The Night Agent Season 1 Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained

By Marc Miller
Published: March 23, 2023 (Last updated: April 29, 2023)
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The Night Agent wraps up its freshman season with uneven energy, some thrills, and some genuinely dumb decisions.

We recap the Netflix series The Night Agent Season 1 Episode 10, “Fathers,” which contains spoilers and explains the Ending.

The episode opens with another flashback where Peter (Gabriel Basso) is a young teenager in high school, and his father still works for the FBI.

Alex’s fellow agent shows up with a hoard of agents in black cars. They want to search his home because he is accused of treason and selling information to a foreign government.

Alex thinks it’s nothing, but until he is cleared, they need to search his home and confiscate his phone. Peter’s too. He then swears at the agent, and his father tells him never to speak to an FBI agent like that. He apologizes, which makes Alex smile—a chip off the old block.

The Night Agent Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

Why did Farr pick Peter to be The Night Agent?

Peter, Rose, and Farr are on their way to Camp David. Peter takes this opportunity to interrogate Farr because he has a gun, and she is in no position to argue.

Farr tells them that after the Campbells met Zadar (an “Osprey”), they assumed they must have told him he was the real target. This occurred only because the President issued a “night action” that triggered an investigation.

At first, Farr tells Peter that she picked him as The Night Agent because she could count on him, but then it becomes clear he was another fall guy option. A tactic Farr has been excellent at, creating so many red hearings no one knows what to believe.

Farr tells Peter and Rose she thinks the target will be killed with explosives. That’s where Maddie and Chelsea come into play. They meet two secret service agents carrying very large briefcases on the helicopter to Camp David.

When they arrive, Maddie heads to a protective bunker in Camp David, and Chelsea is escorted by one of the meatheads with a large briefcase to a secured location. Meanwhile, Peter and Rose hide in the trunk while Farr berates her way into Camp David when not on the list and under gunpoint.

Why was Almora killed?

His underling killed Almora because Farr alerted him to the plan to assassinate the President. When they get in, Farr enters an estate where Almora is staying. As they talk, she mentions what is happening. That’s when Briggs, the Secret Service agent covering for Almora, shoots Farr in the back and Almora in the chest.

Peter is out of the car and trades shots with Briggs, who then runs off. Briggs alerts everyone to start the ten-minute clock, including the meathead with Chelsea, who then makes her move, attacks him from behind, and knocks him out with a small bronze head on a coffee table.

Peter and Rose then manage to locate the facility where the communications are down, which is being watched by one of Wick’s bad guys, who attacks Peter. Rose helps by stabbing the man in the leg, and Peter finishes him.

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Redfield attempts to explain what he is doing to Maddie, and she demands to be let out. He initially won’t, but she threatens to tell everyone what he did if he doesn’t. So, he lets her go, fully knowing the bomb will go off soon and will kill her.

Chelsea locates the bomb in the house and clears the staff. Peter discovers Briggs in the woods and tackles him, and they fight. Rose gets the “coms” back up. This allows Chelsea to warn everyone there is a bomb, and the agents escort the President out of the estate.

Chelsea locates Maddie, who cannot get past the security door, and they run out of the building. The bomb goes off, blowing up the home — but just far enough for Maddie and Chelsea to survive.

How does Peter save the President?

Peter saves the President by stopping her before she gets on the helicopter and takes her hostage.

Peter runs through the woods and, when the President is being escorted to the aircraft, pretends to be Briggs and alerts the final “bad” secret service agent that Sutherland is behind them. This distracts him, and as he turns around, Peter comes out of the woods from the front and puts a bullet in his head.

He manages to grab the President and put a gun to her head. He tells everyone there is a bomb inside but keeps telling the President he doesn’t want to hurt her. They check, but nothing. Peter tells them to check again; they find it, run off, and the bomb goes off. Everyone is sent flying, including Peter and the President. Peter is arrested, but Rose, Chelsea, and Maddie show up vouching for him.

The Night Agent Season 1 Ending Explained

Was Peter’s father innocent?

Peter finds out his father wasn’t innocent but guilty.

Peter and Rose refuse any medals and commendations. He asks to see all the evidence against his father. He is given a tape of him admitting his crimes. However, the President tells him that he said his guilt on video so he could be turned into a double agent and bring those foreign agents to justice. Peter’s father was assassinated before that could happen.

The President offers him a chance to be a real Night Agent. Peter is given an assignment overseas and says goodbye to Rose. He gets his top-secret mission information when they clear United States airspace.

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