Forecasting Love and Weather season 1, episode 9 recap – “Dry Changma (Rainy Season)”

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 12, 2022
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Netflix K-Drama series Forecasting Love and Weather season 1, episode 9


Episode 9 sees more insecurities come to the surface as a major twist is revealed.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Forecasting Love and Weather season 1, episode 9, “Dry Changma (Rainy Season),” contains spoilers.

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It’s no coincidence that the closer the rain season comes to ease the high temperatures, tensions between the characters are beginning to relax too. Nothing is a coincidence in Forecasting Love and Weather. I love the charm surrounding this story.

Forecasting Love and Weather season 1, episode 9 recap

Episode 9 opens with Si-woo and Ha-kyung enjoying dinner together, and they witness a marriage proposal in front of them. Will marriage be their future? It becomes a serious plot point in episode 9. Ha-kyung narrates about the uncertainty of the weather forecasting, especially when it comes to the rainy season arriving. She doesn’t want to take anything for granted. After their evening at the restaurant, Si-woo tells Ha-kyung that he wants to spend time with her over the weekend. This is becoming a serious relationship quickly. Meanwhile, Yu-jin tells Ki-jun that it makes no sense that Si-woo and Ha-kyung are dating, and they both seem phased by it.

But Ki-jun is more bothered about this revelation, and he confronts Ha-kyung about what he saw at the restaurant. She denies it but becomes flustered when Ki-jun mentions that he saw them kiss. He believes that Si-woo is trying to get back at him. Feeling like their secret relationship is slowly becoming public, Ha-kyung sets some new rules with Si-woo — no public places.

Over the weekend, Ha-kyung wants to go to a quiet place with Si-woo. However, that does not stop Ki-jun from spying on them obsessively. Meanwhile, Yu-jin wonders where he is. Ki-jun ends up getting his car removed as he parks in an illegal spot. Si-woo takes Ha-kyung to a remote place with no internet and where they can camp. He wants a “no phone” experience, and they enjoy their date. I appreciate how this series taps into healthy relationship ideas.

When Ki-jun finally makes it home, Yu-jin is annoyed because he missed her mother’s birthday. Ki-jun tells her he is sick of being a jerk, and Ha-kyung looks like the victim. Yu-jin wonders if he’s jealous of Si-woo.

There’s still uncertainty regarding the rain at the weather station, so they need to report on the delay. Si-woo does not think they should make a hasty announcement, but Ki-jun challenges him. The chief director asks both men to debate their theories so they can publish an appropriate statement. This is a rare moment, with both men strongly arguing their cases but getting along with each other. They work well into the evening as everyone else goes home.

Ki-jun appears surprised by Si-woo’s honesty about taking risks and asks why he’s taking a chance with Ha-kyung — he believes he should stop seeing her. He doesn’t want to see her hurt again after giving her pain, so he’s worried. Si-woo tells Ki-jun that his interest in Ha-kyung is sincere, and before he leaves the office, he gives Ki-jun the final data for the press release. Will this be the end of the civil war between both men?

When Ki-jun gets home, he tells Yu-jin that Si-woo is a good man, so he asks why she left him. Yu-jin tells him that he was the first man to ask for a hand in marriage, and not just date — Si-woo just wanted to date. She tells him to stop being pathetic and asks him to focus on their relationship. Meanwhile, Si-woo shows Ha-kyung and Um Dong-han more data regarding the rain season. He believes it will rain in two days. However, the rain does not come, and the weather station is getting bad press again. The reporters are not being kind to Ha-kyung, and Si-woo feels guilty. Si-woo apologizes to her after, but Ha-kyung is cool about it, accepting that weather has variability.

The ending

But the ending to episode 9 brings another obstacle for Si-woo and Ha-kyung — Yu-jin interviews Ha-kyung one-on-one about the weather miscalculation, but afterward, she brings up the rumors that she’s dating Si-woo; she admits he is innocent, charming, smart, and good looking. Ha-kyung asks Yu-jin why she broke up with him if he’s a good catch. And that’s when a major plot twist arrives — Yu-jin tells Ha-kyung that Si-woo does not believe in marriage.

We are then shown a scene where Ki-jun tells Si-woo that Ha-kyung does not date anyone who does not consider marriage. We are back to choppy waters.

Episode 9 sees more insecurities come to the surface as a major twist is revealed.

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