Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – who is Professor Choi?

By Nathan Sartain
Published: March 19, 2023 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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A decent installment presents a rather peculiar new case.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 5, which contains spoilers.

Episode five of Divorce Attorney Shin felt a bit muddled, yet it had its strengths too. Professor Choi’s case could be fascinating as it develops; having Choi Jun (Han Eun-seong) encouraged to be a spy has the potential to yield entertaining results, and it’s evident we’re near a tipping point regarding Sung-han’s (Cho Seung-woo) past resurfacing. For now, though, things are solid, if not unspectacular.

Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Following releasing his anger on Choi Jun, Sung-han reluctantly agrees to hire the quirky attorney in return for his piano video being deleted from the internet. Following this, Lee Seo-jin is made “intake coordinator,” which means she will attend consultations and learn the trade as she goes.

Professor Choi’s case and Gi-yeong’s visit

Next, we’re introduced to a strange case. A couple has approached Sung-han so he can substantiate that they’re having an affair, thus allowing the cancer-stricken husband (Professor Choi) to divorce his currently stubborn spouse.

The adulterous pair are warned a “favorable” outcome is unlikely given the circumstances, but they want this lawsuit pushed through. After all, the two deem it necessary so Professor Choi can re-marry, then have his new wife (Kim Ji-suk) donate her liver to keep him alive (something his current partner, who is shown to be quite unpleasant, is unwilling to do despite her apparent good health).

Sung-han’s mood drastically improves when Gi-yeong comes to visit, though things do seem off when it’s said the youngster will be collected at 9 pm, not in the morning.

Nevertheless, the family members enjoy themselves while gaming and eating junk food before the boy returns home. Here, it’s revealed the justification for such an early departure is because “Madam,” Gi-yeong’s paternal grandmother, is flying into Korea. This news isn’t exactly welcomed by Sung-han, judging by his face.

Seo-jin struggles, as does Choi Jun

As Jeong-sik needs to be warned against his “over the top” flower-giving, Seo-jin struggles to adjust to her office life. The former DJ is overwhelmed by her landlord’s gift (to the point she passes it along to So-yeon), doesn’t like being noticed in a job she is partaking in out of necessity, and is negatively curious as to whether her divorce case was more complex than Ji-suk’s, given the prospective liver donor wanted Sung-han’s services purely because of that specific legal victory.

Still, while not giving a straight answer, Attorney Shin is on hand to offer some comfort by vocalizing his hope that Seo-jin can return to her former self soon enough.

When left alone, Sung-han reflects on his late sister’s wedding day and how “Madam” had told the bride-to-be that “kindness is a weakness” amidst the occasion’s joy. Elsewhere, Yu-seok becomes stern with Choi Jun, expressing his shock at how the rookie is now working for Attorney Shin, the man he spied on and actually conspired against in his debut case.

That, and the Keumhwa Law Firm boss wants it to be known he often “tailors people to his liking,” making hints that his former apprentice’s resignation is far from sealed.

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While talking himself out of texting his wife, Hyeong-geun gets to talk to a worried Choi Jun over coffee. The paralegal is concerned here, especially when discovering Yu-seok’s spying plan for the rookie.

As such, Hyeong-geun shares Sung-han’s grievances pertaining to Keumhwa with Choi Jun to help the new employee understand the gravity of the situation (in addition to why Attorney Shin seems uncomfortable around the newbie), but all the viewer gets to hear is how piano is involved.

Choi Jun opts to come clean with Sung-han, explaining everything Yu-seok wanted him to do and why he carried out certain unethical acts as a “powerless intern.” However, Attorney Shin isn’t too bothered and encourages his new employee to continue being a spy so that he can take Keumhwa’s money. Following that, Hyeong-geun heads out to eat at Grandma’s Noodle Shop, only to be interrupted mid-macaron by Ji-eun.

Ji-eun’s emergency, Hyeong-geun’s deflation

Shockingly, this disruption is an emergency, as the pregnant Ji-eun needs help with a stomach issue. Fortunately, So-yeon is on hand to offer her driving services, which means Hyeong-geun’s wife can be taken to the hospital without an ambulance.

Yet all this fanfare gets the restauranteur curious, as she wonders why the paralegal consumes daily wine and ramyeon when his wife is pregnant.

Upon his arrival at the hospital, Ji-eun’s new partner hears everything is ok with her and the baby, leaving him both thankful and apologetic towards the now departing Hyeong-geun.

As for the paralegal, he’s obviously deflated, unable to be comforted by Sung-han and Jeong-sik that night, until the latter takes a candid photo of him staring out the window. That, surprisingly, perks Hyeong-geun up to the point he clumsily attempts to pose for a re-shoot.

As Seo-jin and Hyeon-u get a chance to talk together about loneliness, thinking, and school, “Madam” arrives in Korea, wondering if Gi-yeong would follow her to Hawaii if given a chance.

What is clear, though, is that this person isn’t too fond of Ms. Jin, given she labels her “vicious” when informed she doesn’t allow Sung-han to see his nephew monthly.

Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 5 Ending Explained

At his office, Choi Min-su, the son of Attorney Shin’s prospective new client, privately visits. The 16-year-old makes it clear he is privy to all that’s happening around him and is not only happy his father’s “mistress” is willing to help out with the liver transplant (he notes there’s not a “single sane person” in his family), he’s also willing to throw his own name into the hat as a potential donor should his gesture mean his parents stop “sending” him abroad.

Thus, Min-su wants Sung-han’s legal help, even if the attorney isn’t sure what to do.

After some deliberation, in addition to some subtle encouragement courtesy of a slightly more settled Seo-jin, Attorney Shin decides he’ll take Professor Choi’s case.

So he visits his new client at his workplace to let him know they need to “win at all costs.” What this requires initially is for Choi to cancel his cancer insurance and realize he could end up with a criminal record. “This is literally a do-or-die situation,” Attorney Shin states, closing the episode.

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