Now and Then season 1, episode 2 recap – “Buried”

May 20, 2022
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Proving to be as strong as the pilot episode, Now and Then is unmissable.

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Proving to be as strong as the pilot episode, Now and Then is unmissable.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Now and Then season 1, episode 2, “Buried,” contains spoilers. 

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Now and Then season 1, episode 2 recap

In Miami, 2000, Alejandro’s funeral gets held. And in present-day it is Daniela’s funeral, and her son gives a devastating speech. And it seems that none of the gang even knew that Daniela had a son. Four of the friendship gang remain: Marcos, Pedro, Ana, and Sofia. Are any of them to blame? Marcos introduces the gang to his fiancé, Isabel. And it’s something Sofia doesn’t particularly like. Meanwhile, Flora tells Daniela’s son that she will find who is behind his mother’s death.

From Marcos, the gang learns that the police have Daniela’s videos. And that could mean that there’s evidence that proves what they all did 20 years ago. As the gang check that Daniela knows anything about the blackmail, which it appears that he doesn’t, they also note that it seems Daniela’s financial situation wasn’t the best. In “Then”, Sullivan finally listens to Flora’s theory that there’s more to Alejandro’s death. And they conclude that Alejandro wasn’t driving the car when he crashed, with the likelihood that the mobile phone is the missing piece of the puzzle. 

Ana wants to know where Pedro got the money to pay the blackmail. He reveals he took it from the campaign, making him as corrupt as the very people he criticizes. Their Luis overhears them arguing, and it is then that Ana spots a black eye on Luis’ face. The three of them go to the school and learn that a young girl called Zoe gave him the black eye. The reason being because of Pedro’s election.  

Flora meets with her now former partner Sullivan and tells him that there’s a new body in the old car crash case. Flora questions Marcos; she wants the truth from him. She threatens him with the pills she found in Daniela’s house. So Marcos comes clean about having sex with Sofia. Flora asks if he took a videotape from Daniela’s house as one is missing, which he claims to have not.

Ana and Pedro’s money troubles continue. But Ana is adamant that they do not get in touch with her mother. Before long, however, Pedro manages to get a check. But during that time, Ana and Pedro both have flashbacks to times before Alejandro’s death. Pedro seems engrossed with Alejandro as he swims. Flora plays CCTV footage of Marcos and Sofia having sex. However, Flora plays the CCTV and shows that after the rendevous, Sofia’s whereabouts are unknown.

The ending

Meanwhile, Sofia gets found by a thug, and she quickly flees. Marcos argues with her Dad, who believes that Marcos is “using again” due to his arrest and missing money. It soon becomes apparent through a flashback to “Then” that Marcos’s father helped the gang get out of the mess. But his father warns Marcos that he will not get off “scot-free”. Ana reveals to Pedro that it was she who put the drugs in Alejandro’s drink, and therefore she believes she killed him.

In “Now”, when Marcos returns home, Sofia is there. She has told Isabel that her credit card got declined at the hotel. And so Isabel allows her to stay for as long as she likes. 

Sofia tells Marcos that she isn’t a successful lawyer, and instead, she had to borrow from the wrong person. Ernesto calls Pedro, and there’s a problem; he has discovered that two million dollars are missing. He tells Ernesto to leave it be, and then the pair smooch. Pedro returns home and breaks down as he tells Ana that Ernesto knows about the money. She decides to support him as flashbacks to “Then” show that Pedro got rid of the drugs that would have proved she drugged Alejandro before he died. And to protect Ana further, Pedro claims to Flora and Sullivan that Alejandro had a severe drug problem. Whilst Sullivan appears sold on the story, Flora not so much.

In the closing moments of the episode, Sofia receives a video text; someone knows where she is, apparently. Flora continues to obsess over the case, and we learn Daniela’s son has the blackmail money!

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