The Glory Season 1 Episode 15 Recap – Why was Yeo-jeong’s father killed?

March 10, 2023
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An intense penultimate episode is packed with twists and turns, setting up a finale full of drama.

This recap of Netflix K-drama The Glory Season 1 Episode 15 contains spoilers.

In the penultimate episode of The Glory‘s first season, something is becoming obvious — Yeon-jin is losing it. She’s having flashbacks prompted by dancing shamans. She hears the voices of dead girls in her head. It’s unlikely that any of this is guilt since thus far, Yeon-jin hasn’t exhibited any guilt over anything. Instead, it’s probably stress. Yeon-jin’s marriage is falling apart, her acolytes are abandoning her, and she’s facing a lengthy jail stint. Even if she manages to wriggle her way out of that, her public reputation is ruined — and that’s what she has defined herself by for most of her life.

The Glory Season 1 Episode 15 Recap

It’s a chapter of ultimatums, this. Do-yeong gives his wife one — confess to So-hee’s mother, or lose him. She chooses the latter. And Dong-eun presents another to Yeon-jin’s mother. Either give up Yeon-jin, her own daughter, or be exposed as having paid for a murder herself. This one isn’t resolved quite as quickly, but at least as far as Dong-eun’s concerned, it’s basically a foregone conclusion that she’ll choose to save herself.

What happens to Hye-jeong?

Things get even worse for Yeon-jin when old videos of her bullying So-hee get posted online by Sa-ra. Yeon-jin resigns and gives a press conference in which she pretends to have been So-hee’s best friend, and reveals her pregnancy. After somehow managing to gain some sympathy, she’s feeling pretty pleased with herself, but it’s at that point that things start going rather bonkers. A similar video of Sa-ra having sex with Myeong-o gets posted, and in her panic and anger, she stabs Hye-jeong in the neck with a pencil.

Hye-jeong survives, but her vocal cords are irreparably damaged, and Jae-jun promptly abandons her (this is an especially miserable episode, as we’ll see.) Of all Yeon-jin’s former cronies, Jae-jun is easily faring the best for now. Admittedly one is dead, one has been stabbed in the neck, and the other has been personally and professionally ruined and arrested, but you know what I mean. Things progress quickly from here, with Dong-eun and Yeo-jeong believing that they’re approaching the end of their mission.

When an autopsy is performed on Myeong-o’s body, the DNA under his fingernails matches the DNA found on the lighter at the scene of So-hee’s death. So, the connection is there for the police to find, they just have to put two and two together.

Why was Yeo-jeong’s father killed?

Trying to find closure around his father’s death, Yeo-jeong once again visits his killer in prison, but he gets more than he bargained for when the man explains that he killed his father simply because he had mentioned Yeo-jeong. He wanted to make sure he wasn’t eating ramen. His killer thought that Yeo-jeong might arrive if his father was murdered. In a way, he turned out to be right, but the news causes Yeo-jeong immense pain.

For what it’s worth, Dong-eun was right about Yeon-jin’s mother. She does indeed choose herself over her daughter, and Dong-eun makes sure Yeon-jin is there to witness that ultimate betrayal. And as it happens, the name badge isn’t even admissible as evidence. Dong-eun just wanted her nemesis to feel what she had felt, the proof that the person who is supposed to love you the most barely loves you at all, at least not as much as they love themselves.

The penultimate episode ends with a final revelation. When So-hee’s mother is rushed to the hospital, Dong-eun learns that Yeo-jeong was her legal guardian before he even met Dong-eun. It seems like he might have been manipulating her all along.

You can stream Netflix K-drama The Glory Season 1 Episode 15 exclusively on Netflix.

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