Signs season 2, episode 5 recap – she wouldn’t know how that worked!

September 17, 2020
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We lose another cast member in tragic circumstances, but we’ll probably be able to replace them thanks to all these pregnancies.

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We lose another cast member in tragic circumstances, but we’ll probably be able to replace them thanks to all these pregnancies.

This recap of Signs season 2, episode 5 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Check out our spoiler-free season review.

We once again open with a flashback, as we revisit Beardless Father Roman in 2015. He’s told that Eliza has taken a pregnancy test and that he’s going to be a godfather (ha!), then ends up crashing the car.

Trela and Ada have discovered Kasia’s bike in the woods. Ada chipped in to buy it, which is why she’s so convinced it’s hers. Meanwhile, Nina goes to pray at the church. Ada is still convinced she needs to see a doctor.

Trela speaks with Roman about why he was out in the woods in the first place. He notes that Pawel mentioned the creek. The phones being down is causing major issues for everyone, including delaying the ground-penetrating radar that Ada has asked for.

We get our second instance of split-screen here, as Feliks comes to the church looking for Roman while Nina sits and eats outside. Why do we need to see these things at the same time? Nothing is happening in either scene!

In another flashback, we learn, courtesy of Eliza, of a particular Nazi with a facial deformity whom his fellows assumed was the devil or some such. Her lecture is interrupted by the news that her husband has had a car crash.

When Roman arrives back at the church, Feliks explains he’s trying to arrange a mass for his grandfather, which will be in honor of his grandfather’s very good friend. His name was Jozef Smyt, which Roman is asked to write down. He later inquires about Feliks and is told that people say Feliks and his family were paid by the German government to guard Nazi treasures. Is this the first confirmation we’ve had of Feliks’s connection to the Nazi plot? Roman asks where he can find him since he needs to solicit his services as a guide for the forest. No luck, though.

We venture back in time again, to 2016 now. Eliza writes Roman a letter, describing her ultrasound scan. She thinks God is punishing her for infidelity by having her lose everyone. She asks him to reach out to her: “I need you. We need you.”

Police raid Jonasz’s compound. They only find mushrooms. This disappoints the prosecutor who came to see Trela. Meanwhile, Dorota makes off with the GPR, dragging it along with her braces. Apparently nobody saw her take it. Try not to think about it too much.

Jonasz goes to see Antoni and discusses Blazej with him; why isn’t he worried? People now see Antoni as the victim of a curse that has befallen Sowie Doly, so perhaps he should be.

Ada finds Dorota in the middle of nowhere, with the GPR. Something’s in the ground there; Ada gives the order to dig. Are we expected to believe that Dorota understands how ground-penetrating radar works? I guess we are! Naturally, she has led them to where Trela buried Sobczyk. Dorota wails like an animal when they discover his corpse.

In another flashback, a heavily-pregnant Eliza reads aloud about the Nazi anti-gravity technology, which she reckons the Roswell conspiracy was a cover-up for. The Professor asks her to move in with him, so she and the baby would have more room; she says after she visits her aunt.

Ada is remorseful to Trela of having potentially destroyed evidence by ordering the dig prior to sealing the area, obviously not realizing that Trela will be pretty thrilled about that. Jonasz arrives to pick up Dorota, fuming, and steals one of Trela’s cigarette butts while he isn’t looking. Trela wants to know how she knew where the body was buried, but Jonasz is clueless. When Dorota comes in, she smashes the ashtray and glasses Ada, one assumes in an attempt to get at Trela, who is forced to restrain her.

On their trek through the forest, Feliks regales Roman with tales of a demon.

We get split-screen again as Ada and Dorota both arrive at the hospital. There, Trela is informed that the ballistics of Sobczyk’s hidden weapon match those of the gun used to kill Patrycja and Martyna in the first season. The theory is that he was colluding with Dzikowski. Told you it didn’t amount to anything!

Twerski’s people head into the tunnels but can’t go any further because they go under the police station. He says to Feliks that they’ll have to wait until after the election to get access.

While Ada is being appraised of her injuries, she asks about the baby, for the benefit of anyone who didn’t figure out what the random vomiting might mean.

The episode ends with a tragedy, though, albeit an expected one, as Pawel hangs himself.

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