Signs season 1, episode 2 recap – history repeats itself

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 22, 2020 (Last updated: November 23, 2023)
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Signs season 1, episode 2 recap -


Old bones, old crimes, and old connections define Signs episode 2, as history repeats itself despite the march of progress.

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Patrycja Piotrowska is dead. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Signs episode 2 opens with Adrianna tearfully driving to the picturesque hillside where her body is hanging out of a bag. She has been shot twice in the heart from close range, just like the ten-years-prior execution. There’s a melaphyre quarry nearby that is set to make National Ore quite a bit of money in its explosive extraction, but Trela isn’t interested in speaking to the company representative, who wants to go ahead with a costly demolition the next day. It’s up to Ada to let Kasia and Pawel know — she takes the news worse than they do.

Meanwhile, Trela brings in Ada’s boyfriend Blazej for questioning, since he saw him sleeping with Patrycja the other night. He claims he was out hunting, and ironically enough only caught the deer he hit with his car on the way home. (A lingering shot of the dead animal outside the property earlier suggests this detail will be significant.) Blazej has to confess to Ada about his affair with Patrycja, a conversation made all the more awkward by the fact that the entire precinct knows about his infidelity now. Ada is not having a fun day, to say the least, so it’s no surprise that she hooks Trela for not telling her beforehand.

Agata seems to have intimate knowledge of all the town’s happenings, and her graffiti is basically a public journal of her thoughts on matters. She knew about Blazej’s infidelity and has little sympathy for Patrycja. A conversation with a therapist type suggests she’s prone — or at least was prone — to violent outbursts. Nevertheless, Nina continues to spend time with her, which cannot bode well for the future.

Signs episode 2 also introduces the previous police commissioner, Jan Dzikowski, with whom various loyalties still lay, and Dorota, a particularly vulnerable member of Jonasz’s flock. Dzidowski worked on the previous shooting, a decade prior.

Ada is still fuming with Trela, somewhat understandably. They both bury the deer that Blazej killed, which he seems to have been truthful about, but since there’s no entry in the hunting register he was lying about why he was out and about. Ada also explains that Dorota is a grown woman with the mind of a child, and Jonasz is her only carer. Trela attends the funeral of Father Wincenty, as does the exec of National Ore and the Mayor, who’re still convinced Trela can be reasoned with, though I have my doubts. Trela is given supervised access to the quarry, but it’s probably too little too late after how much trampling has gone on there.

When Ada returns to check in on Kasia and Pawel, he assaults her, claiming she was always protecting Blazej. She doesn’t arrest him for the fat lip he’s given her, and when she returns home and briefly discusses things with Nina, she expresses the obvious: She has more of a motive for killing Patrycja than anyone. Nina, we see later, has bad scarring all over her legs. We also see Agata have an arranged MMA fight with another young woman, who wins, but Agata savagely — and cheaply — attacks her afterward. So much for her claims of not having hurt anyone lately.

At the end of Signs season 1, episode 2, the explosion at the quarry goes ahead, apparently the harbinger of economic opportunity. But within the rubble, perhaps fittingly, are old bones.

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