Who plays Hawkins in The Night Agent on Netflix?

By Lori Meek
Published: March 26, 2023
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Who plays Hawkins in The Night Agent on Netflix? We discuss the Netflix series and one of its significant roles. 

Reminiscent of shows like 24The Night Agent is a spy thriller that premiered on Netflix. Based on a novel by Matthew Quirk, the series created by Shawn Ryan (known for series like  S.W.A.T. and The Shield) follows an FBI agent whose role is to monitor a high-emergency phone in the White House’s basement. 

Among the more intriguing characters to appear at the start of the series are Hawkins, the duplicitous man at the head of the FBI and the protagonist’s higher-up. As the mystery starts unfolding and the stakes start to rise in the show’s first couple of episodes, it’s hard for the viewers to grasp where the director’s loyalties lie.

While he’s only in the series for a short time, the character did make quite the impression on fans. So, let’s find out who plays Hawkins in The Night Agent. And where have we seen him before? (Hint: The answer is in over 100 movies and TV shows).

What is the plot synopsis of The Night Agent?

The Night Agent stars Gabriel Basso as Peter Sutherland, an FBI agent who earns a promotion after saving a train full of innocent passengers from a terrorist bomb. At first, his new job is a bit boring – all he has to do is spend his nights sitting by a phone that never rings. 

But one night, the phone rings, and on the other side is a young woman named Rose (Luciane Buchanan) in grave danger. Her aunt and uncle, who are secret agents, were assassinated and she needs Peter’s help to get out of the house in one piece.

He helps her escape over the phone and then makes it his mission to keep Rose safe and figure out who and why he was trying to murder her. 

As Peter delves deeper into his mission of protecting Rose, he starts uncovering a dangerous conspiracy, and it seems he can’t trust anyone, not even Hawkins, the FBI’s deputy director. 

Who plays Hawkins in The Night Agent on Netflix?

Robert Patrick plays Hawkins on the show. The character is the Deputy Director of the FBI and appears in the first two episodes.

He’s eventually killed off for his involvement with the murders and because he was part of the conspiracy. 

What is Robert Patrick known for?

With decades of career, Robert Patrick is known for mostly playing villains and high-ranking government or military officials. He had a small role in 1988’s Die Hard, but the actor’s first claim to fame was way back in 1991 when he appeared as the terrifying killing machine, T-1000in James Cameron’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day. 

Over the past 30 years, he featured in numerous films and television shows; some of his most well-known features include The Faculty, Striptease, and The Marine.

Aside from playing Hawkins in The Night Agent, Patrick’s most recent role is as Sherriff McDowell in the Paramount+ hit western, 1923

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