Carnival Row Season 2 Episode 3 Recap – why are the Ravens and Vignette seeking revenge?

February 24, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Tensions on Carnival Row are growing following Dahlia and Bolero’s death.

We recap the Prime Video series Carnival Row Season 2 Episode 3, “The Martyr’s Hand,” which contains spoilers.

Tensions on Carnival Row are growing following Dahlia and Bolero’s death. Tourmaline (Karla Crome) helps Philo (Orlando Bloom) investigate the Black Ravens’ murder, and they learn it was a Fae who killed both them and the supply train soldier. Vignette (Cara Delevingne) and the other Ravens want revenge. Jonah (Arty Froushan) agrees to partly open the Row for workers so The Burgue can supply the Pact with weapons, while Sophie (Caroline Ford) is revealed to have been plotting against him this whole time. Ezra (Andrew Gower)  discovers where his sister and Agreus (David Gyasi) are and kills the Faun’s trusted human servant. Episode 3 is solid as it keeps building up toward what will hopefully be a satisfying payoff. 

Carnival Row Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

The first scene of The Martyr’s Hand” shows Tourmaline having a frightening vision of Dahlia and Bolero’s ghosts. On the Row, Philo has tried his best to preserve the crime scene, but his former police colleagues, particularly Sergeant Dombey, show no interest in investigating their murder. As far as Dombey’s concerned, “the only good critch is a dead critch.”

Tourmaline and Philo investigate the Raven’s deaths

After a funeral procession honoring the two dead Black Ravens, Philo meets up with Millworthy and agrees to let the former street performer turned politician try and open up the Row via diplomatic routes. As he was also present the day the Haruspex died, Tourmaline approaches Philo and asks whether he’s had any visions of his own. She then tells him about her new and unwanted powers.

Philo sends a message to his only ally in the police force, Constable Berwick but needs Boz Ghaidos’s help. Boz feels Philo and Vignette’s exploits with the Ravens are bad for business and no longer wants to accommodate Darius. Eventually, the Puck reluctantly agrees to play messenger if Philo finds a different home for the Marrok. Philo hides Darius at the Haruspex’s abandoned magic shop, where Tourmaline comes across him. The two bond and Tourmaline agrees to let Darius hide there. She even offers him a cup of tea.

Tourmaline, Berwick, and Philo find the church tower where Dahlia and Bolero were killed, and they uncover the two Fae’s decapitated bodies. Tourmaline taps into the dark side of her powers by touching Dahlia’s guts and has a vision of the future. She sees the killer flying over the Row. Violence is darkening the streets, but the monster in the vision is heading straight to Haruspex’s magic shop to attack Tourmaline herself. 

Millworthy’s plan to reopen Carnival Row

Back in the upper-class side of The Burgue, Millworthy has a secret meeting with Major Vir and promises to deliver the weapons they asked for within weeks. Jonah’s suspicious of Millworthy’s friendship with the Fae, but the old man quickly reassures him he had nothing to do with the Raven’s raid. After hearing a convincing speech from Sophie, he agrees to partly open the Row and allow workers out on day release so they can supply the Pact with weapons within the new deadline. 

Sophie makes a surprise visit to Carnival Row and brings food, medicine, and the press. Later she visits her hidden Faun friend, and we learn more about Sophie’s true motives. She’s a critch sympathizer and forged a strong bond with her Faun friend because her dad used to beat up the servant girl anytime Sophie misbehaved. The two women have been plotting against Jonah since the beginning to make Sophie Chancellor. 

Ezra wants to find Imogen

We also catch up with Ezra, who only briefly appeared in the first two episodes looking depressed over the loss of his sister. Since Imogen ran away with Agreus, Ezra’s been telling people she was kidnapped by Agreus. But he learns from neighborhood gossip that the Puck’s servant, Fergus, has been telling anyone who’d listen to the truth about Imogen eloping. So, Ezra seeks out Fergus and pretends to understand his sister’s love for the wealthy Faun. Fergus makes the mistake of dropping his guard and informing Ezra of Imogen’s whereabouts (the two lovers have been captured by The New Dawn in Ragusa). As a thank you, Ezra murders the loyal manservant in cold blood. 

Carnival Row Season 2 Episode 3 Ending Explained

The Black Ravens are angry about Oona’s murder and firmly convinced the humans were also responsible for Dahlia and Bolero’s brutal end. Vignette gives a touching speech and calls for the Ravens to pay back the humans in kind for their cruelty. Even when Philo tries telling her it was a Fae that killed Dahlia and Bolero, Vignette is unmoved. The episode ends with Vignette giving Philo an ultimatum – He’s either with the Fae or against them. There’s no middle ground. Not anymore. 

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