Recap – what happened in The Night Agent Season 1? (Episodes 1-10)

By Marc Miller
Published: March 23, 2023 (Last updated: March 18, 2024)
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We recap the Netflix series The Night Agent Season 1 (Episodes 1-10), which contains spoilers as it details what happened.

The series from Netflix, The Night Agent, is based on the Michael Quirk novel of the same name. The series stars Gabriel Basso, Luciane Buchanan, Hong Chau, Sarah Desjardins, and some recognizable Hollywood veteran actors like Robert Patrick and D.B. Woodside.

Please enjoy this recap of the Netflix series The Night Agent Season 1.

Recap – what happened in The Night Agent Season 1? (Episodes 1-10)

Episode 1 – “The Call”

In a flashback, Peter stops the metro bombing, and the man with a giant snake tattoo escapes. He is now a night agent and a night action is underway when Rose calls the number given to her by her Aunt and Uncle, who are secret agents for the government. Two assassins kill them, and Peter talks Rose through and away from the attackers. Those killers enter a home in Wisconsin a couple of days later and steal something important from the house, but what?

Episode 2 – “Redial”

Peter is still protecting Rose from the killers. Farr calls him and lets him know FBI Deputy Director Hawkins is dead. Rose and Peter find a secret hard drive in her aunt and uncle’s cabin. The industry has a file labeled 2781 – the number of the subway train of the metro bombing.

Episode 3 – “The Zookeeper”

Erik Monk, a Secret Service agent that saved the previous President, is assigned the Vice President’s daughter’s detail, Maddie. Peter thinks Farr is a traitor, but she quickly dissolves the notion that she has anything to do with the killers tracking them to the cabin. The Vice President’s daughter, Maddie, has a flirtation with her art professor. However, it’s revealed that the teacher is behind the metro bombing.

Episode 4 – “Eyes Only”

Peter and Rose meet Lorna, an old friend of Rose’s family, who leads them to the real target of the metro bombing – two city blocks near a coffee shop. Later, Lorna is killed by the assassins in her home. The show then reveals the man pulling the strings behind the bombing and murders is Maddie’s father – Vice President Redfield.

Episode 5 – “The Marionette”

Maddie shakes off her Secret Service detail to meet Paulo, her art professor, at home. They are about to sleep together when the man with the snake tattoo appears. He shoots Paulo and kidnaps Maddie.

Episode 6 – “Fathoms”

We finally have found the mole! While meeting Diane Farr in the White House, Peter stashes Rose with Cisco. However, Peter never told her where he put her. While finishing his briefing, Farr lets it slip by telling Peter to have his “trooper friend” drop off Maddie at the loading dock. Farr attempts to arrest Peter, who escapes, and Rose is chased down by Dale and Ellen, who kill Cisco. Peter kills Dale protecting Rose.

Episode 7 – “Best Served Cold”

Peter and Rose learn the suspect’s real identity in the metro bombing – Colin Worley. The item stolen from the home in the pilot episode was a nanny cam of Maddie taping her father, who admits he was responsible for Sarah and her death.

Episode 8 – “Redux”

Colin Worley is the man behind the metro bombing, who Wick killed for botching the operation. However, he is now going by Matteo, who kidnapped the President’s daughter. How is this possible? When Wick killed Colin, he did not know his twin brother Matteo was staying in the apartment. Corey then took over his brother’s identity. When rescuing Maddie, Matteo and Erik are killed by Ellen, who is then killed by Rose, who pushes her over a guard rail to her death.

Episode 9 – “The Devil We Know”

Maddie, Chelsea, Peter, and Rose know the Vice President is on the assassination attempt of Zadar. Zadar is supposed to be killed, but the bomb never goes off. Farr thinks Redfield and Wick froze her out and want to kill her. She is about to leave her house, hoping to leave the country, when Peter and Rose show up and tell her the President is now the target.

Episode 10 – “Fathers”

Peter and Rose uncover an assassination attempt on the President’s life. Along with the help of Farr, they infiltrate Camp David, Almora is killed, but Peter saves the President from boarding a helicopter that was set to blow up Redfield and is arrested for treason. Peter discovers the truth about his guilty father, who is offered a job as The Night Agent.

That is the full story recap of what happened in the Prime Video series The Night Agent Season 1 (Episodes 1-10). What are your thoughts on the story? Please comment below.

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