s ashes from Isabel. He learns from Isabel that Oscar loved him more than her and an instant wave of regret washes over his face.

Monse is clearing out her room and plans to throw her mom’s stuff away until her father advises her not to, letting her know that she might want to know more about her mom. She meets up with Cesar, discussing how to take care of Oscar’s ashes. He mentions that he put so many people at risk and emphasises how much he loved Monse so much and didn’t think he would ever put her in danger, disappointing himself. “I never meant to hurt you”, he says as he apologises and tells her he hasn’t forgiven himself for losing her. If only he knew. Monse affirms him and lets him know that he never lost her, telling him “we’re burned into each other’s DNA” and of course, they end up hooking up. The tension was always there anyway and I just hope Monse sticks to her truth and doesn’t let herself down if anything bad happens.

The next morning she’s sitting down at Cesar’s dining table and Vero walks in and, annoyed, she leaves. This only means one thing — it’s so obvious that Vero will probably try to set Cesar or Monse up out of jealousy. Ruby and Jamal come over and realize that they hooked up and Jamal comes to a realization. He thought he had been hating Monse but ended up loving her. This love triangle is so unnecessary though because it’s clear that Cesar and Monse would always be endgame, were always meant to be together as Monse says “we’re burned into each other’s DNA”. The friends-to-lovers trope doesn’t always need to happen.

Cesar is still in a dilemma on how to spread Oscar’s ashes, and they turn to Jasmine for advice. Instead, both Jasmine and Monse ended up caving, Monse with Cesar and Jasmine with Ruby. Jasmine warns her about Vero but Monse couldn’t seem to care less. After finding the car, Cesar decides to spread Oscar’s ashes but quickly changes his mind after realizing that it wouldn’t be the best place anymore. Then, more trouble amounts as Vero steals his car. Also, Jasmine confesses to Ruby about using him and finally tells him about Berkeley! Jamal tells his best friend, Abuelita, about his developing feelings for Monse who gives him her standard piece of advice. 

As they are on the search for the appropriate place to bury Oscar’s ashes, Cesar feels guilty for not knowing things about his brother and realizes that maybe he isn’t the right person to bury his ashes. He blames himself for his brother’s death, thinking about the what-ifs — what if he left sooner or what if he listened to him. Oh, and Jamal accidentally spills the beans to Ruby about him being friends with Jasmine. After spilling the beans, he calls Jasmine to let her know they can get back together, who refuses and decides to focus on herself! 

The ending

Meanwhile, Cesar bumps into the Santos and tells them he wants out of the gang and Sad Eyez tells him that his debt has been paid the night his brother got jumped, he took the beatings for his brother. Towards the end of the episode, he remembers his brother was never free in Freeridge but at the beach and decides to spread his ashes at the beach. In the open, he says “I’m gonna finish what you started and become the man you wanted to be”, in honor of his brother. “I’m going to build the life that you deserved”, he finishes. He wasn’t alone either, Monse, Ruby, and Jamal showed up for him and it looks like the Core Four are back together as they engulf each other in a group hug. Although Cesar wasn’t the bestest friend, it was nice to see the episode end with a support system. It was well crafted and well-paced. He tells them that he regrets not listening to Oscar who constantly told him to reach out to his friends and now they contemplate whether Oscar sent those letters out to bring them back together.

The most unexpected part of the episode is Jamal and Monse waking up in bed together…

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