Is Alice in the Netflix Luther movie?

By Marc Miller
Published: March 12, 2023 (Last updated: January 3, 2024)

Is Alice in the Netflix movie Luther: The Fallen Sun? We discuss a central character from the BBC series and whether our favorite redheaded serial killing psychopath returns.

Ruth Wilson played Alice Morgan for five seasons on the BBC series Luther, more or less. According to Fandom, The Affair star had Alice go through several roles throughout the series. Alice was the thorn and archenemy in Luther’s side in their freshman season. Alice took a step back to a supporting villain in Luther’s sophomore effort while graduating to true anti-hero status in season three. Luther writers even killed her off in season four, only for Alice to reappear in season five.

It’s pretty literally a character that won’t die.

What happened to Alice from Luther?

The last time we saw Alice, she was falling to her death in the fifth and final season finale of Luther. While you may think their love/hate relationship would end this way, many fans doubt her death. Why? Because the scene is ambiguous, and you technically never see her die.

The fact that Ruth Wilson or the series creator has never confirmed the character’s death only threw gas on the fire. Until now.

Per Newsweek, the series creator Neil Cross said, “As far as I’m concerned, there isn’t a world where Ruth Wilson ever went away. Just because she’s not in this particular film doesn’t mean that she’s not there in the broader universe. Alice is a very real person to me, and I wouldn’t want to live in a world without her. I would love to turn the tables at some point on a conversation like this because Alice sprung from some moist part of the back of my brain fully formed, in a slightly folkloric way.”

Is Alice in the Netflix Luther movie?

We can confirm that Alice does not appear in Luther: The Fallen Sun. She is not seen as an extra in the background, nor is there a middle or after-credits scene featuring the villain.

Is Luther in love with Alice?

This is a fascinating subject on many levels. Luther has been convinced for years that the people he loves always die. So, when asked who should be shot, Mary or Alice, he picks his cunning and behaviorally questionable counterpart. This could be viewed as since he must love her and fate always chooses people he loves to die, it is out of his hands. However, he could be in love with Mary or doesn’t love Alice. Since she is a murderous psychopath, why should Mary die when she is a good person?

While we may never know, we understand Luther’s respect for Alice because he admires her intellect. We know the adage about a thin line between love and hate. Luther doesn’t hate Alice. While I do think it is Alice who is in love with Luther, this is only a strange friendship from his point of view.

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