School Spirits Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – what video gets sent to Simon, Xavier, and Nicole?

March 23, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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The mystery of what happened to Maddie continues to drive this show and keep us invested. Peyton List only continues to deliver better performances as each episode passes.

We recap the Paramount+ series School Spirits Season 1 Episode 5, “The Twilight End Zone,” which contains spoilers.

In School Spirits Season 1 Episode 4, it was revealed that Mr. Anderson (Patrick Gilmore) had called Claire (Rainbow Wedell) that night Simon (Kristian Flores) and Maddie (Peyton List) overheard in the classroom shifting the narrative for what’s ahead.

So how do Simon and Maddie react? Will Claire and Mr. Anderson butt heads?

School Spirits Season 1 Episode 5 recap

We kick off with Claire outside Mr. Anderson’s house, waiting for him to pick up his phone or arrive.

However, while waiting, a cop drives by his house, and she freaks out. Next, the afterlife crew is prepping for the big homecoming game. At lunch, Simon and Maddie watch over Claire with her minions preparing for the homecoming dance. Simon asks about their relationship, and we get a montage of the past in how it all came apart for them.

Why did Claire and Maddie stop being friends?

One night, Maddie’s mom was having a rough day, freaking out and being weird. Then, Claire knocked on the door because she was scared and needed somewhere to go as her parents were fighting.

Sadly, Claire didn’t want her to see her mom the way she was and closed the door on her, causing the rift in their friendship forever.

Claire sees the principal in the schoolyard and runs over to discover what is happening with Mr. Anderson. Maddie and Charley head over to hear what she is saying, and she is fishing for answers to see if Mr. Anderson has named her at all.

Next, Simon confronts Nicole about Xavier, and Xavier walks up, suggesting that he doesn’t think Claire is involved, leading to Simon snapping.

Simon gets one of the custodians to give him a key to Mr. Anderson’s classroom. Then we see Maddie’s mom at the school asking about what she had in mind for college.

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Maddie is looking on while this is happening because her mother is showing hope. Next, Simon finds some papers in English and notices that Mr. Anderson gave her A after A after A on her classwork by repeatedly writing the same essay. Maddie suggests that maybe they should let it go.

Finally, Claire confronts Mr. Anderson about what he said to the police. He tells her that he told them that he stole the money to pay off his father’s funeral. She asks him if he said anything about her, and he says, “I don’t remember.”

Next, we see Xavier doing recon work at one of Claire’s stepfather’s empty lots. As he wanders through, someone bolts out the window before he can see them.

Xavier and Simon arrive at Maddie’s and discuss what Xavier saw at the house.

Next, we see Maddie’s mom come outside, where she is scheduled to hand out a bunch of fliers of Maddie at the game. Mr. Martin asks Rhonda to look out for Maddie as he notices something is happening with her.

At the game, the cops walk by Claire, and she proceeds to throw up.

What video gets sent to Simon, Xavier, and Nicole?

While at the game, Simon, Xavier, and Nicole’s phones go off, and they get the same video of Mr. Anderson and Claire fighting. In the video, Mr. Anderson and Claire have words over the money. He told her he was doing everything she asked, and she said she didn’t care as long as she continued to get an A. She told him to do what he said he would do, and his secret is safe.

During the game, after watching her mom and Wally deal with their losses in their own way, Maddie realizes that she can’t give up and let her mom live without closure.

So Maddie and Simon formulate a plan to use Xavier to set up Claire by asking her to the homecoming dance. We see Claire pick up her phone, look at the message, and put it back down.

School Spirits Season 1 Episode 5  Ending Explained

Simon confronted the custodian about him possibly being the person that sent them the video. Then, Maddie’s mom asks Nicole if Maddie will forgive her and come home.

However, after the two embrace for a hug, Nicole puts stuff in her trunk but looks around suspiciously before opening it. The episode ends with Maddie and Simon finding a hidden room where someone could’ve dragged her body out.

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