Shadow and Bone Season 2 Episode 5 Recap – who owns the Neshyenyer?

By Adam Lock
Published: March 16, 2023 (Last updated: March 18, 2023)
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Episode five is filled with embarrassingly feeble attempts at romance and more of that endless, mythological gibberish. The show is constantly weighed down by this monotonous world-building and dense terminology.

We recap the Netflix series Shadow and Bone Season 2 Episode 5, “Yuyeh Sesh (Despise Your Heart),” which contains spoilers.

Episode five, “Yuyeh Sesh (Despise Your Heart),” brings a new mission for the Crows to undertake as they hunt for the Neshyenyer sword, the only weapon that can defeat Kirigan’s (Ben Barnes) shadow monsters. This quest takes them to foreign lands, where they encounter a new, powerful enemy. While in the other main storyline, Alina (Jessie Mei Li) tries to sever the link that connects her with the villainous Kirigan.

Shadow and Bone Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Kirigan finds that his mother, Baghra, and prisoner Genya have escaped. He tries to connect with Alina to pinpoint her current whereabouts, but his powers are failing him this time. He orders his army to find Alina right away. The Sun Summoner is underground, though, hiding out in the cave tunnels with Nikolai‘s people below the Spinning Wheel. Many have died after Kirigan’s attack, and their fleeting connection has seemingly messed with Alina’s head. She sees flashes of Kirigan in the tunnel system, with their shared link acting in unpredictable ways.

Having escaped Kirigan’s stronghold, Baghra and Genya track down these hidden tunnels and are soon reunited with Alina. Straight away, Nikolai wants Genya to stand trial for poisoning the King, but Alina defends her, explaining that Genya was forced to do so, having been manipulated by Kirigan. Nikolai, who is next to be King, agrees to drop the charges and asks for Kirigan’s location.

Poor Adrik had his hand chopped off, and Genya heals the remaining wound. David tries to speak with Genya, but she is ashamed of her appearance and attempts to hide her enormous facial scars. David apologizes to Genya for leaving her, adding that he greatly regrets this decision. He says that Genya’s beauty lies within, and he then proceeds to stroke her scars. The duo finally kiss.

Who owns the Neshyenyer?

In the Crows’ narrative, Nikolai’s people quickly track down the thieves in Ketterdam. Tolya and Zoya offer them untold riches if they agree to find the fabled Neshyenyer sword. They explain that it is the only weapon that can help to defeat the indestructible shadow monsters. The Crows agree to their new mission. Kaz quickly finds the sword’s location. He believes the retired thief and collector known only as The Disciple has the Neshyenyer.

They plan to meet his associate, Ohval Saran, at a tea shop in Bhez Ju. Kaz offers Inej a chance to leave, but she wants to continue working for the Crows and embarks on the new mission.

The Crows, Tolya, and Zoya arrive in Bhez Ju, a crowded and mysterious city. Jesper discovers that Wylan cannot read, and they awkwardly dodge one another while shopping in the markets. Jesper tries apologizing, but Wylan is upset, stating that Jesper is patronizing him. Wylan knows about Jesper’s darkest secret; he is a Grisha. Meanwhile, Kaz and Nina meet with Ohval to purchase the sword. Ohval says that she doesn’t work with thieves, though, and refuses to talk further.

Back at the tunnels, Baghra speaks with Alina about the special shared bond she has with Kirigan. Alina wants to sever this connection. Baghra seems to know all about the link, stating that it only happens when one thinks of the other. Alina must learn to block him out. She meets Kirigan via the vision and starts flirting with her enemy. Alina steps closer and closer, they’re about to kiss, and she unleashes her powers; it was all a trick.

Why is Alina’s vision interrupted?

At the very same time, Mal miraculously returns and seeks out Alina. He sees her communicating with Kirigan and attempts to wake her, worrying that she is in danger. Kirigan and Alina fight, but she is distracted and wakes from the vision.

Angered by Mal’s tampering, the two argue. Mal explains how he was arrested by Vasily but escaped. He is annoyed that Alina would risk her life and that she is moving forwards too fast. Mal cannot keep up with her. He realizes they aren’t meant to be together, but he will find her the Firebird before they part ways for good.

Shadow and Bone Season 2 Episode 5 Ending Explained

Alina speaks with Baghra about the failed attempt to sever the connection. She tells Baghra that she feels Kirigan when she uses her powers and has tried to ignore it in the past. Once she had the Sea Whip, this changed, but soon enough, Kirigan’s presence returned. It was like he took that power too. Alina wants to be rid of her shared bond with Kirigan. Baghra advises her to finish what she has started, to destroy the Fold first. Alina wants to go after the Firebird next, and Baghra suggests the first place to look, Morozova’s workshop.

The Sun Summoner then meets Nikolai to tell the future King her plans. She returns the emerald ring and explains her plans to seek out the Firebird next. Nikolai passes her his lucky compass in the meantime. They talk about Mal. Nikolai realizes Mal is deeply in love with Alina and doesn’t want to get in their way. They hug it out as a final goodbye before parting ways.

What happens in Ohval’s house?

Kaz and the team regroup after the first meeting with Ohval. Kaz believes that she is in fact, The Disciple. They plan to infiltrate Ohval’s home and retrieve the sword. Zoya and Nina follow Ohval through the busy market streets while the rest break into her house. The mission gets off to an unfortunate start. Ohval attacks Nina in the streets while the rest of the Crows discover that Ohval’s house is rigged with traps. The room starts to fill up with poisonous gas. Each individual member slowly starts to collapse. As Kaz faints, he sees an image of his dead brother Jordie before his very eyes.

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