Daisy Jones and the Six Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – what happens to Billy on tour?

By Adam Lock
Published: March 3, 2023 (Last updated: March 27, 2023)
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“Track 2: I’ll Take You There” is a slight downgrade on the premiere, but it is still a well-made installment. The filmmakers do a great job of capturing the spirit and energy of a band on the cusp of success while whizzing through the cliches that come with the rock’n’roll story.


We recap the Prime Video series Daisy Jones and the Six Season 1 Episode 2, “Track 2: I’ll Take You There,” which contains spoilers.

The premiere introduced viewers to all the members of the band (formally known as the Dunne Brothers) and to solo artist Daisy Jones (Riley Keough). Two separate acts living two separate lives. In “Track 2: I’ll Take You There”, these two acts continue to remain apart, although Los Angeles and one particular person, music producer Teddy Price (Tom Wright), look set to bring these two acts colliding together. This chapter whizzes through the musicians’ early days, with much music to be made and one traumatic tour to be completed.

Daisy Jones and the Six Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Adding to the documentary feel, this installment is inter-cut with an eighties TV interview featuring music producer Teddy Price, who plays a significant part in this segment of the story. He talks about being a father figure in his acts; although this wasn’t always part of the plan, he just wanted to make music initially. Back in the seventies, Teddy is getting a lot of pressure from his record company; he’s had many failures of late and isn’t making the company enough money. Teddy needs a hit.

How do they get their first gig in Los Angeles?

Well, lucky for Teddy, there are two up-and-coming acts in Los Angeles. And one of them wants Teddy to be their producer. The Dunne Brothers’ clan arrive in LA and head straight for Rod Reyes’ home. The tour manager is surprised to see them but allows them ten minutes of his time. They ask for gigs, money, a place to stay, and most importantly, Teddy’s contact details. Rod calls them idiots, surprised by their endless list of demands. The gang is painfully naive, but he does offer them one contact. They get a gig playing Filthy McNasty’s, a dive bar on the Strip.

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The gang phone Karen, asking her to join the band as well. Then they move into a cheap and nasty home in Laurel Canyon. Karen arrives to find the youthful band members messing about and partying hard. Yet there is work to be done. They start to play at the same venue repeatedly, building a following without getting paid. Meanwhile, Camila phones record labels and send photographs to the local newspapers to secure future prospects, but there is little interest overall.

How do they come up with their new band name?

The band starts to lose faith and considers changing their band name while sat in a diner. There are plenty of awful suggestions thrown around before they all agree on The Six. The band has five members, plus Camila, which makes six. They agree that there are many other bands with ‘five’ in their name, and they like the irony too; this will set them apart from the rest. Interestingly, Daisy works at this very same diner and rushes passed them to get to her first live gig.

Daisy is now living with Simone (Nabiyah Be), another upcoming singer. Daisy performs after Simone’s set and is watched by famed music producer Teddy Price, who is sat in the crowd. Her performance wows him, and he offers to produce music with her right on the spot. Daisy declines the offer and walks away from Teddy, which impresses him further.

How do The Six meet Teddy?

Daisy may not want to work with Teddy, but The Six are desperate to. Graham spots Teddy entering a store, and Billy hounds the producer for a chance to work with him. Billy charms Teddy, who agrees to an audition. Billy nervously plays his repertoire that night, unsure of the one song to show Teddy. He plays Camila a new song, which she believes is the one. They play to Teddy the next day, and he is again highly impressed.

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In present-day interviews, Billy admits that it wasn’t just that one song that got them signed; they had to play many sets to prove their worth to Teddy. After a string of shows, Teddy tells them the good news: they are booked into a studio and will make their debut album immediately. Things start to move forward at a rapid pace. They record their first LP in six days and prepare to tour after a two-week break. Camila then informs Billy that she is pregnant. The couple decides to get married that very night to seal the deal.

Daisy Jones and The Six Season 1 Episode 2 Ending Explained

What happens to Billy on tour?

The tour follows, although this section is only really seen from Camila’s point of view. This may be down to time restraints or budget issues, but it works effectively. Camila waits by the phone for Billy to call as her stomach grows bigger. Billy speaks to Camila at odd times of the day or sporadically, sounding forgetful and disorientated. Eventually, he stops answering altogether.

Worried about her husband’s well-being, she tracks them down on tour and finds Billy high as a kite, cheating on her in the tour van. Camila tells Billy to clean himself up and be there for their child.

After this pep talk, Billy only deteriorates further, completely falling apart on stage. He’s out of it on drugs and is booed off by angry fans. Teddy is waiting for him off stage, where he witnesses Billy’s awful performance.

He then tells Billy the excellent news; he’s a father. Camila has given birth to a baby girl. Teddy drives Billy mid-tour to see his daughter. Outside the hospital, Billy cannot bring himself to go inside, though, to face Camila and the baby. Here, Teddy becomes the father figure he mentioned in the eighties interview, caring for Billy at his lowest point.

The episode ends with Daisy recording a song and sending the demo to Teddy. Meanwhile, Camila cries alone in her hospital bed, cradling her baby girl.

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