The Magician’s Elephant Ending Explained – how does Peter find his sister?

By Marc Miller
Published: March 17, 2023

We discuss the Ending of the 2023 Netflix film The Magician’s Elephant, which will contain spoilers.

The Magician’s Elephant is about an orphaned boy who longs for a family. An orphan because of the war, Peter was told that his mother died while pregnant with his sister. However, the young lad cannot shake his earliest memories — holding his infant sister in his hand.

Either way, he has been raised by a former soldier who trains him by marching with a broom every night. One day he runs across a fortune teller who tells Peter that he must follow the elephant to find his sister. He does that when an inept magician accidentally brings one to the city. Now under the ownership of the King, he will grant Peter the thick-skinned mammal ownership if he completes three impossible tasks.

The Magician’s Elephant Ending Explained

What is Peter’s first impossible task?

Peter’s first impossible task is to fight a soldier. Not just any, but the King’s best soldier, Sergeant De Smedt. Of course, Peter runs away quickly, and the soldier, all seven feet and three hundred-plus pounds of him, goes after him.

While hiding, Peter remembers his Uncle Vilna served with this young soldier during the war. Vilna would read Peter a children’s book as a child with an inscription to “carrot,” who was De Smedt. Peter retrieves the book while on the chase, and before the warrior slices Peter in two, he sees the book he is holding that takes him back to his childhood. The soldier puts down his sword, and by doing this, Peter wins the impossible task.

What is Peter’s second impossible task?

Peter’s second impossible task is to fly. The young man is stressed because he does not know how to fly. However, he climbs to the top of the kingdom’s tallest building and leaps with only a bag around his shoulder.

The childless couple who live below Peter and trained him on the jump helped Peter plan at the exact moment to release his parachute, which he does. After a rough flight, he reaches the ground safely, completing the second impossible task.

What is Peter’s third impossible task?

Peter’s third impossible task is to make the Countess laugh. The King is like Michael Scott from The Office — he thinks he’s a comedian. However, he cannot make the Countess chuckle. Why won’t the Countess laugh? Because she is still grieving the loss of her brother, who died recently.

Peter tells a joke, and the Countess, who is fond of Peter, pretends to laugh, but the King can tell she is faking. (Apparently, the King is adept at people pretending). However, the Elephant sneezes over the King, and the cat cutely falls over, causing her to laugh, thus, transitioning the ownership of the beast to Peter. Peter has developed a caring relationship with her and senses she misses her family. So, the young boy locates the magician and encourages him to send her back. Which he does, reuniting her domestic herd.

How does Peter find his sister?

Peter finds his sister after the magician sends the Elephant back to her family. Vilna took Peter during a dangerous battle while a nurse/nun took his infant sister. They were to meet at a set location, but it was destroyed, making both think each was killed with the child they were assigned to protect.

His sister, Adel, has been following the stories and tasks with the Elephant all week. After the final mission, the nun and Vilna run into each other and realize what happened. Peter and Adel are introduced to each other officially. (They did meet before, briefly after the second task).

The final scenes show Peter, Adel, and their friends and family having dinner together. Peter and Adel finally have a family.

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