Daisy Jones and the Six Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – does Billy kiss Daisy?

By Adam Lock
Published: March 10, 2023 (Last updated: February 28, 2024)
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In episode six, Daisy Jones and the Six channels Almost Famous, with the introduction of a music journalist and many cinematic pool parties. The show still works better, though, when it focuses on the music process and the music industry rather than the cliched romances we are presented with.

We recap the Prime Video series Daisy Jones and the Six Season 1 Episode 6, “Track 6: Whatever Gets You Thru The Night,” which contains spoilers.

As the band worked on their debut album with Daisy Jones (Riley Keough), things start to heat up between lead singers Billy (Sam Claflin) and Daisy. “Track 6: Whatever Gets You Thru The Night” focuses on this bubbling romance as the two musicians argue like crazy and still grow ever closer to one another. The rest of the band notices this sexual tension in the studio while Camila (Camila Morrone) fights back the only way she knows how.

Daisy Jones and the Six Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

The band have managed to record eight or nine songs in just a couple of weeks. Their debut album ‘Aurora’ is coming together nicely. It’s an intimate process, with Billy and Daisy constantly at each other’s throats, yet they continue to bond further. The band starts to notice these less-than-subtle hints but let it be, as the music they are making seems worth the ensuing scandal. The album process intensifies with plenty of drugs, parties, and lovemaking. Although Graham and Karen keep their relationship a secret from others.

Who is Jonah Berg?

Teddy senses the makings of an all-time classic album and brings in Rolling Stone’s writer Jonah Berg to review the recording process. Jonah witnesses all these in-band arguments and takes notes as Daisy and Billy continue to flirt with one another brazenly.

Meanwhile, Camila raises her child seemingly on her own. She finds Billy’s honest and revealing lyrics around the house and watches the husband gleefully chatting with Daisy on the phone. Camila isn’t an idiot; she sees what is happening but remains quiet for the time being. When she does bring up the lyrics, Billy lies and says they were written by Daisy instead.

Jonah takes Billy aside and questions him about this simmering, romantic affair. Billy says it is all just an act; he isn’t in love with Daisy. However, this make-believe performance has led to a weird yet successful dynamic. The two flirt like crazy but are also bitter rivals, competing in the studio. Jonah can see through Billy’s lies, though; he believes each song is a coded message from one singer to the other. Eddie however, thinks it is much more obvious than that!

Does Billy cheat on Camila?

The lead singers struggle with their latest song and go for a drive to clear their heads. By the ocean, these two musicians get more open with one another. Daisy tells Billy that her real name is Margaret. She took on a new identity because she didn’t like who she was in her youth. Billy also confesses that Daisy improved ‘Look at Us Now (Honeycomb).’ He says that Daisy makes everything better.

They share a moment and almost kiss, but Billy brings the conversation back to the music, stopping himself from cheating on Camila. The duo goes back to Daisy’s, and Billy considers stepping inside. Although he changes his mind in the end, fearing the many temptations within.

Does Billy kiss Daisy?

The next day, the band prepare to record the album vocals. Daisy doesn’t show up, though. Billy finds her drugged up at a pool party. She swims in all her clothes and then stands on broken glass as she exits the pool. In retaliation for missing the session, Billy is highly aggressive toward Daisy in the next recording. He forces her to sing his lyrics and makes her record her vocals repeatedly.

Daisy storms out of the session, and Billy chases after her. She asks him to be honest, to deny that there isn’t something going on between them both. Billy kisses her in response. This spurs Daisy on to record her best vocal performance yet.

How does Camila find out Billy is lying?

Up in the desert mountains, the band assembled for the album cover photo shoot. Daisy talks to Camila about parenting while one of their new songs plays in the background. Daisy says that Billy wrote this song, which proves that he was lying to Camila all along. Meanwhile, Graham and Karen meet in private. She urges Graham to keep their romance a secret. Karen doesn’t want to be known as just the girlfriend in the band. Graham surprisingly understands and agrees to drop it.

The photographer starts to take group photos, and Camila awkwardly watches from the side. Daisy and Billy are forced together, embarrassed by the public intimacy. Jonah asks Billy about his stint in rehab, information that he gained from Daisy. Billy is furious and argues with Daisy in private. Camila watches them discuss and takes photographs for the special occasion. Daisy feels used and calls Billy a liar before storming off.

Camila decides to go to a party without informing Billy. She gets dressed up and leaves without explaining herself. Billy is super jealous and waits for her to return. At a pool party, she bumps into Eddie. He practically confesses his love for her at that moment. Camila returns home happy to have her secrets for a change.

Daisy Jones and the Six Season 1 Episode 6 Ending Explained

Back in the studio, Daisy has written her song for Billy. This is childish tit-for-tat, but Billy doesn’t have it either way. He says that this song will never be on the album. Daisy asks for a show of hands, and they vote to keep it in; it’s a great song, after all. Now it is Billy’s turn to storm off. In the car park, he vandalizes a car, and Jonah spots him. The band recorded ‘Regret Me’ without Billy’s input. It was to be the final song recorded during the sessions for the album.

Daisy then narrates, stating how she was proud of the record and excited to start touring. However, deep down, she still felt worthless. Jonah sends her his draft of the article, and she reads through it.

She decides to leave town and flies to Greece for some time alone. Back in the States, Billy looks through possible album photos, unhappy with the selection. Camila passes him the one she took of Daisy and Billy arguing. This would be the one that was used in the end. Camila says how she saw them arguing like they used to argue. If he loves her, then their marriage is over. Billy promises her that he only loves Camila. But something tells me this doesn’t end pleasantly for anyone involved.

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