Where is Monique Olivier’s son Selim Fourniret now?

By Jessica Fontaine
Published: March 5, 2023 (Last updated: March 8, 2023)
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Where is Monique Olivier’s son Sélim Fourniret now? Detailing a disturbing true crime story, we discuss Selim Fourniret, son of Monique Olivier. 

The Netflix documentary series Monique Olivier: Accessory to Evil gripped and unsettled viewers with its tale of a murderous couple. French serial killer Michel Fourniret confessed to killing 12 people in France and Belgium between 1987 and 2003. His wife, Monique Olivier, appeared to be submissive and fearful of him, but the series uncovers her actual involvement in the crimes.

Fourniret and Olivier worked together to abduct, assault, and murder girls and young women. They used their infant son, Sélim Fourniret, to lure in victims. As Selim is now 34 years old, viewers of Monique Olivier: Accessory to Evil must be curious about where he is now.

Who is Sélim Fourniret?

Sélim Fourniret is the son of Monique Olivier and her first husband, Michel Fourniret. As the French couple committed their horrendous crimes, Olivier used Selim, an infant at the time, to appeal to young girls.

In 1989, Olivier and Fourniret abducted 12-year-old Elisabeth Brichet. Olivier carried Sélim, hungry and crying, in a Moses basket. She pretended to be a scared mother who needed help for her sick child to lure Elisabeth into her car.

Sélim Fourniret was born nine months after Olivier and Fourniret committed their first murder on December 11, 1987. He was just 14 years old when the news came out about his parents’ terrifying crimes.

Where is Monique Olivier’s son Sélim Fourniret now?

Since discovering the true nature of his disturbed parents, Sélim Fourniret moved away to Southern France and changed his identity. Today, he tries to lead a quiet and private life.

In the past few years, he opened up about his parents’ crimes to journalist Oli Porri Santoro. Sélim appeared on Santoro’s YouTube channel for an interview in November 2022. He discussed the behind-the-scenes of his confrontation with his mother in court in September.

Sélim spoke about his childhood in Santoro’s 2018 book The Ogre’s Son. Selim described his childhood as “rose-tinted.” He then said, “Sélim Fourniret no longer exists. My parents are dead. Now it’s Monique Olivier and Michael Fourniret. They are two strangers.”

What did Monique Olivier and her husband Michel Fourniret do?

Monique Olivier and Michel Fourniret abducted, assaulted, and murdered many young girls, including Isabelle Laville, Céline Saison, and Mananya Thumpong. Although initially denying her involvement, Olivier played a massive role in her husband’s crimes. As stated in Monique Olivier: Accessory to Evil, she was manipulative and gave him the license to kill.

Michel Fourniret buried many victims at the Château du Sautou in Donchery, France. In 2004, Elisabeth Brichet’s remains were found there about fifteen years after she disappeared.

Fourniret was convicted of rape and murder in 2008. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Olivier was convicted for being complicit in several rapes and murders. She is currently serving 28 years in prison.

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