Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – who is Cyrus?

By Ricky Valero
Published: February 23, 2023 (Last updated: February 21, 2024)
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Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 5 Recap
Sarah Michelle Gellar in Wolf Pack Season 1 (Credit to Paramount+)


After sputtering around for the first couple of episodes, “Incendiary” has a massive twist that sets up the stakes for the final few episodes.

Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 5 starts with a younger Garrett and Harlan, and Garrett is attempting to help Harlan by using his wolf-like instincts in the woods. Fast forward to the present day, where Harlan uses the same senses to try to hear things.

Then, the mystery person keeps calling calls, and they answer as a group when he tells them a little tale about wolves—followed by telling them that “it kills every night” and sharing a location.

The group makes it to the location where a car is flipped over, and as they go to rescue the woman, the wolf appears to drag her from the vehicle, and they can’t save her. Finally, the group realizes that it is killing to protect them. Everett says they must figure out who it will kill tomorrow before it does.

At the school, Kristen and Officer Jang (Kristen requested Garrett be present as well) question Cyrus, whose father previous had died in a wildfire. Kristen has put two and two together that he and two other students are the connections between the first fire and the current one. Once she says that Garrett’s face almost becomes ghostly.

Who is Cyrus?

Cyrus was seen earlier in the season taking all the kids up to the top of the construction site. That was when we saw him and the crew start to question who they thought started the fire. It was also when they got busted at the top by the cops and called into questioning. In this episode, we find out that he was the one that told everyone about that spot. On top of that, he has a connection to the two wildfires that have taken place.

Who is the werewolf’s next victim?

We see the kids got a ping for a location that happens to be Tia’s house. A party is happening later that night, and they believe Tia will be the wolf’s next victim. Harlan heads to get some party favors and sees Everett at the gym. As each set passes, Everett throws more and more weight on the bar, and everyone at the gym is staring at him. Finally, it leads to Harlan and Everett having a bench press-off, leading to a bonding moment.

Why is Kristen so invested in the wildfires?

Kristen and her team arrive at the construction site to look around. She begins to question Garrett about Luna and Harlan and their relationship. Kristen asks why he wanted to take on that responsibility and jokes, “he asks that question every time he fights with Harlan.” Kristen says she did the same with her son, but we find out that he died in a fire—a massive bombshell explaining why Kristen has been so proactive in the case.

Now, on top of the roof of the construction site, Garrett figures out how the fires were started. They continued investigating the site, and Officer Jang got a call getting approved for the warrant they’d been wanting. Kristen sends them away while she continues to search the site.

Cyrus and Harlan head off for a smoke break at the party. While they are talking, Cyrus asks him to take him out on a date, and Harlan first says he doesn’t date but puts his number in his phone. However, while that is happening, he sees something in the shadows, and his phone begins to ring with the no-caller-id again.

How does Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 5 end?

Everett and Blake share a bonding moment by the pool leading to him leaning in for a kiss. The pair begin to make out until we hear Phoebe making a big ruckus. She calls out Blake and wants her thrown out of the party, but Harlan arrives with the phone recording of when she accused her of slashing her tires. It turns into a massive make-fun-of-Phoebe thing that makes Blake mad. Blake throws Austin’s phone into the water and jumps after it.

While underwater, Austin sees the giant werewolf and freaks out. After Austin gets out of the water, everyone freaks out cause they know the werewolf’s shadow. At the same time this is happening, we see Kristen find the dead bodies piled up. The security guard asks her who did this, and she says, “a werewolf.” He has a dumbfounded response, and she hits him with the flashlight, and he falls into the bodies below. What in the world just happened? That was a massive twist I didn’t see coming.

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