School Spirits Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – who crashed the car?

By Ricky Valero
Published: March 14, 2023 (Last updated: April 7, 2023)
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The intrigue has only risen due to some creative writing and entertaining performances. Each episode raises the bar, making it better than the last.

We recap the Paramount+ series School Spirits Season 1 Episode 3, “Dead and Confused,” which contains spoilers.

In School Spirits Season 1 Episode 2, we saw Simon (Kristian Flore) and Maddie (Peyton List) begin to unpack what happened to her and eventually get busted by Mr. Anderson (Patrick Gilmore) in the school, looking for evidence. But, with Mr. Anderson looking suspicious, does he know what happened to Maddie? Is Xavier really innocent? So many questions to answer.

School Spirits Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

We see Mr. Anderson walk Simon to his car and tell him not to mention their confrontation after school to anyone. But, before he gets in his car, Simon asks what he was doing at the school so late but refuses to answer. Then, a quick montage of a car crashing and Mr. Anderson opening a door happens before the opening credits roll. Maddie’s mom arrives at the cop’s doorstep, asking why they reduced the manpower on the search for Maddie.

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The following day, Simon starts questioning the idea of Mr. Anderson having something to do with her disappearance. However, Maddie is breaking down why she thinks he’s one of the good ones. The show rewinds a little, with a conversation after class with Maddie and Mr. Anderson. He wakes her up in the middle of class and suggests he is there if she ever needs anything. She says he knows nothing about her but shares a story about his alcoholic father.

What does Simon find in Mr. Anderson’s car?

The piece of Maddie’s phone case. Simon ransacks Mr. Anderson’s car and finds plenty of trash. He searches until he looks in the glove compartment box and finds that piece of phone case he found and gave to him.

Finally, the accident from the beginning is explained when Maddie calls Mr. Anderson after getting into an accident on her way home. She tells him about the night Mr. Anderson saved her. This upsets Simon leading to them fighting and her telling him she will solve the case alone. Outside, Wally waits for her with a golf cart and gets her mind off everything for a few minutes.

While in class, Nicole messages Simon to see if he has found anything in Mr. Anderson’s car, and he says no. Moments later, her phone goes off, and it’s a “like” on her photo from Maddie. She freaks out, messages Simon, and leaves school, but Xavier lurks in the shadows. Then, she heads up to this upstairs area, where she envisions the time she spent with Maddie. Next, we see Xavier walk into the room and frighten her. Now she thinks she is his next victim but attempts to convince her otherwise.

Simon confronts Mr. Anderson about the broken phone case, who says he didn’t turn it in because he doesn’t trust anyone in charge, and the last thing he wants to do is question him. Next, we see Rhonda and Maddie conversing about what happened to her and the teacher she was close to. It leads to Maddie diving deep into a few old photos and comparing the classroom, and it seems to be the same room. Finally, she approaches Simon about what she figured out.

Who crashed the car?

Maddie’s mom. After pushing the conversation off, Maddie opened up to Simon to tell him who had crashed the car. She called Mr. Anderson to help her with her mom because she feared they would take her away and take the fall for the accident.

The ending

While Maddie and Simon are hunting for evidence in walks Mr. Anderson who seems angry on the phone. He says, “I shouldn’t have given Maddie that money.” And in the woods, Xavier, Nicole, and Maddie’s Mom have found a footprint, while Simon and Maddie have found a massive amount of cash stashed in Mr. Anderson’s closet at school.

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