Daisy Jones and the Six Season 1 Episode 7 Recap – why is Daisy missing?

By Adam Lock
Published: March 17, 2023 (Last updated: March 27, 2023)
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“Track 7: She’s Gone” is a very simplistic storyline drawn out for an entire installment. This is needless filler, a subplot that could have been included in a much broader narrative. There are some gorgeous backdrops and intriguing character dynamics, but this is an absolute waste of an episode overall.

We recap the Prime Video series Daisy Jones and the Six Season 1 Episode 7, “Track 7: She’s Gone,” which contains spoilers.

The last time we saw Daisy Jones and the Six, they had just completed their ground-breaking debut album and landed a top-selling single. You’d think the band would be on an all-time high, but Daisy (Riley Keough) feels jaded by the fame and has escaped to Greece after arguing with lead singer and love interest Billy Dunne (Sam Claflin). “Track 7: She’s Gone” focuses on Daisy’s time in Greece, and we also get a chance to catch up with Simone (Nabiyah Be) and her adjacent storyline.

Daisy Jones and the Six Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

The episode begins with a fast-paced montage of Simone’s separate journey. She left Los Angeles and headed straight to New York City in 1975 with nothing but a suitcase of belongings. There she found DJ Bernie (Ayesha Harris), a friend that she was infatuated with after just one meeting. Bernie had been playing Simone’s vocals over a new track, and the crowds adored it. Simone loved the sudden fame and performed live vocals over the track to growing audiences. She would end up playing three; maybe four shows a night.

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As Simone’s career skyrocketed, she started to record a follow-up song with Bernie’s help. They kept their relationship a secret from the press, and Simone used those pent-up emotions to write her next hit. With this growing success, Simone landed a record deal. Just as she was ready to go into the studio, though, Teddy phoned. He couldn’t find Daisy and asked her if she knew of the singer’s whereabouts. Next, Daisy herself sent Simone a telegram, begging her to come to Greece to save her.

Why is Daisy missing?

In the show’s present, we catch up with Simone and Bernie as they head to Hydra, Greece, a picturesque island in the Mediterranean. Simone brings bail money and fears the worst, but Daisy is well and safe. She is getting married to an Irish man called Nicky.

The reason Daisy has gone missing is that she wants to escape fame and start a new, carefree life with her new lover. Daisy asks Simone to be her maid of honor. Simone is shocked, but she sees that they are in love and accepts.

Who is Nicky?

It is revealed that Nicky knows very little about Daisy’s life in America; he doesn’t even know she is the lead singer in a hugely successful rock band. Nicky is the son of wealthy Irish parents, who are practically royalty in their own country. Because of this wealth, he owns homes in Greece, Rome, and Ireland. His family even owns a castle back in their home nation. Nicky is rich, but he squanders this wealth on drugs while calling himself a student of life.

As the days roll by, Simone starts to worry about her old friend. She shows Daisy the Rolling Stone article; the band has made the front page, they are on top of the world, and Daisy has decided to run away instead. Daisy refuses to return to America ever again and is adamant that she will not tour their debut album. Simone is stunned to hear this; Daisy is one of the most famous people in the world and wants to turn away from it all. Daisy hides the magazine from Nicky.

What made Daisy unhappy?

The couple hosts a party before the wedding. Here, we discover that Nicky’s parents died in a car crash, and he went through a serious bout of depression afterward. However, Daisy seems to have gotten him out of this funk and made him happy again. Daisy tells Nicky about her fling with Billy but doesn’t say if she is over him or not. Simone tries to convince Daisy to return to America once again. Simone says that she wants what Daisy has, fame and success. Daisy replies, stating how miserable Billy and the fame made her; she is happier here with Nicky.

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The wedding goes to plan and is a beautiful event. A present-day Daisy comments that she doesn’t regret a single thing about that experience; it was perfect. On the wedding night, Simone and Bernie dance together, declaring their love for one another. Later, Simone tries to convince Nicky to let Daisy come home. Nicky doesn’t seem interested in provoking his wife, though, and he decides to drop acid with her instead.

Daisy Jones and the Six Season 1 Episode 7 Ending Explained

Nicky believes that Simone is in love with Daisy and that she wants her all for herself. The next day, Simone packs to leave. Simone and Daisy have a full-blown argument before she goes. Simone talks about having responsibilities back home and a strong need to return to work. Daisy thinks Simone has gotten too serious. During their argument, Daisy asks if Simone loves her, and she storms off. At the harbor, Daisy apologizes, and Simone admits that she loves Daisy but thinks she is selfish.

Back at the villa, Nicky has found the Rolling Stone magazine. Nicky didn’t realize just how famous Daisy truly was. Daisy rips up the magazine in front of Nicky with tears in her eyes. Nicky approaches Simone’s way of thinking and suggests that she return to America. Daisy confesses that she wants to return but is afraid of being hurt again. Nicky starts to pack a bag, stating that he will go with her and protect her this time. As they arrive in Los Angeles, Daisy’s song plays on the radio.

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