Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episodes 5 and 6 Release Date, Time and Where to Watch

March 13, 2023 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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We discuss predictions for the Netflix K-Drama series Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episodes 5 and 6, including the release date and where to watch online.

In the final moments of Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 4, Sung-han (Cho Seung-woo) looked like he was about to hit Choi Jun (Han Eun-seong). The attorney is annoyed he has come face-to-face with the man who publicized footage of his drunken piano performance and is perhaps just as ticked off that the viral video is being used as a bargaining tool to have the rookie get a job. Whether or not it will work remains to be seen, but chances are Sung-han will take the charismatic Choi Jun under his wing, despite his prior affiliation with Yu-seok (Jeon Bae-soo). After all, he may have his uses.

Elsewhere, Ae-ran’s case wrapped up in a rather intriguing way. Not only did she end up not divorcing her husband, but the worn-down cleaner managed to get her harsh mother-in-law to open up too. Granted, it came thanks to a bit of pushing from Byeong-cheol, who clarified that his wife kept the elder out of a nursing home, but Eul-bun seemed genuine in her belated gratitude to Ae-ran, which subsequently allowed the married couple to put aside their dispute.

For a rundown of the rest of the ongoings in Divorce Attorney Shin, look no further:

  • Yu-seok has been introduced as an adversary of Sung-han and someone who is looking to take the divorce expert down before he can get revenge.
  • Seo-jin has got a job at Sung-han’s law firm and is proving herself quite handy.
  • Hyeong-geun’s wife is pregnant with another man’s child, leaving her wanting a quick divorce.
  • Sung-han has been told his monthly visits from Gi-yeong will stop.

Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episodes 5 and 6 Release Date and Time

Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 5 will be released on Netflix on March 18, 2023. The usual time is 3:00 pm (GMT), but sometimes this varies. We do not anticipate any changes to the schedule yet (sometimes this happens in the K-Drama world.). Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 6 will air at the same time the next day, March 19. Each episode has an approximate runtime of around 60-65 minutes.

Where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can watch Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episodes 5 and 6 with a subscription to Netflix at the dates and times mentioned above. Apart from its release on Netflix, viewers in South Korea can watch the episode by tuning in to JTBC every Saturday and Sunday at 22:30 (KST).


  • Choi Jun will about manage to convince Sung-han to give him a job, but it will come with plenty of complications. Or at least in the short term, it will.
  • Seo-jin continues to work wonders for the law firm and continues her attempts at making amends with Hyeon-u.
  • Hyeong-geun begins to come to terms with the fact he will need to separate from his wife, even if it’s purely for her sake.
  • Yu-seok looks into ways he can meddle in Sung-han’s life again.
  • Sung-han fights to be able to continue seeing Gi-yeong, though it looks to be an uphill battle.

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