The Night Agent Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – why does Peter think Diane Farr is a traitor?

March 23, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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The Night Agent’s third episode is pretty suspenseful, full of plot twists, and saves the best for last.

We recap the Netflix series The Night Agent Season 1 Episode 3, “The Zookeeper,” which contains spoilers.

The Night Agent continues to have Peter (Gabriel Basso) display friction between the main characters. Peter and Rose (Luciane Buchanan) argue about returning to the White House tomorrow. He thinks they should, but Rose believes the opposite.

Peter states his case to Rose about how he can trust Farr (Hong Chau). Why? Because she was one of the only officials who stood by Peter when he was accused of being behind the subway train bombing. She also looked past Peter’s father as a traitor to the United States.

The Night Agent Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Why does Peter think Diane Farr is a traitor?

Peter thinks Diane Farr may be behind the conspiracy because the bad guys show up at the cabin the following day. To get Rose to go along, he calls Farr back on a private line so it can be traced. (Her previous call has traceless lines).

The plan? If Rose is correct, and Farr is part of the conspiracy, it will give away their location. And those assassins will show up. That’s precisely what happened the following day. Watching, perched up on top of a hill overlooking the cabin, a distressed woman shows up yelling for help. She claims she fell and injured her ankle.

Meanwhile, the male assassin comes up the back, holding a gun. They enter the home, and Peter and Rose leave, but the killers search the woods. Peter and Rose escape to their car on the road opposite the hill.

They wait and take the car’s license plate when the killers leave. It’s a weak plot point because they are parked far away and suggest this has to be the only car coming down that road.

Who is Erik Monks?

Erik Monks is a Secret Service agent assigned to the Vice President’s daughter’s protective detail. Erik reports to Chelsea, the head of the party and who is close with Maddie. Erik has been on leave and took a bullet during a bombing of a manufacturing plant.

He saved the previous leader of the free world years prior. However, things go very wrong at a club Maddie visits that night. A young man berates her for being the daughter of a fascist.

He grabs her by the arm, but Monks intervenes, and the young man knocks him away. This allows the man to grab Maddie by the hair before the agents arrive. Hawkins does get the man down, but the damage is done. Chelsea must report this even if Monks could get the attacker to the ground.

When Chelsea complains to Almora, he tells her that Monks is his old partner. She cannot do anything about Monks if Almora has his back. So, she calls an old friend at the CIA. Chelsea asks him why a heroic Secret Service agent would be assigned to the most unrewarding detail in the entire agency.

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We also find out Maddie’s art professor is manipulating her and touches her back suggestively. Later, we see the professor text someone. He writes that he needs more time with her. The reply is we need to move faster. He closes the conversation with it was a good day today; they will talk at home.

Is Diane Farr a traitor?

No, Diane Farr is not a traitor; her cell phone may have spyware on it being tracked by the assassins. After Peter steals the hard drive’s data with Rose’s help, Farr quickly figures out what Peter is up to. Farr returns upset that the hard drive has no data or intel.

She notices the USB port Peter left behind in the air deck. She confronts Peter and accuses him of being a spy like her father and wonders if he killed Hawkins. Peter, in turn, accuses her because the only one who knew of their location was Farr, and the next thing he knew, the assassins showed up at their doorstep.

Farr hands her phone to a passing agent and asks him to take it to “tech” to check for spyware.

Farr then comes clean. The President initiated Night Action to look into the 2781 bombing because there were no suspects, leads, or motives. So, POTUS called on two old friends, Rose’s aunt and uncle, the Campbells.

She adds even with the terrorist group People’s Independent Front (PIF) claiming the attack, the CIA doubted the veracity of the statement. Now that Farr has come clean, she laments they have no information on the hard drive because she hoped it would reveal who the mole in the White House is. Now, Farr tells Peter, the question is if she can trust him.

The Night Agent Season 1 Episode 3 Ending Explained

Peter delivers Farr to Rose at a motel and comes clean about what her family was up to. The episode ends with the texts from Maddie’s professor arriving on someone else’s cell phone. Who? It is a man showering, and we see a giant snake tattooed on the side of his body.

Yes, the man from the metro bombing.

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