Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – who is Yeong-ju?

By Nathan Sartain
Published: March 19, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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A jam-packed chapter marks the halfway point of this legal drama.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 6, which contains spoilers.

Divorce Attorney Shin hits its stride at the halfway mark with an excellent chapter. Both Yeong-ju and Geum-hui (Cha Hwa-yeon) are intriguing characters, Seo-jin (Han Hye-jin) has got some depth around her, and the world built around Attorney Shin (Cho Seung-woo) is starting to take shape. If things keep to this consistency, we’ll be in for a solid second half.

Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Ju-hwa’s resting place

After a detailed look at how the now deceased Ju-hwa was blindsided by a car when stunned by something she’d been told on the phone, the episode properly begins. Here, Sung-han visits the resting places of his family members, marking his late sister’s birthday by somewhat shakily admitting he isn’t sure how he will live the rest of his life alone.

At the office, Ma Geum-hui arrives to see Attorney Shin and gets straight to the point. She wants to know where Ju-hwa is buried, claiming it’s so she can belatedly pay respects, but Sung-han tells her it’s “far too late” for this.

Then, following some tense conversation, in addition to a reminder that “kindness is a weakness,” the elder departs. As an aside, Geum-hui does make some hints that she’d like the attorney’s services for something, though this is currently left vague.

Ji-yeon’s messy divorce

Incensed by his parent’s bitterness, Min-su tells his father he’ll give him his liver, asks the two to divorce, and makes his emotional request to stop being sent to study abroad against his wishes.

“I have panic disorder,” the teenager says, wanting his mother to understand he doesn’t wish for his life to revolve around college. Sadly, this message doesn’t seem to get through, given Ji-yeon continues to plea with Min-su despite his accusations over her not “caring if your son is sick, or if your husband is terminally ill.”

When Min-su storms off, having imperatively told his mother to get a divorce so Ji-suk can donate her liver instead, Ji-yeon takes action by visiting Jeong-ho’s partner.

An expectedly hostile conversation ensues, with the two women trading venomous verbal blows, but things quickly escalate into physicality. For Ji-yeon, who believes she “made” her husband a professor by becoming a housewife, does not take kindly to her actions being labeled “pathetic” by Ji-suk. Elsewhere, Yu-seok becomes concerned when Choi Jun feeds back that Geum-hui visited Sung-han.

Resentful of her daughter-in-law, Geum-hui asks how Yeong-ju sleeps at night, considering she doesn’t take Gi-yeong to see his mother’s resting place, isn’t even aware of its location, and seized this life from Ju-hwa once she had passed. “I wouldn’t even be talking to you if my son didn’t choose to be with you,” the elder says, entirely disapproving of Jeong-guk’s wife and the way she conducts herself.

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Moving on, Sung-han comes to court with phone call evidence that Ji-yeon was upset Jeong-ho canceled his insurance (which she pays for) purely because she no longer stands to receive a payout.

This secret recording is illegal, so the cancer-stricken professor will be sued. Still, he’s unbothered by the prospect of a criminal record due to his awareness of potentially impending death. That, and Sung-han still manages to have Ji-yeon’s spoken words submitted as evidence, despite the unethical means of obtaining them.

While Ji-suk pettily bickers with Ji-yeon about the latter’s impending (perhaps soon-to-be complex) divorce with Jeong-ho outside of court, Min-su starts to take ownership of his life by applying for a job.

Concurrently, Sung-han trusts Seo-jin’s abilities, and the attorney is happily told he can now color in his final grape. In a heartwarming moment, the former DJ is told her case differed from Professor Choi’s, as she wanted to protect Hyeon-u, yet Jeong-ho and Ji-suk only cared about “saving themselves.”

Camping, frustration, and revelation

As an irritated Yeong-ju asks Yu-seok to get some more intel on Sung-han, now he’s been visited by Geum-hui, Choi Jun joins his new colleagues (plus Jeong-sik) for a camping trip.

Yet it’s not quite what he expected, with everyone aside from him favoring peace over an upbeat atmosphere. Concurrently, Seo-jin bonds with Hyeon-u over some noodles before the youngster smilingly requests that his mother attend the next work camping trip and take him with her.

Following some night-time candid conversation, which includes Hyeong-geun being encouraged to “let Ji-eun go” and Sung-han’s confession he’s unaware of Geum-hui’s intentions, we move forward to the following day.

Here, Attorney Shin gets a surprising call from the phone number Assistant Inspector Kang, a man he’d pressed for information on the last person Ju-hwa spoke to before her hit-and-run death, previously gave him. Shockingly, the person on the other end of the line is Yeong-ju, who bluntly, though unsuccessfully, requests a meeting with Sung-han.

Frustrated, Yeong-ju can’t stop cynically muttering the words, “it’s as if I pushed her in front of that car,” with Jeong-guk’s wife dumbfounded at Ju-hwa’s continued standing in the family, even after her passing. Meanwhile, Sung-han colors in his final grape, preparing himself for the revenge he seeks.

The next steps and Hyeong-geun’s goodbye to Ji-eun

At the office, Hyeong-geun wonders what pregnancy gift to give Ji-eun, and Choi Jun prepares for his first solo case, in addition to a speech he plans on giving Sung-han so he can stop being used as a spy for Keumhwa. The rookie’s debut divorce suit doesn’t look to be easy, however, as a flashback shows it’s linked to a fearful person wanting to escape their deceitful husband, who is, in turn, accusing her of being a “fraud” due to her withholding a prior mental condition.

Carrying with him his newly bought stroller, which he believes is a divorce gift, Hyeong-geun meets with Ji-eun. It’s an incredibly emotional convening, made more affected by the paralegal’s strength in serving his wife the completed divorce papers and composing himself until he’s left alone to break down. Well, Hyeong-geun thinks he’s isolated, only to find Sung-han and Jeong-sik have tailed him and are ready to comfort their friend in his hour of need.

Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 6 Ending Explained

A man from a remote area is curiously sent to Sung-han by Yeong-ju, hoping to have the attorney prevent a divorce. What the real reasons could be for this visit, though, are murky and could conceivably be part of a scheme. Then, that night, consumed by thoughts of playing the piano, Sung-han tears his grape picture from the wall, ready to take his next step.

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