In His Shadow Review – an empty and generic fraternal story

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: March 18, 2023


The film is an empty and generic fraternal story about two sons dealing with losing their father.

Directed by Marc Fouchard, we review the 2023 Netflix film In His Shadow, which does not contain spoilers.

In His Shadow explores the relationship between two brothers who have grown up with a very loving and successful father.

The two brothers are different from each other and have inherited various aspects from their father. No matter what happens to either of them, they are constantly reminded about who their father is because of the family business. It’s always hard to live up to certain expectations, but these two brothers have their own lives to live.

There are many obstacles that they have to face, and it’s always hard to have two brothers pitted against each other. There are other forces of nature that can change their dynamic and have them lose touch with who they once were because life gets in the way.

In His Shadow Review and Plot Summary

In simple terms, the film is about two brothers who head on two different paths after the death of their father. In a way, they do walk in his footsteps, but on the other hand, the way they live their lives changes who they are.

When Adama (Alassane Diong) was younger, he had an accident that involved Black Magic which made him blind. Which many would think is a disadvantage, but he fights for himself and what he wants, and he eventually becomes stronger than anyone else would have imagined.

His half-brother Ibrahim (Kaaris) turns to a life of crime, while Adama uses his skills to pursue his career in music.

Is the 2023 movie In His Shadow good?

Unfortunately, the story leaves much to the imagination as it feels like a generic fraternal tale. Given the path the brothers do go on, the journey to their destined confrontation doesn’t quite make sense with how opposite they are. They could have lived their separate lives without them getting in each other’s way.

The pacing of the film is a major issue because there’s not enough depth to these characters. It feels like the story barely explores the family dynamic, and the film could have benefitted from a longer runtime. It felt underdeveloped because we didn’t get the full scope of the brotherly connection and even the disconnect between the two of them.

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There are some great moments in this film because it does show Adamma’s blindness. Director Marc Fouchard really does a great job uniquely framing how Adamma moves through life with his auditory sense elevated because of his blindness. The scenes with Black Magic felt a bit disjointed because they were integrated at odd times throughout the film.

The connection between the Black Magic and the outcome for the brothers was fragile and didn’t add the extra kick that Fouchard expected it to.

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