School Spirits Season 1 Episodes 7 and 8 Recap – Is Maddie Dead?

By Ricky Valero
Published: April 6, 2023 (Last updated: March 8, 2024)
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School Spirits Season 1 Episodes 7 and 8 Recap
School Spirits Season 1 (Credit - Paramount+)

School Spirits Season 1 Episode 7 begins with Simon grilling Nicole about why she didn’t pick him up this morning. She has an answer for everything, but Simon is flustered because they blame Mr. South, and he doesn’t believe he did anything to Maddie.

School Spirits Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

While looking at Nicole’s project, he notices many photos of Maddie and questions it, and Nicole gets super defensive. The afterlife crew is preparing for a mock trial, Maddie wants answers, and Mr. Martin wants her to calm down.

Nicole, who has been super suspicious lately, is seen burning the photos of Maddie that were in her project. Next, the crew discusses how Mr. South isn’t the guy because he is his alibi. Then, they are trying to figure out their next move, including finding out who recorded the video of Mr. Anderson and Claire.

We hear Nicole pipe up with negativity again, asking when they all became Scooby Doo. The crew (minus Claire) decides to go to the police station to break into the evidence locker.

Simon oddly bombs his meeting with a college admission lady. Moments later, we see Claire smashing her window as a ploy for them to get the cops there while they go see if they can get in the evidence room.

Nicole is pacing the halls waiting for someone to get off a specific computer at school. Of course, Xavier and Simon are able to get into the evidence locker.

What do Simon and Xavier find at the police station?

Simon gets inside the evidence room and finds a bootprint. He asks Xavier if he was there with her when they found it, and at first, he says yes, but remembers that they split up. Simon realizes that it isn’t Maddie’s bootprint.

We returned to the computer room, where Nicole threatened the kid on the computer to get them off it. Moments later, the teacher comes back in, and Nicole asks the teacher if someone wipes off stuff on the computer, if is it gone forever, but he says the computer saves every three minutes.

Then, Simon talks to Maddie about the bootprint, but she wants to know why he bombed the college meeting. But he only wants to talk about Nicole and her suspicious activity.

Sandra is at the store, buying some alcohol, when she goes outside and sees Mr. South at the pump. Mr. South tries to talk to her, telling her he wouldn’t hurt Maddie.

Next, the afterlife crew gathers to try to ignite Maddie’s memory. Finally, Simon confronts Maddie and tells her he has no choice but to go after Nicole, and she agrees.

Why did Nicole record the video?

While frantically trying to delete the video from the school computer, Simon walks in and tells Nicole not to bother, as they already know the truth.

However, Nicole tells him the real reason she recorded and needed the money was that she wanted to go to the same school as Simon and Maddie. She wasn’t going to be able to get into the school she wanted and wanted to be close to them.

School Spirits Season 1 Episode 7 Ending Explained

After Simon and Nicole leave the school, a weird chain of events happens at the school with the afterlife crew, where we see Dawn crossed to the other side. Before Simon and Nicole dig up the dirt, Sandra puts the money back in the drawer.

While they are talking, someone appears, and Simon chases after them. The episode ends with Maddie starting to see flashbacks and saying, “I think my mother might have killed me.”

School Spirits Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

School Spirits Season 1 Episode 8 (Credit – Paramount+)

Episode 8 begins with Maddie sitting atop the school’s roof. Of course, in the background, Simon is doing the dirty work of snooping around her mom’s house to see if he can find anything related to her being the one that killed her.

While digging around the house, Simon found the envelope she had been hiding. Before walking out the door, her mom asked Simon if he had found what he was looking for, and he said yes.

What was in the envelope?

It was a necklace. The necklace that Maddie was wearing, but she didn’t have it on when she came to the afterlife. This leads to Maddie telling Simon to bring her mom to the school because she will know if she is lying.

Nicole, Claire, and Xavier discuss how they will get the janitor out of jail without exposing what they did. Maddie is asking Wally how he would feel if the person who was supposed to protect you ended up hurting you. Wally comforts her at the moment.

The afterlife crew is trying to figure out what happened with Janet, and Mr. Martin is vague about what transpired. The team discovers an old newspaper article that shows she died the same day as Mr. Martin.

Simon brought Sandra into the school to accept an award on behalf of Maddie. As he tries to drop subtle questions, she becomes a little overwhelmed and tries to leave.

However, he asks why she had Maddie’s necklace before she could go. All of this is triggering Maddie and her memory. Sandra had arrived at the school after leaving rehab to tell Maddie that she used the money they got for her father dying to buy them a little house. Maddie freaks out because that was her money to go to college.

Did Maddie’s Mom kill Maddie?

No, the mom did not kill Maddie. Maddie confronts her mom about the money and snaps about how selfish she has been since their dad/husband passed away. She ripped off her necklace, telling her to go and never return. So Sandra left with the necklace, and that’s why she had it.

At that moment, Maddie says that her mom is telling the truth and clears her name in the murder.

After her mom delivers a speech, Mr. Martin approaches Maddie, and she tells him that she might be ready to write her obituary. Nicole, Xavier, and Claire are camping outside a house, and Xavier and Claire decide to head into the house to investigate.

While that happens, Claire sees someone enter the house, so she rushes in herself. One thing leads to another, and the person gets in the truck, backs into Xavier, and gets away.

Wally and Charley uncover that Mr. Martin was the one that caused the fire. As they unpack all of this, Rhonda reveals she knew all of Mr. Martin’s secrets. However, the trio gets locked into their room at the time.

Simon walks into the gym, and Maddie tells him she wrote her obituary and wants to read it. She breaks down that Simon was the only person ever there for him, and she knows why he is the person she can talk to because he was the only person who gave more than he would take.

In return, Simon shows the reflection of who Nicole saw in the video she took of the getaway driver, and it was Maddie. He tells her he doesn’t understand what is happening but can’t do this anymore.

School Spirits Season 1 Ending Explained – Is Maddie Dead?

We get a flashback of Maddie crying after her mom left when she overhears screaming. When she opened the door, Mr. Martin was yelling at Janet, who left the room, and the ghost of Janet consumed Maddie. She overhears Rhonda, Wally, and Charley screaming and trying to open the door.

They scream out, you can’t trust him, and as she says who, she turns around and sees Mr. Martin.

Maddie is not dead. The season ends with Janet in Maddie’s body buying a bus ticket to leave town. So the entire season, Janet has been covering the tracks in Maddie’s body in order to pursue a new life as herself as Maddie. What an incredible twist and ending.

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