In His Shadow Ending Explained – does Adamma live?

March 18, 2023
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We discuss the ending of the 2023 Netflix film In His Shadow, which will contain spoilers.

Unfortunately, the story leaves much to the imagination as it feels like a generic fraternal tale. Given the path the brothers go on, the journey to their destined confrontation doesn’t quite make sense with how opposite they are. They could have lived their separate lives without them getting in each other’s way.

The pacing of In His Shadow is a significant issue because there’s not enough depth to these characters. The story barely explores the family dynamic, and the film could have benefitted from a longer runtime. It felt underdeveloped because we didn’t get the full scope of the brotherly connection or the disconnect between them.

There are some great moments in this film because it does show Adamma’s blindness. Director Marc Fouchard really does a great job uniquely framing how Adamma moves through life with his auditory sense elevated because of his blindness. The scenes with Black Magic felt disjointed because they were integrated at odd times throughout the film.

The connection between the Black Magic and the outcome for the brothers was fragile and didn’t add the extra kick that Fouchard expected it to.

In His Shadow Ending Explained

What happens between Adamma and Ibrahim?

In the mix of everything that happens between the two brothers, their sister Aissata (Assa Sylla) and her boyfriend Malik (Carl Malapa) get caught in the crosshairs of the drama. In order to protect his sister and boyfriend from whatever Ibrahim has planned, Adamma has to step in.

One of Ibrahim’s trap houses has his worker named Eddy, who keeps Malik in the basement. Eddy has been abusing Malik and sending things to Adamma to blackmail him. Aissata begs Ibrahim to help her get Malik out of there and instead locks her in a room.

Adamma cuts the power to Eddy’s home and ends up rescuing Malik himself. In doing so, he has had enough of Ibrahim and attempts to destroy his whole complex. Once Adamma breaks into Ibrahim’s apartment, he notices it and starts beating him.

The brothers are now going against each other in a brutal fight. Ibrahim tries to strangle Adamma to death, but he manages to get free, and then Adama tries to shoot Ibrahim. Ibrahim did get hurt and ended up dying as Aissata breaks out of her room.

Does Adamma live?

Adamma makes it out of the building unscathed and perfectly fine because he used his blindness as a strength to make it out of there alive. There is a good message throughout this film for Adamma, but it wasn’t strong enough to make that ending effective to drive the meaning home. The connection to his father is there, but it’s at the cost of losing his brother.

What did you think of the ending of the 2023 Netflix film In His Shadow? Comment below.

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