Forecasting Love and Weather season 1, episode 8 recap – “Discomfort Index”

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 9, 2022
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Netflix K-Drama series Forecasting Love and Weather season 1, episode 8


Episode 8 brings many insecurities, highlighting the pain of relationship trauma.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Forecasting Love and Weather season 1, episode 8, “Discomfort Index,” contains spoilers.

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When moving towards a relationship, your shadow can overwhelm you. Forecasting Love and Weather has plenty of realism about it. For Ha-kyung and Si-woo, their past romantic traumas are present, and they are going through the motions. I believe most couples go through this. There is this false narrative that a healthy relationship means zero insecurities and problems. But that is further from the truth; a healthy relationship means working on them, individually and together, to build a future. I believe that’s what Ha-kyung and Si-woo are going through.

Forecasting Love and Weather season 1, episode 8 recap

Episode 8 opens with Ha-kyung annoyed at a drunken Ki-jun outside her apartment. He apologizes for betraying her, and he hates how he’s being an a*****e — he does not like that Yu-jin has lied to him. Ha-kyung tells him that Yu-jin did not lie, but she just didn’t tell him about her past (a good point, to be fair). Yu-jin is annoyed at Ki-jun the following day as he came home drunk, and Si-woo dropped him off. But Ki-jun does not seem phased by her concerns and tells her he needs time to think.

Anyway, to the weather stuff in episode 8; the “Discomfort Index” is high, meaning temperatures will be hot and uncomfortable, but as always, it’s a metaphor; the characters will feel uncomfortable in this chapter. Ha-kyung remembers the night before when Si-woo suggested that he felt hurt when he learned that she wrote columns for Ki-jun. But, while thinking about this, she experiences a minor car accident. Frustratingly, she has to ring Ki-jun about the car insurance because he’s changed the company. Ki-jun offers to pick her up and ring the car insurance company himself. Meanwhile, Si-woo is fretting at work, wondering where Ha-kyung is and is upset that she has not rung him.

Ki-jun turns up at the car accident despite Ha-kyung not wanting his help — she’s annoyed that he changed the car insurance. Ki-jun apologizes for being a drunken idiot the night before. His anger for Si-woo remains, but Ha-kyung sticks up for her colleague, leaving Ki-jun curious.

At the weather station, they debate when it will rain while they suffer hot temperatures. Um Dong-han feels they cannot get the press conference wrong and wants to delay it. Colleagues ask for Si-woo’s take on the rain prediction, but his head is not in the right place, and he apologizes for not looking at the data.

And then, we see why Si-woo is looking so lost. He talks to Ha-kyung privately. He wonders why she did not call him and why she came back to the office with Ki-jun — he’s a frustrated figure and believes that there are still things left between Ha-kyung and Ki-jun. Si-woo then narrates how he’s falling for her, and his emotions are spilling out. Ha-kyung assures him that it was a minor car accident and that she’s sorry for not updating him.

Si-woo then tells Yu-jin that Ki-jun had visited Ha-kyung the night before, and he believes her husband knows that they used to live together. He thinks she should bravely tell her husband because if he loves her, everything will be okay.

As we reach close to the final act of episode 8, the heat gets to the characters. Ha-kyung delivers a press conference about the rainy season predictions, and when Si-woo enters, she seems phased by his presence. Ki-jun’s insecurities get the best of him, and he quietly asks Si-woo about his involvement with Ha-kyung. Si-woo reacts and tells him that he is not a pathetic loser who barges drunk into his ex’s house. A sweating Ki-jun starts overthinking the rumors that Si-woo lived with Yu-jin, and it aggravates his mind. Losing his cool, Ki-jun grabs Si-woo by the scruff of the neck and then punches him. Both men end up fighting in front of everyone.

The head director wants to know the reason for the fight, but no answers arrive, so they are both put forward for disciplinary action.

The ending

Ha-kyung explains to Si-woo that he did not want him to know how pathetic her last relationship was, which is why she kept things from him. She promises to tell him important aspects of her life in the future. Si-woo expresses his love for Ha-kyung and states he wants others to know about them, but she explains no one can know or their relationship would have to end (I can feel this being a problem in future episodes. Si-woo doesn’t want them to be a secret).

Ki-jun gets home, and Yu-jin admits she used to live with Si-woo. She rightfully tells him that it is not a sin to have a boyfriend before she met him. Ki-jun admits he cannot get past that her ex is Si-woo. He then reveals to Yu-jin that Ha-kyung, his ex-fiance, is dating Si-woo.

Episode 8 brings many insecurities, highlighting the pain of relationship trauma.

Additional points

  • Um Dong-han tries to ring his wife late in the night, but it’s a short conversation.

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