Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – who dies in “After Party”?

March 2, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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As the pieces begin to add up, Wolf Pack has serious issues with where they want the story to go. With two episodes left, there are as many bodies piling up as there are stories to close.

We recap the Paramount+ series Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 6, “After Party,” which contains spoilers.

In Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 5, the kids start to realize that the werewolf is protecting them by killing one person daily. They set up a goal to try to figure out who he was going to kill next. The end of the episode saw a massive twist that surely will spark some answers this week.

Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

The episode picks up right where Episode 5 left off, where the kids are freaking out over what was in the pool. Everyone is going back and forth on what might be outside, with some saying it was a possum and others stating it was something bigger. Everett says everyone should be scared cause it’s what everyone saw on the freeway during the fire. Finally, after everyone looks around, Harlan tells Everett to tell them.

Why does Blake not have a phone?

Early on, we discovered Blake doesn’t carry a phone. Of course, she had gotten quite the backlash from her friends and even her father. Finally, Blake told Phoebe that her Dad came to her and asked her to unlock her mom’s phone, but she said she didn’t know the password. He continued to push her, and when she unlocked the phone, her father found that her mother/his wife had been talking to other men. It caused a massive fight leading to her and her brother ending up in foster care. A phone wrecked her life, so she doesn’t have one.

The cops arrive at the house and are looking for Cyrus. Then, we see Harlan and Cyrus looking for the missing person in the woods, leading to them kissing. However, as they are talking, the big werewolf appears, and as Harlan tells Cyrus to get back, Kristen appears with a gun in her hands. She tells Harlan to run and shoots her gun, making a loud noise, and Garrett comes running.

Kristen attempts to conversate with the werewolf or whoever is in the woods. She tells them she can help them control this and bring them back. Then, for the first time, we hear the werewolf talk and say, “help me,” and that’s when the rest of the cops appear, causing the werewolf to run. While running, it runs into Garrett, who puts a bullet in it and goes out of sight. Back at the house, Kristen breaks down the whole thing and tells Officer Jang that it was a big black bear.

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Why was the mystery person calling Cyrus?

While Kristen was chasing the werewolf in the woods, Harlan got a text saying the cops had arrived to arrest Cyrus. Quickly, Harlan got Cyrus out of there and began to question why he blocked his number. Cyrus breaks down that he was getting phone calls from a blocked number. The person on the phone was attempting to tell him that his father had died. Although he never told him, Cyrus decided to block his number.

Who dies in “After Party”?

Back at Phoebe’s house where everything seems to be relaxed. We see Phoebe get back into the pool, yes, the same pool the werewolf was in earlier, and as she is in the pool, we hear a loud noise. She turns around and sees nothing, but when she turns back around, the giant werewolf is there, and he claims another victim. Phoebe is dead.

While lying on the couch, Austin awakes to see Phoebe’s bloody body being dragged across the top of the roof. Next, Kristen and Garrett are at his house, and she wants to know where Cyrus is and, of course, Harlan was last seen with him. Regardless, they talk about what they saw in the woods, and Kristen plays it off as a big dumb animal. The conversation ends, and she tells him to bring Harlan to the station in the morning.

Cyrus tells the story to every one of his fathers and how they never found his body. Because of this, he always gets conspiracy theorists calling, including one saying that a werewolf killed his father and the crew. They question someone with Cyrus’s father and the firefighters who told him about the werewolf. After much pushing, he finally tells them the story of what he saw that night.

Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 6 Ending Explained

Garrett questions Cyrus about whether or not he started the fires. He tells them he believes him but must convince everyone else of it. The kids go home to try to put the pieces together of the story but quickly realize that Garrett turned in Cyrus, and this causes Harlan to punch him. Then, we see all four kids turn into their inner wolf and stare him down when Ranger Prisha walks in and says maybe it’s time to tell them I know the truth. The episode ends with Garrett saying that the werewolf they saw in the woods is not his father but a boy.

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