Do Mal and Alina end up together in Shadow and Bone Season 2?

March 17, 2023 (Last updated: 6 days ago)
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Do Mal and Alina end up together in Shadow and Bone Season 2? In this article, we look at the relationship between Mal and Alina. This article contains major spoilers. 

Shadow and Bone is a sprawling fantasy epic from Netflix, developed by writer Eric Heisserer and based on the hugely popular young adult novel series from Leigh Bardugo, known as the Grishaverse. Fantasy and adventure may be the preliminary genres in this highly successful, teen-centric series, but romance is another vital element of the show.

One of the significant romances in the series focuses on Mal Oretsev and the Sun Summoner herself, Alina Starkov. As the new series launches, fans will be dying to know whether Mal and Alina will end up together by the end of Shadow and Bone’s second season.

What happens with Alina and Mal in Shadow and Bone Season 2?

Childhood friends Alina and Mal start the second season full of hope and anticipation as they embark upon their first solo adventure together. They find themselves in Novyi Zem, searching for the next amplifier (a magical creature that can enhance Alina’s powers), called the Sea Whip. They find themselves sharing a hotel suite and a bed. Love is in the air between these two, and they seem happier than ever.

Kirigan warns Alina that she will soon outgrow her lover, insinuating that as her powers develop, she will become isolated from the others and quickly tire of Mal. She later finds the Sea Whip and saves Mal’s life, taking the creature’s life and claiming its powers. These powers surge through her body and almost destroy her, but Mal manages to calm her down, saving her for a change. His presence and love for her keep Alina grounded.

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The importance of their mission only intensifies as they form a new alliance with Prince Nikolai and his army. Nikolai suggests an engagement with Alina to strengthen allegiances and to stop her and Mal from being constantly hunted down. It is a political maneuver that still has serious ramifications for their relationship. Mal proves loyal and accepts this proposal for the greater good. Unfortunately, he is soon captured and separated from Alina.

During this separation, Alina attempts to sever her connection with Kirigan. It nearly works, but Mal’s return hinders Alina’s progress. Here’s where the cracks in the lovebird’s romance first start to show. Mal doesn’t want any harm to come to Alina, he is highly protective of her, yet she wants to use her powers to destroy Kirigan and the Fold, no matter what the cost.

Their relationship is tested further when Mal discovers he is the next amplifier, the Firebird. Alina doesn’t want to sacrifice his life to gain its powers and refuses to accept Mal’s end. Both lovers don’t want the other to suffer or die because of their mission, but Mal valiantly accepts his fate. Before sacrificing his life, the couple tries to fuse their powers within the Fold, and it works beautifully, but Mal is mortally wounded in the process anyway. Facing imminent death, Alina finally agrees to kill her lover, stabbing him in the chest. The agony of his death causes Alina to let forth all her pent-up anger. This surge of energy destroys the entirety of the Fold.

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Do Mal and Alina end up together in Shadow and Bone Season 2?

Nina tries to bring Mal back to life, but it is no use; he is too far gone. Alina uses dark powers, called merzost, to resurrect Mal, bringing him back from the dead. Alina is overjoyed to have her partner back, but Mal is forever changed by the experience. He is not the same person he was before. He wonders what his purpose is now in this new world that he helped save. Mal understands that his future is very different from Alina’s now. Mal decides to separate from Alina, meaning that they do not end up together in Shadow and Bone Season 2.

Mal decides to set sail with Nikolai’s comrades, becoming a privateer. Nikolai even passes on his alias and the secret identity of Sturmhond to Mal. They are next seen in the near future attempting to rescue slaves from a slave ship. Alina stays by Nikolai’s side and becomes Queen. She seems to be fond of Nikolai, although there aren’t any signs of genuine love or a romance blossoming between the two just yet.

Will Alina end up with Mal?

At the end of season 2, Alina and Mal are worlds apart, with different futures and destinies. It would seem unlikely that they will get back together anytime soon, but there are still many stories to cover. As you will be aware, Shadow and Bone is based on a large novel series, and these two lead characters’ lives are far from over. So, what can we expect in future installments, and what happens to Alina and Mal in the books? Warning, as you would expect, there are massive spoilers ahead.

Well, fans will be happy to hear that Alina and Mal marry in the books, more specifically in the third book of the series, Ruin and Rising. They take on new names and are married. Afterward, they rebuild their childhood orphanage in Keramzin together, which they then run as a married couple for the rest of their lives.

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