Faraway Ending Explained – what is the meaning of the red balloon?

By Marc Miller
Published: March 9, 2023 (Last updated: July 4, 2023)

We discuss the ending of the 2023 Netflix film Faraway which will contain spoilers.

Faraway is a movie about Zeynep, an almost fifty-year-old who is at an existential crossroads in life. She is married to Llyas, a chef who runs Zeynep’s family’s restaurant. They have a teenage daughter, Fia, who is going through her rebellious teenage years and is finding herself. Recently, her mother died, and she had a panic attack when attending her funeral. Why? She is about to give the eulogy when she realizes her husband is not around to hand her the speech she wrote. Zeynep runs out frantic and finds her husband at their place of business. He is having the time of his life, flirting with a young twenty-something sous chef he just hired.

Faraway Ending Explained

What did Zeynep’s mother leave her in the will?

Zeynep’s mother left her a vacation home in Croatia in her will. Zeynep, at this point, has had enough. It just so happens that her mother left her house on a coastal island of Croatia. She leaves Munich and arrives late at night, which involves countless bus rides and walking for miles.

When she locates the home, Zeynep heads to bed. However, when she wakes up, she finds a middle-aged Judd Apatow-looking fellow sleeping beside her. This is Josip, the former property owner in his family for generations. Zeynep’s mother told Josip he could stay there as long as he wanted until someone showed up. That was 15 years ago, and that day is today.

Why won’t Josip leave Zeynep’s home?

Josip won’t leave Zeynep’s home because he still owns half the land. How is this possible? Well, very cleverly, needing the money, Josip only sold the actual house but not half the land the home sits on.

So now, Josip lives in a tent with the most incredible sea view from a cliff that does not meet safety inspection regulations. Josip used to be married, but his wife left him for his brother. However, his ex-wife died of cancer, and he has not talked to him for years.

Who is trying to buy Zeynep’s home?

The man trying to buy Zeynep’s home is no other than Josip’s brother, Drazen. Yes, Zeynep has been trying to sell it with a young real estate agent during her stay at the house. She was offered 1.2 million euros for the property.

Zeynep thought the buyer wanted the home more for the land. So they could build over the existing house to make it a commercial property. However, Drazen is rich and wants to keep the house intact. Why? Drazen could own any property, except this is the one with a view he grew up with.

What is the meaning of the red balloon?

Josip leaves a red balloon in the kitchen, signifying his love for Zeynep. Ultimately, Zeynep decides not to sell the property, but why? Not because she wants more money, but for two reasons. One, she sees what her mother saw in this place now. The second, Zeynep, cannot do that to Josip.

As a kid, he told the story of watching the French film, The Red Balloon. How the balloon was Pascal’s, the protagonist in the movie, was his best friend. He told Zeynep he wanted to be that balloon and loved it.

Zeynep grabs the children’s item and runs after Josip, needing to catch her breath when she reaches him. She tells Josip she isn’t selling, and they kiss as Florence + the Machine plays them out.

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