Signs season 1, episode 3 recap – everything is connected

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 22, 2020 (Last updated: November 23, 2023)
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Signs season 1, episode 3 recap -


Many working parts whirr into action in Signs episode 3, with almost everything and everyone connected in some way by violence, lies, or the legacy of both.

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Krzysztof Sobczyk is the kind of idiot who reads autopsy reports aloud in the same room as the victim’s best friend, but he’s the least of anyone’s problems in an episode that opens with worn skulls being dug out of a local quarry. Ada, still not having any fun, has to take the free and presumably innocent Blazej home, but she insists he and all his stuff better be gone by the time she gets back. Meanwhile, Jonasz worries that Dorota might have witnessed something violent in his absence, given she was covered in blood.

All of this, and a presumed serial killer, is occurring against the backdrop of the town’s determined economic prosperity thanks to the melaphyre mine. That makes Targosz a person of interest. Ada speaks with him about whether Patrycja was behaving differently before her death. He immediately brings up that it’s weird for her to be working a case in which her husband is a suspect — the drawbacks of such a small-town setting. Other disadvantages include the obsessive Zofia having details of the case pretty readily accessible to her, and the Mayor’s daughter hospitalizing people for no good reason, which prompts some awkward questions from Martyna’s mother, who knew she was out with Agata. Agata is using Nina as her alibi, which gets her off the hook legally, but she still ends up being excommunicated from the boxing club.

Meanwhile in Signs episode 3, Trela turns to Dzikowski for help. They go over old footage of Laura’s body being discovered, and a younger Dzikowski ordering a younger, though hysterical Zofia to be restrained. He claims the case was one of the low points of his life. It was a clean, professional hit that left behind basically no evidence and couldn’t be pinned on anyone, not even another prolific shooter who used a long gun rather than a pistol.

Ada is called to a shop where Pawel has tried to steal an outfit for Patrycja’s funeral. Rather than arresting him, she pays for the gear and takes him home, breathalzying him on the way. He’s sober, but Kasia is still keeping the house together. She tells Ada that Patrycja’s boss visited the house yesterday to talk to Pawel. While this is going on, Trela talks with Krysztof about Dzikowski, his reputation, and his late son. Again, everything and everyone in this town seem to be connected.

Case in point: The Mayor’s son is being looked after by Jonasz, who gets to live rent-free and have his roof renovated in payment. Dzikowski contacts Blazej and meets with him. The former commissioner wants him to return home since they both have a vested interest in finding Patrycja’s killer. There are many moving parts emerging in Signs season 1, episode 3, which only complicates matters for now, but suggests the story is moving in a more complex direction. However, this was a slow-paced, utilitarian episode, a lot of which could have been trimmed down if the season were shorter.

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